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  1. I almost always keep Imoen and Minsc with me, so you're not alone. On a different note, for what it's worth, I'm both appreciative and more than a little amazed that you're attempting to account for the presence of other mod NPCs and mod romances as you work on Aran. Having all my companions talk to each other or at least recognize their presence is important to me as a player, but with the sheer amount of mod NPCs out there today, I don't blame modders for usually leaving that stuff out of their own mods and just contributing to the CBP. It's a lot of extra work and I just wanted to say thank you for doing it. I'm looking forward to meeting Aran, once he's ready
  2. In my topic about BG2 playthroughs, it was recommended to me to install no more than 4 or 5 NPCs at time; when I initially made that topic I probably had well over 10+ NPCs installed (plus some various other mods) and I could tell that *something* or *somethings* were slowing my game down. One or two of those NPCs, like the Keldorn romance beta, were installed with a warning so I don't know if it was one of those or some other mod that was the problem. I ended up paring down my list of NPCs to the ones I wanted to play the most and made a clean install with just them and a few other mods (Ascension, Divine Remix, etc.) and the lag issues were significantly improved. Of course I still have about 7 or 8 NPCs installed, but hey, I'm stubborn like that I guess the point about only 4 or 5 at a time was from a practical standpoint: why have these other guys hanging around, potentially slowing down the game or causing other gameplay issues, when you're not even using them all? Even though I've still got more than what some folks recommend, I've got a couple of different playthroughs going at once, each with a different PC and party composition. I just play whichever one strikes my fancy at the moment. If I need some Gavin in my game, I fire up my file that has him in the party. If I'm in the mood for elves, I load up the game where I've got Kivan and Xan with me, etc.
  3. For NPCs, I mainly look at the quality of writing. Are they interesting and well-rounded? If their race/class is something outlandish or unusual for the area of Faerun that the game takes place in, do they have a good backstory to explain why they're there? Do they operate as a good support for the PC or do they tend to steal the show? Does the mod keep the Bioware NPCs within character? My best experiences have been with mods that make me genuinely care about the NPC and make me feel like there's a real connection (whether romantic or friendship) between them and my PC. Admittedly, some of this is subjective; my interpretation of Anomen or Imoen's personality may be very different from someone else's, for example. As far as what *type* of romances and friendships I like to see, it honestly depends on my mood. I can dig a character like Faren, who is easygoing and relatively uncomplicated (based on what I've seen of the mod), but I also don't mind something a little more melancholy, like Xan. I normally play good-aligned PCs and occasionally neutral ones, so I tend to avoid NPCs with a noticeably evil bent to them. I don't worry about whether an NPC is considered weak or subpar from a combat perspective (a comment I've seen several times about Keto). Oh, and I enjoy chatty NPCs
  4. Well darn....I read up on both Dace and Adrian so now that's two more NPCs that I want to try Nothing personal against Tsujatha/Saerileth/Yasraena, Solaufein, and Tashia (and the people that enjoy them) but they don't really sound like they'd be to my tastes; Fade sounds interesting but is another NPC stuck in ToB-limbo. I like the sound of the party Kulyok suggested, so that one will likely be done. Otherwise, I may do well to simply prioritize which NPCs I'm most interested in first and save the ones that I'm only just curious about for later (I like making lists).
  5. Ack, you guys were supposed to give me suggestions for the NPCs I've got on my list, not add more! In all seriousness though, I do appreciate the additional NPC recommendations. I've been kinda bad to stick to playing stuff from modders I'm familiar with (Domi, Kulyok, berelinde, jcompton) so I've been trying to branch out more, hence several of the SHS NPCs being on my list of mods I'm interested in playing. As far as my preferences go, I do prefer to play NPCs that have ToB content but since it's uncertain if a few of them will ever have any (Amber, Keto) I figured I may as well enjoy what content they *do* have. However, since Ajantis ToB is actively being worked on, I can wait a little longer and try other NPCs in the meantime. I'm less picky about voicing, though I will admit that at least having the usual selection sounds and such would be nice. I have no problem playing NPCs that are male-romance only, as long as they have a friendship track for non-eligible PCs. Normally I avoid evil NPCs since I almost always play with a good-aligned PC, but Ninde sounded cool enough that I wanted to give her a try
  6. Hey all, I've been bitten by the BG2 bug again (usually happens once or twice a year) but my time is a little more limited than it used to be and there are so many mod NPCs and party combinations that I want to try and so little time! Any suggestions for a few party compositions (including Bioware NPCs like Nalia + Auren) to get the most bang for my buck when I play? I'm interested in the following, in no particular order of preference: Gavin (new BG2 romance/friendship/evil redemption; I've already done a married-in-BG1 run with him) Xan (nonbonded/friendship; I've done a bonded path run) Haer'Dalis (romance mod) Keldorn (romance mod) Sarah (dabbled a bit) Auren (dabbled a bit) Faren (dabbled a bit) Tyris (dabbled a bit) Ajantis (never played) Amber (never played) Angelo (never played) Kivan (never played) Darian (never played) Nathaniel (never played) The Luxleys (never played) Nephele (never played) Ninde (never played) I've got Kelsey and Keto installed and enjoyed both mods enough that I'd be happy to include them in parties if they have interesting crossmod/synergy with other mod NPCs. Needless to say, I've also got the current version of the Crossmod Banter Pack. Any ideas on who to pair with who (or who not to pair) would be fantastic. Oh, and ToB content is -nice- but not vital to me at this point. Thanks! *Edit* I'm also bad to take Minsc on every run and I feel like an ass if I ditch Imoen once I get her back *Edit* Reformatted post to be a bit easier to read
  7. Hey all, I'm just curious if there's a magical forum post or list somewhere that details which mod NPCs currently have ToB content and which ones do not? I figured I would ask here first before I start combing through the forums/Read Mes/FAQs/etc. for every single NPC (or at least the ones I'm curious about, which are several). Thanks
  8. I like this idea, but the question is which of the BioWare crew would be likely to snoop through Aran's stuff? The only two that come to mind right off would be Jaheira (she's just looking out for the PC, right?) and Imoen (out of curiosity or maybe she's wanting to play a joke). I doubt Mazzy, Valygar, Keldorn, Nalia, Minsc and Aerie would snoop or condone snooping. Edwin, Korgan, Viconia, Cernd, Haer'Dalis, and Yoshimo probably wouldn't have any real reason to want to snoop. Jan might, but even with the romance conflicts, I'm not sure I see Anomen snooping, either.
  9. Ladile

    Hooray for Gavin!

    That's understandable; real life happens and everyone needs a break from time to time! I'm attempting to stave off playing DA2 until I finish playing some other games, because once I get started it'll be the only game I'll want to play for quite awhile
  10. Ladile

    Hooray for Gavin!

    The thing with the spiders wasn't a suggestion; it actually happened in my game I think he mentions spiders a time or two; he has a reaction to the lady with the spider illusion in the circus. I also second the anticipation for Keldorn-ToB
  11. Ladile

    Hooray for Gavin!

    Just finished my SoA run with Gavin (married path, human bard PC) and just wanted to post and say, "Well done!" I'm eagerly anticipating being able to finish the saga with him whenever the ToB portion is finished! I'm not sure if you have any plans to add to or modify anything in the SoA portion, but if you do, I would have liked to see the option of a more weepy, emotional PC response once Bodhi's handiwork is undone. Plenty of PCs would probably put on some form of a brave face for Gavin's sake, but I can just as easily see a PC going to pieces, or coming close, once the situation is resolved and the realization that they almost lost their love really has time to sink in. It might work best as a PID talk once Gavin has started talking again, because he'd be too shell-shocked immediately following de-vamping, and having it come up in the next talk would take away from the fact that Gavin needs to confide in the PC about the worst experience of his life. Of course it could also be argued that the PC should be able to have that sort of response anytime Gavin dies and is resurrected, but I'd like to think that having your husband/fiance/lover kidnapped, vamped, and then being forced to slay them would be something of a special case and slightly more traumatizing. The only other suggestion I have is crossmod! Crossmod with everyone! Oh, and after having just sacrificed a part of her health and grace to safely retrieve Gavin from the Hell trial, he immediately greets his wife with the following question: Gavin: "So....do you think there are spiders here?" Me: "..........." Seemed like a fitting end to the game, somehow
  12. Still merrily playing along; found a few typos: Camping Fun Gavin: Is this where we're going to camp? (Gavin places his bedroll besides yours...) (...blanket between this teeth...) Song Time *PC sings a courtly ballad* Gavin: (He looks wisful.) Let's Dance! Gavin: (....minor inconvenience compared the the mayhem...) Fun Indoors PC: Oh, no you don't! No rest for you until I'm satified, too! Kissing Gavin (Flirt) Gavin: (...He holds you quietly for several moments, then lets you go with kiss to your forehead.) Missing an "a" in there. I must say, I'm really enjoying the mod and all the little surprises along the way; was not expecting a comment on Biff the Understudy (aww), and I choked on my soda upon seeing certain potential PC responses to a Gavin-fail of epic proportions and to the talk about the mirror! Also my response to the explicit content thus far is best summarized as: Buh.
  13. This seems likely to be a result of faulty mod installation on my part, but I wanted to comment that during the family conversation in the Temple District, the first two spots where the PC can say/do anything had the responses coming from Talon Thondar rather than myself. However, once Miranda makes her exit, the replies shifted back to my PC as normal. Also, during the talk about visitation, one of the replies: PC: Is this rigid visitation schedule, or can we postpone it when we need to? My brain may not be interpreting this correctly, but it sounds like it should read "a rigid visitation schedule" instead. Enjoying the mod, what little I've been able to play of it so far!
  14. Finally got around to finishing up my playthrough that I'd started months ago, and found a couple more typos in the process: Ragefast & Abela Encounter Gavin: <CHARNAME>, you kindness... Gavin-Initiated Flirt Gavin: *Gavin does not speak, but his eyes follow your every movement. His breath catches, an he sighs, smiling.* On a different note, I wanted to add that this was my second playthrough with Gavin (the first being early 2007), and it was just as enjoyable as the first one. Thank you for all the hard work you and everyone else put in to bringing him to life! Now, onward to BG2
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