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    Amber Romance

    Ok for some reason amber rejected me...I am a human kensai imported from bg1 tutu. My stats are 19str 19dex 19con 19 int 14wis 12chr. I am wearing the ring of human influence right now but since I have 12 base chr I didn't think that would matter. I have not changed my base stats since the start of the game. I just got to "friends or something more conversation" I did everything right but she said "Whoa Zerus!". I was romancing Saerilith for a little while for a laugh but I killed the romance awhile ago.
  2. Zerus45


    I figured out what was causing the bug I didn't pick up the letter I reloaded from an earlier point and got the letter all is working well now. As for the thing with loraine I have always had her do that. I just haste my guys and beat her to death with weapons at extreme speeds. If I take it slow she does talk though. I am running the game at 55 frame rate not sure if that matters. If you wanna investigate the thing with loraine I can send you my save file.
  3. Zerus45

    Loraine Sugestion

    I really liked Loraine and I wish there was more content with her or something. Maybe make a mod for her as an npc ^_^.
  4. Zerus45


    I have done the amber mod before and had no problems like this. I am at the part where she was captured and I just blew that ranger into chunks so fast she couldn't even say a word. Every time I try to enter the house though my game crashes. I s there a way I could either fix the crashes or bypass the first room?
  5. Zerus45

    Rashryn won't appear

    Thank you it worked, btw I think the same problem happened with the kids because when I spawned them they just started up like normal. So I think their variable was set also. Not sure what this means though.
  6. Zerus45

    Rashryn won't appear

    Ya sure but I wanna go to ToB soon so please make it top priority :-). Sent.
  7. Zerus45

    Rashryn won't appear

    I am sure. I have used rashryn on a previous file. He isn't there.
  8. Zerus45

    Ambers Bracelet

    I wanna get rid of ambers useless bracer and give her something useful instead. But she won't agree to have it forged with the blade of roses. Will she ever agree or is it hopeless?
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