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  1. The last of the Female Druids has just been added up.
  2. I just added up Female Druid 3 to the gallery.
  3. Just added up Male Druid 2 to the gallery.
  4. Ooooopps, it seems I forgot to announce up in this topic that Male Druid 1 was added up last week to the gallery. My bad. Okay, well Female Druid 2 has been added up.
  5. Thank you, Viper! I'm really glad you like the portraits! Also, the last of the Barbarians has been added up.
  6. The last of the female Barbarians has been added up.
  7. Huh, that is probably the most unique compliment I have ever come across! Lol. But thank you. Alrighty, and just as a heads up Male Barbarian 3 has been added up.
  8. Thank you Aion and Haplo! ^_^ And just added up Female Barbarian 3 to the gallery.
  9. Added up Male Barbarian 2 to the gallery.
  10. Just added up Female Barbarian 2 to the gallery.
  11. Thanks Smeagolheart! And added up Male Barbarian 1 to the gallery.
  12. Thank you, Shaitan! Also, added up Female Barbarian 1 to the gallery.
  13. Thank you once again for the compliment! Regarding the waist on up for the portraits: no that won't be found in this portrait pack. That's only because I wanted them to be all shoulders on up so I could really focus on the face. That to me was just something I thought was really important. But since I have the shop on my site, someone could easily request for waist on up.
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