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  1. I got there by paying the guy in the glowing clothes. So I reloaded my save from just before Irenicus' dungeon and this time I went via the Shadow Thieves and Bodhi showed up as she was supposed to. I think going via the dude in the glowing clothes may have somehow neglected to change the chapter globals so when I left the Underdark instead of ticking forward into chapter 18, it ticked forward to chapter 17. That's just my theory anyway.
  2. It says "Chapter global set to 17" which is certainly strange given that the recent chapter save labels it as 18.
  3. I did and most of the results I got are from the original edition of the game from over 15 years ago. BTW I utilized "alternatives" to get to Spellhold but I can't imagine that is the cause.
  4. I am having another issue and I am a bit reticent to start an entirely different thread. But what I am dealing with now is that I am in (I believe) Chapter 18 after having emerged from the Underdark and talking with Elhan and his group, and when I go to the graveyard, the initial Bodhi confrontation where she will usually snatch a love interest is not triggering. Also, her lair is empty as is the High Hall of the Radiant Heart, though that may be due to my PC's participation in that one thing for Dorn. I won't be surprised if this is yet another thing I am doing wrong myself.
  5. I'm probably the only joker on earth that uses storymode when playing EET if nobody else has had this issue come up. lol As for letting it run long enough for philosophical discussions over food, why not?
  6. I will try taking it off of storymode then to see if that helps. Edit: Yeah, that worked. lol
  7. I am very stuck. I have reached the end of Shadowspear, I have been rescued and have joined up with Imoen and the others. The Shadow Thieves have attacked and the mist narration has played, telling me that everything has faded to gray. That narration ended and now I am stuck fighting continuous waves of Shadow Thieves and nothing else is happening. My PC has not woken up in Irenicus' dungeon or anything like that. Is that normal or has something gone wrong? If its normal, what am I supposed to do to finish the Dragonspear portion of EET? I know from watching youtube videos that in the n
  8. So I thought I finally had the perfect install. I have the right music playing (I must not have installed whichever mod it is that changes the music) and everything seemed copacetic. Then right after I left Candle Keep and Imoen joined my party, she ran up to me and started talking to me using Garrick's lines from the Garrick Infatuation mod. How that happened I cannot say. lol but it seems she's possessed by Garrick.
  9. Its the main menu music as well as the in game music. I will try to do as you have suggested.
  10. That's what I'll do then. Thanks. I'll create a test install just for that and move this install that I am 90% happy with to a safe location. Its gonna take me getting some ambition to do it though. I spent all night Friday and ALL weekend trying to get this to work and I may just try to get in and play a bit first. My music IS on so it must be affected by a mod. Incidentally, all the other sounds do work. What I find interesting is that dragging the music folder from a clean copy of the BG2 folder does nothing. Clearly there are some code issues going on that are beyond my purview.
  11. I did install LEUI right after EET end since the guide I was following said you could. http://eetcompatiblemods.baldursextendedworld.com/ Interestingly enough, it also says that The Longer Road is EET compatible and I just can't get that to install on EET, so I don't know how infallible the guide is. That being said, the mods I do have installed haven't given me any problems yet (outside of the music problem, that is). I do have some mods installed not on the guide. iiItem mod v5, Exnem's Vault and the White NPC mod. Now I don't expect a lot of problems fro
  12. So I have reinstalled it and ironically now I have NO theme music at all. LOL I have two logs. One seems to cover the BG1 SOD folder of mods you have to install before you install EET and the other seems to be for the BG2 folder. WeiDU-BGSoD.log WeiDU.log
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