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  1. Ahh, gotcha. And yep, it cleared right up! But thanks for replying. (=
  2. I'm not sure what's causing this, but Aerie keeps trying to talk to me but never says anything. My character just turns to face her, and her me...Then they just stare at each other. This is annoying because Aerie will lag behind making it hard to enter/leave an area, or prevents my character from picking up items because Aerie keeps trying to talk to her. I've tried kicking her off my team and then having her rejoin, but the same thing happens. It's also happen with Yoshimo in another game I had. Again, I'm not sure if it's just BG2 acting stanky, or a mod causing this, but I thought you m
  3. Yea, unfortunately, had the same thing happen to me. Maybe the Beta version will work for you. I tested Gavin out on two different computers (This one is older, and then I tested him out on a more recent computer) and I still crashed at the Temple district once I was about to leave. Both computers had the full install (As we don't like having to switch discs), and both were SOA only. Berelinde even tried making a patch to skip pass that part, but nothing seem to work. Just recently I installed TOB and played on the SOA side, and he works fine. I haven't had any problems with him since. If
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