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  1. Well, wizardslayer has some note about "sometimes priests". Maybe +bonus for non-lawfull priests? For other things - as wizardslayer is single class - it may for example get 50%-100% more experience to level up - to be something like 1,5x-double class that balances the power it has. To kill mages which can kill a lot of people (liches, archliches, fiends, daemons, abberations, magical beasts) character needs: good saving throws, resistances to stun, hold, fear, imprisonment, maze, mind affecting spells. Also add true sight, breach, spell strike. Add magic/elemental resistances - innate or by spelllike abbilities. Wizardslayer should use handy weapons like throwing weapons that can also be used in melee (avoid fire shield attacking from ranged, or take down that flying beholder) - axes, hammers, daggers. Current wizardslayer has one point of failure - is useless against mages with mantles/prot. from magical weapons.
  2. Download: Evilness mod v0.2 Languages: Polish, English This mod changes super-magical items into something less powerful. Celestial Furry becomes only katana +3 and for example Karsomir doesn't gives MR and doesn't dispel magic on hit. Some other items are gone (gaxx ring and so on ). NOTE: Items haven't been deleted from the game, just ITM files are replaced. So if you find katana +3 in the Celestial Furry team - it will be recognized as CF for the game (Kuroisan, Item Upgrade). The mod covers a lot of items ALSO Included: I. Universal elven chain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Standard Elven Chain +0 is available to everyone, even monk, kensai or shapeshifter. * Other standard elven chains are available to everyone EXCEPT kensai, shapeshiter and monk. Emoalternative NPCs in Irenicus Dungeon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Irenicus Dungeon you will have 5 NPCs to Join: jester, Halfling Fighter/Thief that likes halberds, druid, wild mage, and gnomish kensai. This is very basic thing, but lolish also * they may be more "lolish" in next releases. Maybe someone will fulfill this prophecy? * for now they have standard multiplayer character dialogs Installation: install after mods this mod can cover (BG2 Tob / FR-ROV, Underrepresented Items, Tactics) NOTE: If you want to feel the new challange don't install/use items from other mods (super items )
  3. ./configure wanted freealut at the time when I tested gemrb
  4. Gemrb nie jest jeszcze w pełni grywalny http://crpg.rk.edu.pl/w/p/gemrb/
  5. I've made a web based (Python, Django Framework) Baldurs Gate I and II Characters Catalogue You upload a CHR file and the script reads all interesting data. Links: Example | Source Code (2007.04.26 release) Features: - BG 1 and 2 Characters supported - multilingual (EN, PL currently) - support for non standard portraits - support for subclasses (may be non standard - mods) - list, show, download, comment added Characters - GPL2 license
  6. riklaunim

    no gemrb.ini

    GemRBPath=/usr/share/gemrb/ helped next problem: open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory [Core]: Starting up the Sound Manager...Retrying to open sound, last error:(0) open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory Retrying to open sound, last error:(0) /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/* are deprecated OSS sound devices. /dev/snd should be used. ln -sf /dev/null /dev/dsp "solved" the problem - game starts. The game works but it's rather unplayable - I can't attack/spellcats and no keyboard shortcuts.
  7. riklaunim

    no gemrb.ini

    I've compiled gemrb 0.2.8 on amd64/gentoo, I've set the paths but I get: [PluginMgr]: Loading Exports for BIF File Importer...[OK] [Core]: Plugin Loading Complete...[OK] [Core]: Creating Object Factory...[OK] [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Searching for Video Driver...[OK] [Core]: Initializing Video Plugin...[OK] [Core]: Searching for KEY Importer...[OK] [Core]: Initializing Resource Manager... [KEYImporter]: Opening /home/piotr/.wine/drive_c/bg/Chitin.key...[OK] [KEYImporter]: Checking file type...[OK] [KEYImporter]: Reading Resources... [KEYImporter]: BIF Files Count: 182 (Starting at 24 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: RES Count: 41793 (Starting at 5449 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: Resources Loaded...[OK] [KEYImporter]: Searching for gemrb.ini...[ERROR] [ERROR] Cannot Load INI Termination in Progress... [KEYImporter]: Searching for defsound.2da...[ERROR] Press enter to continue... with paths: GemRBPath=/usr/bin/ CachePath=/home/piotr/gemrb/Cache/ GUIScriptsPath=/usr/share/gemrb/GUIScripts/ PluginsPath=/usr/lib64/gemrb/ .... CaseSensitive=1 I've tried placing gembr.ini in game folder and the current one (from which I run gemrb) with no effect. the gemrb.ini exists in /usr/share/gemrb/override/tob/
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