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  1. Didn't expect it to be fixed *that* quickly. Awesome work. Much appreciated. I also noticed odd behavior with the SCS component regarding reputation change in BGEE. (I currently have it set to 1/3 but I don't think the amount is relevant). Invite Viconia into party: Rep -2 Dismiss Viconia from party: Rep +2 Invite Dorn into party: Rep -2 Dismiss Dorn from party: *Rep +1* I don't know if that is working as intended or if you wanted consistency across both characters, but there you have it.
  2. Mentioned it over on the BGEE forums but I'll mention it here as well since I don't see it mentioned in the patch notes. When using the NPC's Go To Inns component there is a problem with Imoen. Talking to her after dismissing her gives you the dismissal dialogue (i.e. you are unable to ask her to come back into the group). Also, when dismissing her you do not have the option to have her stand where she is, you *have* to send her to an inn.
  3. Is using the RC as simple as unpacking v9 of the fixpack, replacing the contents of the bg2fixpack folder with the stuff in the RC folder, and running setup-bg2fixpack.exe?
  4. I hate ETA pestering as much as the next guy, but I notice a lot of activity on this thread, notice the letters RC being mentioned, so I feel compelled to ask: I am just about to start my next BG2 playthrough, I do this once every year or two. I would hate starting it up and then hearing the fixpack got a huge update my second day of playing the game. All I'd like to know, really, is if it's longer than a week away. I take it the release candidates are under lock and key for most of us regular folkK?
  5. Yeah he was hostile when he started. As soon as I came into view he was hostile, he played his audio log (Die snotheads!) but aside from that he behaved like the rest of the Xvarts.
  6. I had most components of BG1UB installed and a handful of components from BG1Tweaks. After this happened, though I reinstalled the game sans any mods. Nexlit worked correctly. Then I installed only the fixpack, and he again would not talk to me. I then proceeded to reinstall all my mods, as the glitch was fairly minor compared to the benefits of the fixpack. I got the dialogue and the bear summoned by *charming* nexlit and talking to him, of all things.
  7. When using the fixpack, Nexlit the Xvart does not initiate dialogue and summon Ursa the Cave Bear.
  8. Any chance the improved multiplayer kick-out dialogue will be expanded to include the actual NPC's? Sucks having to leave someone at the bottom on the Nashkel mines after recruiting Xan.
  9. While I miss a good amount of SCS features, the one I'm having trouble without by far is the inability to send NPCs to inns. I know you said you want to avoid duct-taping the existing version of SCS to the Enhanced Edition, but this seems like a small tweak. Would this be compatible as it stands now?
  10. After installing a select few NPC components, I decided to make an elven archer. Problem was, all the alignment choices were greyed out. The only difference in this installation from my others was this mod, and uninstalling it fixed the problem. For the record, the Kivan component WAS installed (seeing as how I made him an elven archer I think that MIGHT be relevant).
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