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  1. Thats great news. I love Kivan and to have him finally voiced...thats awesome
  2. I think it should be: ("X#XanMatch","GLOBAL",1) ("X#XARomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) Hopefully that works
  3. Glad to hear that progress continues on Aklon That's awesome.
  4. Great. Thanks for the fast reply Amaurea
  5. I love Angelo...he's awesome. But can someone give me a hint as to where I'm supposed to get the gems for Suu?
  6. I can't tell you how many times I've played thru BG1 and BG2 and Kivan has always been my fav NPC. But I can tell you that everytime I play BG2, I always end up romancing Kivan. He's my favorite romance, Domi. You should be proud
  7. Congrats! This is awesome and I can't wait to try it out
  8. That is pretty creepy. Sorry about that
  9. I don't think it was the dream sequence that was the problem because I wasn't able to sleep at all without my computer freezing. But I solved the problem kind of. I remembering trying to install Tortured Souls and got some kind of error which said that it couldn't install (I don't remember exactly what it was). But for some reason Kachiko still showed up, so I kept her in my party. Well when I removed her and Yoshimo, I was able to sleep. Kind of weird.
  10. I tried them both and it still froze on me. It must be one of the mods I have installed. I'll figure something out. Thank you so much for your help though.
  11. Hi there, Everytime I get to the first dream scene my computer freezes on me. Does anyone know if there is a code for CLUAConsole or SK so I can bypass this?
  12. I say the more crossmod material the better. It makes it more realistic. And your welcome to Jarlaxle.
  13. I for sure will play the romance and I also say steamy is better, in my opinion. After all, the PC and Gavin are both adults, right?
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