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  1. I've got that one but thanks for the help.
  2. I can't find many half orc female portraits. I would appreciate it greatly if anybody has recommendations for some. Thanks for the help.
  3. I've read through some of the other posts you've written about the lovetalks and flirts and I gotta say I'm lovin what I've seen of Aran so far. My PC will definately have him in the party.
  4. Gavin looks very interesting. I've not played him in BG1 cause I don't have the game but from what I've read on the forum I'd have enjoyed having him in the party. I'm glad you're working on a BG2 version so I can finally have him.
  5. Is this being worked on? I hope so. I like that there is both romantic and mentor path. I'd enjoy playing both.
  6. I agree. Jaheira is very loyal to the PC. Not to say she doesn't have a breaking point but if she didn't leave when Sarevok joined I don't imagine she would when Yoshimo comes back. I can see her giving him a royal chewout. I also think she could eventually forgive him.
  7. That banter is really nice. I'm interested in what you're going to have Jaheira say in banters to him because I imagine there's going to be some blistering anger on her part. This is looking good from what you've said about it.
  8. Woohoo! Yoshimo romance! I would play it even though he still dies. It would be nice to be able to resurrect him even if it has to be done in TOB. That's if you decide to make it where you can resurrect him.
  9. Thanks so much for all input on Micah. I'm going to be taking a break from Micah while I work on my other NPC. I'm not giving up on Micah. I just have to think on him. When I have more progress on him I'll post. It may be a while.
  10. This could work, thanks so much BigRob. But would this be before Kelemvor changed align to LN? LG Kelemvor and LN Kelemvor are quite different. Micah is Male by the way.
  11. Okay, kick me now I just finally noticed something. Kelemvor ascended in 1368 and the BG2 game starts out in 1369. Micah is 22 yrs old. It takes years to become a priest. So by rules I just messed up royally. Although Cyric does mention him in TOB. Comments please?
  12. We're going off topic. Could we please get back on topic.
  13. Micah will have a holy symbol in SOA. It will have Prot. from Evil and Neg. Plane Prot.
  14. Can someone please give me Kelemvor's major centers of worship?
  15. I really won't know his align until I get some more of his talks wrote out. It will be one of the two simply because I'm goody and couldn't write evilly if I tried. The Wall of the Faithless and Valygar is something I'm trying to figure out. I need more info on The Wall. I know Valygar believes in Gods he just chooses to not worship them.
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