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  1. Yeah he was hostile when he started. As soon as I came into view he was hostile, he played his audio log (Die snotheads!) but aside from that he behaved like the rest of the Xvarts.
  2. I had most components of BG1UB installed and a handful of components from BG1Tweaks. After this happened, though I reinstalled the game sans any mods. Nexlit worked correctly. Then I installed only the fixpack, and he again would not talk to me. I then proceeded to reinstall all my mods, as the glitch was fairly minor compared to the benefits of the fixpack. I got the dialogue and the bear summoned by *charming* nexlit and talking to him, of all things.
  3. When using the fixpack, Nexlit the Xvart does not initiate dialogue and summon Ursa the Cave Bear.
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