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    I personally would like to see some same sex romance that doesn't have to be modded in, and maybe some improvements on the existing heterosexual ones, something like the flirt packs and such. Those flirt packs really spoiled me, because todays games, from NWN HOTU and Dragon Age: Origins to Mass Effect 3, I have missed the ability to flirt with romantic interests.
  2. Lookin' forward to the TOB portion. The SOA portion was pretty amazing. I haven't played the BG1 version yet, but the SOA one was so great that I will have to soon.
  3. Thanks and by the way, I apologize for posting this here. Now that I am not half dead with exhaustion, I realize that I posted this waaay in the wrong area. So thanks for being tolerant. PM sent, btw.
  4. Is the iiItem Mod still available anywhere? I consider it indispensable but cannot seem to find it anywhere anymore. The links all seem to be dead.
  5. Thanks, they showed up after I defeated you know who. I just hope the romance procedes properly. Thanks again! this is a fun mod so far.
  6. DarkZephyr

    Bounty Hunters

    OK, I have gone to Windspear Hills and have not been ambushed by the second round of Bountyhunters. What should I do? Also, when checking ShadowKeeper, I cannot seem to find an ADAngelRomance variable. Thanks in advance.
  7. It looks like the last four or five postings have been deleted or something, and I noticed that one mentions easy solutions for important triggers? Is anyone willing to repost that? Thanks!
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