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  1. The last of the Female Druids has just been added up.
  2. I just added up Female Druid 3 to the gallery.
  3. Just added up Male Druid 2 to the gallery.
  4. Ooooopps, it seems I forgot to announce up in this topic that Male Druid 1 was added up last week to the gallery. My bad. Okay, well Female Druid 2 has been added up.
  5. Thank you, Viper! I'm really glad you like the portraits! Also, the last of the Barbarians has been added up.
  6. The last of the female Barbarians has been added up.
  7. Huh, that is probably the most unique compliment I have ever come across! Lol. But thank you. Alrighty, and just as a heads up Male Barbarian 3 has been added up.
  8. Thank you Aion and Haplo! ^_^ And just added up Female Barbarian 3 to the gallery.
  9. Added up Male Barbarian 2 to the gallery.
  10. Just added up Female Barbarian 2 to the gallery.
  11. Thanks Smeagolheart! And added up Male Barbarian 1 to the gallery.
  12. Thank you, Shaitan! Also, added up Female Barbarian 1 to the gallery.
  13. Thank you once again for the compliment! Regarding the waist on up for the portraits: no that won't be found in this portrait pack. That's only because I wanted them to be all shoulders on up so I could really focus on the face. That to me was just something I thought was really important. But since I have the shop on my site, someone could easily request for waist on up.
  14. Added up the last of the Bards! Next Sunday will be the start of the Barbarians.
  15. Updated Potp. Made price adjustments, changed the theme, and created a new gallery for the portraits.
  16. Thanks for adding this to your mods list! And thank you for the compliment! I've been wrestling with turning this into a mod for some time now. It's just funny because once I thought I might go down that path, they announced that BGEE wouldn't share the same L and S sizes as the original game (Just the 210x330) and I was like "NOOOOOOoooooo!". I figure since I have a buttload more portraits to do, it'll give me time to think if I want to resize them for BG1, 2 and BGEE. Or more like if I feel like doing that once I'm done.
  17. Hmm, should there be a Rating skeleton mapped out to help players actually name the content within the mod a little more accurately? Perhaps like: Sexual Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Psychological Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Violence Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Drug Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Alcohol Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Profanity Content: None, Light, Mild, Strong Final Rating: Everyone, Teen, Mature From there, folk would rate what the content is: None, light, mild, strong, based on how many times the content occurs throughout the mod, and/or how graphic/detailed the scene is described. Example: Sexual Content: [Light]-There is one scene referring to sharing the same tent. Psychological Content: [strong]There are five scenes that deals heavily with the bereavement of a loved one. Violence Content: [Mild] There is one scene that graphically describes a battle. Drug Content: [Light] There is one scene referring to drug usage. Alcohol Content: [Mild] There are three scenes that pertains to getting drunk. Profanity Content: [Light] There is usage of the 'D' word three times, and 'Hell' is used once. Final Rating: Teen I feel like this gives away nothing, but lets players know the actual content within the mod. If they think it's mild. Cool. If they think it's too much. Fine. But at least now it's mapped out for them to make an opinion on, without the mod coming off like it's being 'judged' harshly for it's content. These are simply the facts. From the facts, another rating could be slapped on it. It could now make sense that it got Teen simply because of the Psychological content. Of course, this could be improved, but just a suggestion.
  18. Yea, Mashedtaters, I think that's pretty clear. I think the only thing you could add to the original post is maybe a header in big bold letters that states "How to go about giving a mod a Rating" or such, and another one right above the mod list that reads "Mod List" (Or something on that line), and the Disclaim should be in bold as well just to let folk know where the important parts are within the posts. I think this way it'll just make it extra clear what's expected of that person when it comes time to rating a mod. Other then that, I think it's golden! Also, I do just wanna say again that I appreciate your effort and time you spent making this up. It's nice knowing that this rating system exist and that people can participate in it at anytime. So, thanks for just putting it out there!
  19. I like the edit you made to the first post. I think that's pretty clear. That is very, very true and tricky. But then again some mods (I can't name drop right off the bat) do have excessive drinking, language and/or violence added in. I do believe that there are a couple of mods that allows you to go on a drinking binge with your lover. Because as far as I'm aware of it, I never got to go on a drinking binge with Anomen, nor go back to my tent to go get high with him. So if this content is added into the mod, then maybe it could be noted on that level [i.e "There is a scene of binge drinking" or "A scene of drug usage", or "A quest dealing with graphic sexual violence"]. To sum it up, I think if the drinking, language, drugs and violence (like the sex and sexual reference within the mods) over exceeds the original game rating, then it should be noted.
  20. ooh, I can't think of any that you missed, but I just wanted to say that I think this is a good idea! It would be nice to be able to have a heads up of what one is getting into and the content it contains before they download the mod. One thing that does come to mind is how IMDb has their rating system setup (Which I rely on a lot). Which warns folk that if they wish to contribute, here's their guideline: "We've created the ability for contributors to directly add/update/edit/delete Parents Guides for titles. Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: "Sex and Nudity", "Violence and Gore" , "Profanity", "Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking" and "Frightening/Intense Scenes"." An example of how it's setup: The Avengers Rating Or have it something on the lines of that. Anyway, I just thought I'd toss that out there.
  21. I'd actually like to continue this in a new topic because I vote for that qoute to be President! Seriously' date=' Berelinde, you have my vote (Possible petition?) in having the BGEE team hiring you on as a writer! Or at least adding Gavin in as an joinable NPC [because it would be nice for once to actually know that a female, that's[i'] for [/i]females, wrote a romance for the ladies, instead of some A) clueless male B) A male who just didn't care and farted out leftovers for the female romance or C) All of the above]. While I admit that I wasn't able to play all the other romanceable male mods (Cause TOB is still acting like a turd), I feel like Gavin is my favorite and I don't think I ever really expressed why in an open topic. So, here it goes: I loved Gavin because if you choose to romance him or not, he's still just great to have on the team. He was a Heal-n-kill (which I love). His stats were spot on in me not having to always put him in the back of the team because he was so weak, or me yelling at him "QUIT DRINKIN UP ALL MY POTIONS! AND DEAR WORD! STOP USING UP ALL OUR HEALS!!! WE JUST STARTED THE DUNGEON!!" What boggles my mind the most is how he was written as a simple, down-to-earth character and yet the amount of intelligence and warmth he gave off because of it. I loved the fact that he didn't start off feeling like "Hey! I'm a romance for the ladies! Let's romance!". But instead, I felt like he was just my friend and over the course of time, we grew into something more. I also loved how Gavin didn't make me feel like I had to become his 'Yes-gal' in always saying 'Yes, dear! Whatever you say, dear! You're always right, dear. Would you like me to continue to lick your boots, dear?" Just to keep the romance going or else it ends. I felt like my character was allowed to be/express herself while still being in a relationship with him (Which is soooo refreshing!). Never once did I feel crowded, overwhelmed or disrespected while romancing him, nor did I feel like I was being gypped in the *clears throat* 'intimate' part of the relationship. And most of all, I loved how Gavin just came off as human, not Supermale (which makes me wanna punch someone), in that he never fears no one or nothing, and can do and knows everything. I loved that Gavin had flaws and fears (But they were never to the point that I wanted to smack him over it and tell him to 'man up'). I was just thinking this over last night, but I think that's another problem I had with Anomen. I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest, and correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I recall I don't remember being able to just pour out my heart and soul to him about my problems. I don't remember having the options of telling him my fears of being a leader, if we'd ever find or kill Irenicus, if we'd be able to save Imoen, if my birth father would ever pull up his pants and keep them up, or for the fact that my half brother tried to kill me and how that really impacted me. But I had to help Anomen with his demons, father, sister, and Palihood with nothing in return. And, for me, that's what made me feel like I was being Anomens' therapist/mother instead of his lover. I think that's what made Gavin so different; for the fact that not only could he come to you for advice and support (or just a liesure chat), but you could use him as a friend and count on him to give you words of wisdom or encouragement from time to time. So there was a balance, and I think that balance is what made him feel like he was my bestfriend and lover. And that's something I really do cherish and it's what makes me respect him as a mod, and Berelinde as a writer.
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