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  1. Well kartoffelgratin, thanks for bringing this up. I too downloaded the version here and ended up with version 3, which is what is linked at https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/spells/spell_rev/ and https://www.gibberlings3.net/files/file/970-spell-revisions/ Where is version 4?
  2. Yes, BGT is definitely doing it, I followed this up in a BGT thread on SHS. Looks like a lot of people don’t encounter this because they use SCS and SCS overwrites these changes (or at least some of them).
  3. I am playing BGT with this Spell Revisions mod and the final fight with Sarevok in BG1 is totally broken. Not sure which mod is responsible. The enemies are using BG2 stuff, like Flesh to Stone, Contingency, Tattoo of Power etc. Death Spell instantly kills my 8th level Paladin. Fireballs do damage to characters with Protection from Magic scrolls up, or Minor Globes of Invulnerability up. These things should be impossible. The fight is basically unwinnable since nothing works properly. Nothing affects the enemies at all. Real question I have at this point is whether I should just us
  4. Hi, playing BGT-WeiDU and in a number of battles in BG I have tried using Slow against wyverns and it doesn’t do anything. In a mixed group of spiders and wyverns, the spiders either save or are slowed. There is no mention of the wyverns at all in the effects list, it’s like they are immune. Is this intended? Thanks
  5. Since we are on the subject of skeletons, the "Bassilus Family" skeletons also are vulnerable to arrows in a very un-skeletal way. They should have 90% missile resistance but are taking full damage. Note they do not drop skulls, but drop heavy crossbows and two handed swords instead of the usual darts and shields.
  6. You aren’t making any sense. The skeletons at High Hedge (and elsewhere) have more than 1 hit point, but unlike other skeletons in the game, the High Hedge skeletons are not resistant to arrow fire.
  7. You seem confused. Skeletons elsewhere only take 1 damage from missile weapons. EE fixed this bug apparently. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/5516/bug-skeletons-high-hedge In the past when playing BG1 I used a Dudleyville fix, which also fixed it http://www.forgottenwars.com/dudleyfix/bg1_creatures.htm
  8. This has nothing to do with SCS difficulty, but since Spellhold seems to be down (for several days) I want to post it where the same people will see it before I forget - The skeletons at High Hedge do not possess their proper resistance to piercing weapons and are taking full damage from arrows. I remember this being an old problem that I thought one of the unofficial fixpacks for BG1 fixed, but it is present in BGT.
  9. Huh? skellytz replicated it in vanilla BG1 and posted a screenshot as proof, above. I get mixed groups of enemies in every Waylaid encounter.
  10. Speaking of engine bugs, where is the best place to ask for help with a vexing problem that I do not believe is mod-related? Have already asked at GOG with no success.
  11. Well the question then is, is this a bug. If it has been in the game the whole time, then maybe it was intended to work that way. What puzzles me is that people seemed amazed that I had encountered an ogre mage and ogrillons at the same time, as if that never happens, but if it's an engine bug, then it must have always have happened that way since the game was released.
  12. Here is an example in my non-SCS game. Is this a normal mix? I noticed one species appeared when the screen loaded (I think the gibberlings were first) and then a moment later, the other species (dogs) joined them when I un-paused.
  13. I am often attacked by mixed groups of enemies in Waylaid encounters. I thought this was normal but maybe it isn’t.
  14. Thanks. That area (in Override) looks the same in my SCS and non-SCS installs, same times as given in your screenshot, so whatever did this is not doing it via modifying the area file.
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