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  1. email sent (from gijskerstens at home dot nl)
  2. I'm having some trouble with Jaheira's druid quest in cloakwook: at the hunter's cabin, I chose the "middle road" so to speak - I spared the hunter, and, because I had Jaheira with me, got the quest to free the druid from the shadow druids. I've killed the 1st shadow archdruid in the treehouse. When I encounter the shadow druids in the 4th cloakwood area, where I am to rescue Baedor, something goes wrong: as soon as I've killed all the shadow druids, Jaheira starts her "leave the party" dialogue, and leaves the party, together with Khalid. I've tried changing the global variable ("X#JaheiraSen","GLOBAL",*) (unchanged, it's value is 5, tried setting it to 8), and to lower the party reputation (is 20, tried lowering it to 17) Neither make any difference - as soon as the last shadow druid dies, Jaheira leaves. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this problem? thanks in advance, Hellknight
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