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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this is related to IR, but I don't seem to get any XP when the Mace of Disruption's effect kills an undead creature. It happened first with the lich trapped in the Facet Gem in the Underdark, and now again with Deirex in Ust Natha. When he was hit by the Mace, the console only showed attack roll hit, Deirex takes 3 damage... Then his sprite falls to the ground but no "Deirex - Death" notice and no XP gain. Changelog to BLUN12.itm shows only BG2 Fixpack, then IR, then SCSII (initialise). Also, there seems to be a slight compatibility issue with aTweaks, see here http://www.shsforums...-compatibility/ Cheers, Fred EDIT : this also screws up Jarlaxle's quest, since the global variable that tracks the lich's death does not get set, and thus the party does not get teleported back to Jarlaxle after acquiring the gems. EDIT 2 : ok, this seems to be caused by ToBEx's "Use EFF file Fix". If disabled, the mace works as intended. From A64's post : "Use EFF File (177) didn't properly store values of the child effect if data was saved via the effect opcode in the child effect itself (e.g. if the effect opcode procedure actually modifies param1, param2, or stores data in param3 or param4 for later use). This is fixed in TobEx beta 0024 by storing certain information from the child opcode into the Use EFF File opcode unused structure members. However, it may break other opcodes that have compensated for this somehow."
  2. You're right, the .CRE had 6 level 9 spells memorized... I don't even know why Baldurdash touches his stats, since the readme only mentions adding a few missing links/items between the slavers, the guarded compound and the Twisted Rune for added RPG flavor... I'll know better next time ! Cheers, Fred
  3. Fiends summons in SR seem to assume that the SCSII component "More staying power for fiends" has been installed (for example, a Pit Fiend has around 200 HP, compared to vanilla's 80). That means on a non-SCSII install or, as in my case, an SCSII install where this particular component has not been selected, summoned fiends are much more powerful than their in-world counterpart. Perhaps SR should check for FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~dw#fiends_stayingpower.mrk~=1 and assign hitpoints accordingly ? Fred
  4. Hi, I just met Valeria and her goons in BG2, and I got my rear end handed to me by the mage Dracandros who cast 2 Timestops and summoned 2 Glabrezu (party at around level 12...). Changelog on the affected file (DEMMAG.CRE) : Mods affecting DEMMAG.CRE: 00000: /* from game biffs */ ~SETUP-BDTOBV168.TP2~ 0 2 // RESTORED TWISTED RUNE QUEST: BG2Fixpack adaption 00001: ~SETUP-SCS.TP2~ 0 5000 // Smarter general AI: v21 00002: ~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ 0 6151 // Smarter Mages -> Mages only cast short-duration spells instantly at start of combat if they are created in sight of the PC: v21 00003: ~AURORA/SETUP-AURORA.TP2~ 0 420 // Realistic random treasures -> Both 1 and 2 (no treasures lost): v5 00004: ~AURORA/SETUP-AURORA.TP2~ 0 477 // Change creature gold carried -> Reduce to 90%: v5 00005: ~SETUP-XPMOD.TP2~ 0 0 // Creature XP Reduction -> Reduce to 75%: v6 BWP Fix 00006: /* acted upon in an indetectable manner */~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 0 // Generalized Biffing: v2.2 00007: /* acted upon in an indetectable manner */~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 0 // Generalized Biffing: v2.2 Digging up the relevant CRE files from the backup folders revealed that vanilla Dracandros is level 12 ; for some reason, the Restored Twisted Rune Quest raises his level to 18 and gives him some nifty equipment. Smarter General AI does not touch his level. Then, Smarter Mages changes his level to 26 I installed SCSII with Mage_Level_Scale 75, so his final level should have been 13... Did anyone else experience the same glitch ? Cheers, Fred
  5. Sorry for slightly hijacking this thread, but is the override meant to ignore all other settings ? I installed SCSII with Mage_Level_Scale 75 ; the Shade Lich, Elemental Lich, Nevaziah and Tolgerias are all levelled at 75% of the level indicated in level_override.2da (ie lvl13 for Nevaziah, 22 for the Liches, 15 for Tolgerias, etc). I'm fine with it since I'm playing with 75% XP and quest rewards, but if you truly meant for their levels to be fixed no matter what, it ain't working. Fred
  6. The problem is it's impossible to scatter inside Mendas house... I had him follow me outside for that purpose, which seemed like a good idea until a panicked peasant decided to run across a lucky Aghanazzar's Scorcher that injured Mendas... The whole of Ulgoth Beard turned hostile, including a couple spellcasters, which, thanks to Smarter Mages, put a quick end to that try. Once you get outside, collateral damage is hard to avoid, even more when your confused archer with Grandmastery + Long Bow of Marksmanship decides the village elder looks suspiciously like a werewolf... I finally got lucky by scattering really wide and having Dynaheir drop all her weapons and run away from the villagers just before she became confused. She just managed to knock a passing chicken unconscious before we beat up that pesky mage. A few notes on the fight : 1) Baresh did not follow Mendas outside, allowing me to take them on one by one, well, almost, see below. 2) When Baresh switches from human to werewolf, he is cloned, ie there are 2 of them. Most of the time, they stand in the same spot, so you only realize it when you kill him, and there is another, identical sprite standing in his place, but sometimes, the clone chooses a different target and moves away from the original. 3) Doppelgangers : belay that, I just got raped by a gang of Greater Doppelgangers on the roof of Durlag's tower, where I had foolishly sent a lone character with Protection from Petrification to mop up what I thought were just a couple Basilisks... I don't think GD were casting Mirror Image and Dire Charm in vanilla ? It's just that Seven Suns and Merchant League only had standard Doppelgangers. Cheers, Fred PS : ok, I just met our friendly ghost Daitel in Durlag's Tower. Full Globe of Invuln + Fireshield + PfMW + Mirror Image + Shield, followed by Cone of Cold and Chain Lightning ? Seriously ? And I'm not even in the underground levels yet. I'll be back... with a couple levels more...
  7. Hi, loving the mod, really provides a new challenge to the game and makes you think and sweat about most encounters, great work. I do however get the feeling that mages are a bit over-the-top sometimes, not so much in terms of tactics, but of power level... MGoI is a nightmare for low-level parties, but you're still able to get Spell Thrust quite early, so that's just a few nasty encounters. I'm now in the late game, and every mage is dumping mind-affecting spells on my party, it's like Confusion and Chaos are the new Fireball. I'm up against Mendas / Baresh, and after getting my ass handed over to me more than a few times, I decided to slightly cheese the fight and bait Mendas out of his house, which allowed me to spread my party a bit more so I'd have at least a couple guys not drooling over themselves after 2 rounds. So he unloaded 3 (THREE) Chaos on my party. In fact, Chaos is pretty much the only spell he casts that is trouble for me, the rest is mostly defensive. The thing is, I have absolutely no way of defending against it. If cast on enemies that are 5 levels lower, the spell does not even allow a save. My party is level 7, he's supposed to be 12, so that's it. I'm using SCS + SR + IR, so here's my take on my options : Immunity : only 2 items give immunity while equipped : 1) the bastard sword Lawgiver (from IR). CHARNAME is a monk, can't use it. Minsc is chaotic, can't use it. Kivan needs to keep its bow in hand and pelt the bastard, Dynaheir and Imoen are mages, maybe I could give it to Branwen, who will be far back anyway. 2) Kiel's Morningstar, which is a cursed berserking item and it's in Durlag's Tower, which I haven't cleared yet. Not much help for me. On the bright side, Minsc can berserk on its own. Potions : Potion of clarity. As far as I have seen, there is only one Potion of Clarity available for sale in the whole game. Yikes. Since I don't even get a save, magic shielding and other save-improving potions are useless (and the save would be at -3!). Spells : Chaotic Commands is Divine 5, so that's out for me. Break Enchantment (Divine 3 and Wizard 4) can only remove the effect, and on 1 creature only. Scrolls : Got 1 scroll of Chaotic Commands. The potion and scroll are one-time use, after that, every mage with Chaos is going to have us running around like headless chickens. How do you guys deal with these spells ? Cheers, Fred EDIT : on a slightly related note, the doppelgangers I have seen until now (Seven Suns, Merchant League) have failed to display any illusion / mind-affecting power and behave just like before, even though I installed the Improved Doppelgangers component. Is it a bug or are only the ones in Candlekeep supposed to be harder ?
  8. I have attached an export of the working MGI and the broken one to this post. The only difference I can see is that the working one applies its effects directly, while the broken one calls 2 other spells (SPWI321B and SPWI321C) to apply them. Also, the broken one has an additional flag (type 24 : unknown). Hope this helps, Fred
  9. Hi, I have just run into an issue with MGI not being taken down by Spell Thrust ; I have traced the issue to SCS component 1019 "Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility -> Antimagic spells remain single-target, but affect the target creature whether or not it is invisible (default option): v20". This is on a BWP install, and the PDF seems to imply that SCS should have skipped the component since SR was present. This is the change log on the relevant SPL : Mods affecting SPWI321.SPL: 00000: /* from game biffs */ ~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Spell Revisions: v3.1 00001: ~SETUP-D0QUESTPACK.TP2~ 0 1 // Creature & Area Improvements -> All Creature & Area Improvements: v2.3 (Feb 14, 2010) BWP Fix 00002: ~SETUP-SCS.TP2~ 0 10 // Initialise (required by almost all other mod components): v20 00003: ~SETUP-SCS.TP2~ 0 1019 // Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility -> Antimagic spells remain single-target, but affect the target creature whether or not it is invisible (default option): v20 00004: /* acted upon in an indetectable manner */~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 0 // Generalized Biffing: v2.2 00005: /* acted upon in an indetectable manner */~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 0 // Generalized Biffing: v2.2 Putting the backup SPL from scs/backup/10/ into /override allowed Spell Thrust to take down MGI as intended. Is it a bug in the current code of either SR or SCS ? Or should this SCS component skip the install but for some reason didn't ? Finally, this component also affected SPWI704, 705 and 903, should I also restore their backup in order for them to work as intended ? Thanks for a great mod, Fred
  10. Entirely my fault. I'll assemble the update today evening, until then you can open the file "item_rev/components/revised_armor.tpa" with notepad and find two pieces there That's weird, I installed the same component (#1050) but did not get any error in the log file... Could it still have failed to install anyway ? SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED With Casting Speed Penalties for Arcane Casters SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Movement Speed and Dexterity Penalties SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Allow Thieving Skills in Armor SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Revised Armor Bonuses SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Dual Wielding Changes for Light and Heavy Weapons SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Items of Protection Can Be Worn with Magical Armor SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Halberds Can Slash, Too SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Remove Cleric Weapon Restrictions from Multi-Classed Clerics SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Druids and Fighter/Druids SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Kensai Can Wear Bracers SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Thieves Can Use Wands SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Weapon Changes SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Enchantment Doesn't Affect Speed Factor of Weapons SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Backstabbing Penalties with More Weapons Usable for Backstabbing
  11. I've done a BWP install as well ; customized the install order so that that all components other than global changes are installed early but after BGT. Global changes are installed quite late in the process. Full weidu log : Checked changelog of Bow of Marksmanship and Eagle Bow, they do seem to be changed only by the Fixpack, followed by BGT and finally Item revisions : Mods affecting BOW07.ITM: 00000: /* from game biffs */ ~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ 0 0 // BG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes: v9.01 BWP Fix 00001: ~SETUP-BGT.TP2~ 0 0 // Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Core: 1.12 (12 Jun 2011) 00002: ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Item Revisions by Demivrgvs: V3 Beta 1 00003: ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 14 // Remove Cleric Weapon Restrictions from Multi-Classed Clerics: V3 Beta 1 00004: ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 17 // Weapon Changes: V3 Beta 1 00005: ~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ 0 1080 // Enchantment Doesn't Affect Speed Factor of Weapons: V3 Beta 1 Note that I did not install any "big" mod (TDD, NtoSC, etc), quest mods, item mods, etc. Content-wise, this is mostly the original saga, plus tweaks, fixes and IA. ToBex did get installed twice (I guess SCS already checks if it has been installed previously), but I'm not sure if it would affect the game (both were v20). I'll try to start a playthrough this week-end. EDIT : and I have no idea why the spoiler tag won't hide my log...
  12. I believe a "w00t!" is in order. I will, although this will be a full BGT playthrough, starting from Candlekeep... with a level 1 monk. So it might be a while before you get any meaningful feedback from me ! I might actually start a BG2 game just for betatesting purposes... Cheers, Fred
  13. You sure can :nods: Actually you should. Reading the BWP documentation, it seems the main component (and masterwork weapons) of IR is installed very early in the process, before BGT. The rest is handled much later, towards the end of the install. Is this wrong ? Line 116: STD item_rev 0 16 1111 Line 117: STD item_rev 1 16 1111 ..... Line 146: STD BGT 0 09 1111 ..... Line 2035: MUC item_rev Select 16 0011 Line 2036: MUC item_rev 2 16 0000 Line 2037: MUC item_rev 3 16 0011 Line 2038: MUC item_rev 4 16 0000 Line 2039: MUC item_rev 5 16 0000 Line 2040: MUC item_rev Select 16 0011 Line 2041: MUC item_rev 6 16 0000 Line 2042: MUC item_rev 7 16 0000 Line 2043: MUC item_rev 8 16 0011 Line 2044: STD item_rev 9 16 0011 Line 2045: STD item_rev 10 16 1111 Line 2046: STD item_rev 11 16 1111 Line 2047: STD item_rev 12 16 1111 Line 2048: STD item_rev 13 16 1111 Line 2049: STD item_rev 14 16 1111 Line 2050: STD item_rev 15 16 1111 Line 2051: STD item_rev 16 16 1111 Line 2052: STD item_rev 17 16 1111 Line 2053: MUC item_rev Select 16 1111 Line 2054: MUC item_rev 18 16 1111 Line 2055: MUC item_rev 19 16 0000
  14. Is this info still up-to-date ? The readme now states : Colourable Quarterstaves - fully compatible (install after IR's main component) Flaming Short Swords - fully compatible (install after IR's main component) So has 1PP been updated to be compatible with IR or should we just install the main staff/short sword components but not the item patches ? On a totally unrelated note, I am preparing a new playthrough and was hoping V3 would be out by now. However it seems Mike as gone MIA and there hasn't been any announcement regarding a release. Is there any word on this beyond "when it's done" ? Cheers, Fred
  15. I'm thinking of heading down the same path. Do you think aTweak's fiends would still remain effective in SR/SCS, compared for example to devas and planetars ? Their HD are much lower, but on the other hand, they have a lot of special abilities and can now gate in friends (I think aT's Pit Fiend can gate in a Greater Baatezu once per round at 100% chance of success ). Cheers, Fred
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