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  1. Oooops. In the grand tradition of 'you never find the fix until after you have posted the note that makes you look like an idiot', it turned out that some anti-virus software I had downloaded to get rid of a very real virus I had on this machine (which made internet explorer pop up more or less constantly with links to some place in Japan) had protected my cd drive so that I could not dl, or look at anything from there. Now I get a nice 'cd2' mapp which I can copy as usual. Sorry for the weird question. Laura
  2. I have the two CD version of Planescape Torment. My computer is an imb thinkpad x40 running windows XP pro, and I have no plans to upgrade its operating system to vista or windows 7. I would like to make a full install, so I don't have to use a CD at all. My laptop doesn't really have a CD drive, and I don't want to have to carry around the docking station just to play PST. I am trying to follow the instructions here: http://www.bootstrike.com/Torment/files.html but I don't know how to copy the contents of CD 2 to a directory. When I put CD 2 into my CD drive and take a look there, there doesn't appear to be any files there. So it must be all one big chunk of data, and I don't know how to read it, nor how to phrase the question in such a way that Google can give me the answer. My real problem is that what I know about windows xp probably fits comfortably on a postage stamp. Can somebody here who has already done this (there must be one of you here :-) ) explain to me what I need to do? Thanks very much.
  3. Aha, thank you very much. So I have to get a different book to calculate how many spells one can cast .... grumble, grumble, it wouldn't have killed them to put that information with the class description on the Favoured Soul. jarno: wisdom is just used for calculating how large a roll you need to make in order to successfully defend against having a spell cast on you by a Favoured Soul. Indeed, it looks to me as if Favoured Souls who don't intend to do any adventuring might not need all that high a wisdom score at all. But getting the class to fit into 2nd edition rules and worlds may be a bit of a challenge. Thank you both very much, Laura
  4. There is a spell per day chart, and a number of known spells chart. But in the description it says: Except that there isn't any mention of bonus spells anywhere, only that you need to have a charisma score of 10 + the spell's level. Which would mean that table 1-1 ... which says that a FS gains 3 9th level spells at level 18, and will have 6 of them at level 20 ... is really a table for spells per day for characters with charisma of 19 or more -- those with less charisma will max out earlier. Or the bonus spells spells in addition to this? which is what 'base daily allotment' implies? if so, how do you calculate the bonus spells? Are Favoured Souls who come from races that have a charisma penalty limited in this way? I cannot imagine that Moradin would favour a chosen dwarf with charisma 17 any less than any human deity would favour a chosen human with charisma 18. Or is the assumption that you will have charisma boosting items in any case, making the question much less relevant? Just curious -- have any of you played the FS? If so, how did it work out?
  5. All I ever summon are nymphs, and elementals. It's not a matter of making the other summons more effective, IMO, as a matter that there are other spells at various levels that are just so much more useful, that you memorise them instead. re improved invisible stalkers there is a house in Baldur's Gate -- Degrodel's -- see http://www.forgottenwars.com/bg1/ar0100.htm where the search for Balduran's Helm and Cloak begin. Can you improve the IS that are summoned without making this encounter too deadly for BG characters? This fight is, in m opinion, the hardest of the non-TotSC fights -- saving the final conflict vs Sarevok. If your fixes are generic fixes that just change the IS worldwide -- then I fear it will make them too tough for BG parties. I love the idea of making the stalkers more stalker-like --- but I am not sure that a BG party can handle them. I suppose playtesting could tell .... Laura
  6. Kulyok's Xan uses the Storm Ring in a quest. But it's completely non-magical jewellery.
  7. lac


    Other idea: Dak'hon's Zerth Blade has somehow acquired sentience, and thus can maintain its own shape. I don't know anything about the creation of sentient swords, except for Moonblades, so I don't know if this would violate canon.
  8. There are several versions of the banter accellerator around. I've loaded the one in this mod -- the IEP extended banter pack http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?autocom...mp;showfile=558 late with no problems.
  9. The mod files ought not to get changed, though there is nothing that actually prevents people from changing them. I don't have to reinstall any mods except, of course, when new hotfixes and releases come out. In addition to your weidu.log and your backup file, you should replace baldur.ini, BGmain.exe, CHITIN.key, and dialog.tlk from your backup. This depends on how many mods you install, and how complicated they are. For me, it is usually a bad idea. The last mod I install is always level1NPCs. And I can uninstall and reinstall this one to my heart's content with no problems, which is convenient since playing around with the character classes and proficiencies of the NPCs is something I like to do a lot. Beyond that -- well I can sometimes uninstall things manually in the reverse order that I have installed them, and then once I have made whatever changes I was looking for, reinstall all the ones I removed manually, again in the approved order. But usually it is easier for me to start all over again. I have a script that restores my state to the before-adding-mods condition, and another one that adds mods in the order approved by the Big World pdf http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?autocom...&showcat=72 If your install leaves you in a state where you cannot back out -- which is what you have reported -- then it looks like just blindly expecting the uninstaller to do the right thing is a bad idea for you as well. Biff is a file format. http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~jedwin/baldur_BIFF.html And it is also a verb, meaning to convert something in your override folder into a something.BIF file. They will run faster if you do this. And they will make it completely, and absolutely impossible for you to use the uninstaller -- you will absolutely have to start things over from scratch when you want to make changes. So only get involved with biffing your files if your game loads so many mods that it runs unacceptably slowly. The Big World Project (whose pdf I pointed you to above) has instructions for how to biff files for use in BGT games. Some mods -- I think the Never Ending Journey is one -- do their own biffing. If biffed files are an issue for you, then add the data directory to the list of files and directories that you need to copy from your backup. But the data directory is very big, and takes a long time to copy, so you won't want to do that unless you really have to.
  10. add bag of holding tweak a) can we add a potion case to the potion merchant in Ust Natha? With all the potions available from SCS, it is becoming difficult for me to carry them all, even with 2 potion cases. b) does this tweak actually add a bag of holding anywhere in SoA? It's not mentioned in the readme. I'd really like one in Atklatha, if you are thinking of adding one.
  11. lac


    rod of smiting: mine says usable by mages and clerics. I think that druids should be able to use it as well. I am actually unsure why it should not be usable by everybody -- perhaps with a minimum intelligence or wisdom check. Is it possible to restrict a weapon to only those characters who are masters (or better) in a certain weapon type? I cannot see, myself, why a fighter that happened to train in quarterstaff shouldn't be able to use this weapon. What about monks?
  12. How will these proposed changes effect those non-arrow&bullet missile weapons, returning knives and the like?
  13. And -- install IR core component early, next time. After the Fixpack, but before everything else, including the tweakpack.
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