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  1. Another minor typo in Vynd and Dave's banter: GV#VYNDDave1 ~That's now (not) how to do it.~
  2. Minor typo in one of Flara's chats. How did that cheeky # get there?: IF ~~ t8.9 SAY ~I do not give, <CHARNAME>, and I do not indebt myself. It would # I am. What I *know* I am.~
  3. These guys are all so much fun, Glam. I imagine these things are intentional, but just in case, I'll post them here: Littlun didn't spawn when I arrived at Bear River for the first time after having cleared the gnoll stronghold. Dave didn't have anything to say after the change of leadership in his quest. I assume he's meant to say something about getting a gift. We'd already done the Kozah tomb and decided to bury it, if that's relevant. Super duper enjoying them all!! Well, all except Littlun, who I'm sure I'll find next playthrough.
  4. Hey there! Exciting to see a new BG NPC mod! Thought I'd do a bit of a typo hunt for you, but I'm leaving most of his chats until I've played through with him so I don't get spoiled. Here are the ones I've found in his banter, recruitment and kick out chats. I put typos in bold and possible grammatical errors or things I wasn't sure of in brackets. Hope it helps! Excited to play through and see what you've made!!
  5. 9727 = ~[PC] I know better. It is really the thrill of adventure that excites you, isn't it[./?]~ @3642 = ~[ARAN] Well, I do admit you are[should it be “be” to be consistent?] a sight to be watched, <CHARNAME>. But I can watch you an' keep lookout too.~ In the LT that starts with: @3625 = ~[ARAN] That strap there looks a bit worse for th' wear. Here, let me...~ There are a couple of flow issues I noticed. Very minor, though. This line: 3637 = ~[ARAN] Well, I didn't mean to, but I am naught in th' way o' sorry it happened. An' I notice you didn't box my ears when my hand kinda wandered off course.~ Offers the PC the below reply, despite Aran not mentioning the word scoundrel (though he does in 3639) 3635 = ~[PC] Scoundrel. Aran, you surprise me. You actually know a word longer than 'aye'.~ And this option: @3665 = ~[PC] And you chose to use this extensive vocabulary on me because... Returns the following line, but doesn’t actually mention he’s flattering himself: @3655 = ~[ARAN] Well, not to flatter myself, exactly. I just believe in takin' some chances, is all. When Sheri the Bardess is not installed, during Aran’s conversation in the Mithrest Inn, @13480 = ~[PC] I do not usually wander up to strangers and talk to them. Even other bards and storytellers. I usually listen without interacting with them.~ Returns: @13541 = ~A SELLSWORD stands before the arena! Will this would-be SCRIBE show that the QUILL is mightier than the SWORD?~ Which seems weird. The friendtalk that starts with: ~ @1153 = ~[ARAN] I know there be some disadvantages to bein' th' offspring o' a dead god, but there might just be a few advantages too, eh? I mean, you won't have to wait for no table at even th' finest establishments. An' those special powers come in right handy. There must be some reason Tymora flipped your coin this way. I mean, of all th' places on Toril, why did you be endin' up here?~ Can be made to loop back to: @1965 = ~[ARAN] I think we might get a decent contract wi' th' Mindgulph, then. Takin' on th' Cowlies be a right fine idea, if we be half drunk an' just wastin' hot air, but that bunch o' arcane bastards be a right powerful force. We may need a bit o' backup.~ But I doubt it’s a common occurrence. The first PC response that leads to it is: @1973 = ~[PC] Rescuing Imoen is my first priority. I will think about my long term goals after that has been accomplished.~ I then chose the following responses: @1966 = ~[PC] I thought you wanted a life of adventure and risk, far from the boredom and ennui of pub-crawling, caravan-guarding ways. Are you having second thoughts? @1932 = ~[PC] You are selling yourself short. I think you hide your thinking, because you don't want a leadership role. It is probably more comfortable for you to follow rather than be responsible for the risks.~ @1940 = ~[PC] I want Irenicus to pay for what he has done. It can be in blood, in teeth, in broken bones, or just crisping in the middle of a dozen fireballs... but he has to pay.~ Which leads to Aran saying: @1959 = ~[ARAN] Now, that sounds like a straightforward goal. Find th' bastard, beat th' garbage out o' him, an' get a good solid revenge. One of the reply options there is: @1960 = ~[PC] Not quite. If I find him, I find my friend Imoen. Which loops back to 1965. It’s only a ‘loop’ if you mention Imoen first, then Irenicus and then Imoen again, so pretty uncommon series of choices.
  6. I believe I've found the locations of the issue with Orrin's quest. The following lines of the two clerks result in a receipt without the Small Package being taken out of inventory. @11241 = ~[CIVIL02] Ah, yes. A Writ of Quarterly Taxable Income, Commercial, Standard Form. My signature... here. I have received this on behalf of the City and its Citizens. Here is a receipt for The Broken Sword's accounts and its owner of record, one Orrin Thedale, resident of aforementioned premises. Next in line, step up...~ @11242 = ~[CIVIL02] Right. My signature... here. I have received this on behalf of the City and its Citizens. Here is a receipt for The Broken Sword's accounts and its owner of record, one Orrin Thedale, resident of aforementioned premises. Next in line, step up...~ @11221 = ~[CIVIL01] Right. My signature... here. I have received this on behalf of the City and its Citizens. Here is a receipt for The Broken Sword's accounts and its owner of record, one Orrin Thedale, resident of aforementioned premises. Next in line, step up...~
  7. Good to know about the quest. I'll try it again, and if I see the same behaviour, I can send you a savefile and weidu log if that helps. I do think it's super cool seeing all the randomised options and his interactions with the different strongholds. Played through the D'Arnise Keep stronghold for the first time in ages and his conversations during that are just so appropriate! Great job. A few other things I found while playing through this time (not sure if some are intentional): Kicking Aran out and asking him to wait here (rather than sending him to a designated place) while "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2 And "c-aranbg2rom","GLOBAL", 14 When talking to him again to rejoin the party, he returns all the following lines. Just not sure if they’re all meant to fire at once: @10428 = ~[ARAN] I was wonderin' when you would show up. I have been checkin' out the area, but I were startin' to worry.~ [c-aws085] @10596 = ~[ARAN] Ilmater's Bloody Wrists, but there were naught to do around here. I thought I might find th' rest comfortable, but to tell Ilmater's Truth, it be just bloody borin'.~ @10602 = ~[ARAN] That were a friendly gesture, nothin' more, <CHARNAME>, I swear it.~ @10566 = ~[ARAN] I was in th' middle o' th' most suprisin' dreams when you walked up. Or mayhap you walkin' up inspired some right warm dreams.~ @10538 = ~[ARAN] I blighted well be lookin' forward to joinin' up wi' you again.~ Aran’s drunk talk fires twice in SoA. Should it fire 3 times? I allowed for plenty of real time and game time i.e. first two were in chapter 2, tried again just before chapter four (approx 14 game days and lots of real time hours while paused, etc) and again in chapter 6 but no dice. Not sure what the delay is on the sparring talk that starts with the below line, but it didn't trigger for me until chapter 6 while romancing Aran. This could definitely be intentional (especially with the reference to space), and it's a nice change from the "beyond Chapter 4, NPCs forget you exist" from the non-community NPCs, but just thought I'd let you know. For context, there was a relatively long real and game time delay between his final friend talk in chapter 2/3 and moving on to chapter 4 (curse you, D'Arnise Keep quests). @13463 = ~[ARAN] A breathin' space at last. Time to do somethin' about sharpenin' my skills, I be thinkin'.~ In terms of the Aran-initiated underdark flirts, they continue as normal in the Sahaugin city, but stop as soon as Chapter 5 starts and resume as normal as soon as Chapter 6 starts - in that immediately on reaching the surface and the chapter change he initiates flirts. He's even quicker than the elven guards in speaking to the PC! Don't know if that adds any useful information. @8906 = ~[ARAN] Yep, it does have some opportunities for adventure. O' course, it also has bugs. Nasty, bloodsuckin' little vampiric bugs what drive a man crazy. An' gnats. An' snakes.Mayhap even worse. Hey, what did you be sayin' about likin' forests? On account o' I think I done changed my mind. Hate 'em.~
  8. Yeah, all the PID menu options are correct for the Underdark in terms of content. There's even the (correct for Underdark) options to switch flirting on and off and tell him to wait until chapter 6, but regardless of apparent PID settings, he doesn't initiate flirts. I also noticed on my install, during a banter with Rasaad, this line (pretty sure it was this one, it was referring to Isra, who was 4th in my line up) was said by Rasaad, not Aran: @13401 = ~[ARAN] I get as far as exhalin', start to concentrate... an' a picture o' <PLAYER4>'s form as she walks away from me just pops into my head.~ Not sure if it'll be repeatable or anything, though.
  9. Some other things I've found on this playthrough: Aran doesn’t seem to recognise Remove Magic as a memorised spell for scroll creation. On Orrin’s FedEx quest, the clerk gave a receipt but didn’t take the package. Orrin wouldn’t accept the receipt unless the package is not in the inventory, but dropping the package (while keeping the receipt in the inventory) allows the quest to be completed. Even without being told about Orrin’s special stock (by Aran) or doing his quest, I still had the option to ask Orrin whether a wealthy, well-connected person can access his special stock. In the LT that starts with “@4095 = ~[ARAN] So, <CHARNAME>, what was it like growin' up in a place where books ruled all?~ [c-aws103]” This dialogue can loop: @4210 = ~[PC] I was not completely shut off from the world. I could read some of the most detailed writings ever written about places too far away for even the most seasoned traveler to reach.~ To: @4213 = ~[ARAN] Well, while I was bumpin' along tryin' to learn to read an' figure up accounts, you had th' world at your fingertips, so to speak.~ If either of these two options chosen: @4214 = ~[PC] Reading does not replace experiencing things for yourself. But it did mean I had time to train. Did you ever stay in one place?~ @4215 = ~[PC] Reading is a safe replacement for experiencing things for yourself. It also gave me time to train. Did you ever stay in one place?~ Returns: @4219 = ~[ARAN] No time to stay long anywhere. A Coster wagon, especially an independent one, goes where the market leads. An' when I struck out on my own, well, there has not been much in th' way o' things to keep me in one place long.~ Which allows 4210 to be chosen again.
  10. Not sure if Inn flirts are working as intended in my install - the conversations that start with "@1288 = ~[PC] (The musicians have struck up a lively dance tune, and Aran is sitting at the bar.)" Things that do seem to be working: fires on game time timer, only fire in inns and content differs depending on the inn((or maybe the talk itself? Not sure about that) with random responses to the options. Not sure, though, if they're meant to be triggered by PID in the inns. They sometimes trigger spontaneously if the timer has run to 0 (e.g. game left on pause or AdvanceRealTime used), but PID in inns will return with that conversation rather than his standard PID menu - this seems to be blocked by the timer, though, so if talked to in the inn after this talk fires, his regular PID can be accessed. His regular flirts and talks still fire in inns. Several of the options result in a inn-rest (I can investigate which ones if needed) - which is kinda cool for free rests in inns, but maybe not intentional.
  11. Yeah, Bodhi was dead. I didn't notice asking his advice in Suldanessellar, but definitely in Hell. Amellg, I think it is the same issue - I only noticed you'd reported it after I'd posted. Go team!
  12. Found a couple of small issues while playing EE (but not EET) through SoA (with what I'm pretty sure is the latest update): @1613 = ~[PC] I think you should stop thinking about things you can't change and practice hitting things instead. Your combat skills are slipping[full stop] The Underdark talk that starts with: @1113 = ~[ARAN] Do you think it be sunny up topside today, or cloudy?~ Gives the player two identical responses: @1115 = ~[PC] It doesn't matter much, does it. I wonder if this place ever ends? Both reply with: @1600 = ~[ARAN] Somehow I think th' end, if there is one, might be a bit worse than th' rest o' all this combined. I figure if you are diggin' your way down through ugliness, th' thing what lives at th' end must be somethin' special.~ Even if flirts are enabled in the Underdark, Aran doesn’t seem to instigate any flirts. In the conversation in Chapter 6 starting with: @1275 = ~[ARAN] Hey, <CHARNAME>. Tell me a story, eh? Somethin' to take th' edge off all o' this blood an' death an' such.~ [c-aws097] If you tell Aran you don’t have any stories, then choose: @3473 = ~[PC] Tell me something absolutely true about you.~ and then @3539 = ~[PC] You can do better than that. Tell me about your sister.~ He first tells you more about eggs, then the second time will speak about his sister. Seems like he's not meant to tell you about eggs in response to that, but it could be intentional. In Suldanessellar, when asking Aran if he’s been here before, he returns: @9513 = ~[ARAN] No, I can't say I have. I stuck mostly to th' coast, workin' short haul an' stayin' close to Calimport. I met a Fist or two who served short term down here, but none o' them talked about it much. I got the impression that life around here is dry, dusty, hot, miserable,an bloody short.~ Which may or may not be the correct response In Hell, you can ask Aran both: @13737 = ~[PC] Do you have any advice about our tasks?~ To which he responds: @9441 = ~[ARAN] Get us th' nine hells out o' here. Now.~ And: @8600 = ~[PC] Well, do you have any advice for me, Aran? To which he responds: @9440 = ~[ARAN] Hmmm... hmm.. ha... sorry, did you say somethin'? I was busy singin' a little 'hey , ho, the bitch be dead, which old bitch, the blood-suckin' bitch...' do you be askin' for my advice? Find us a tavern, an' let's get drinkin'!~
  13. Super happy to see you're still writing Aran! You do a great job characterising him, and it's such a cool mod concept. I'll start playing through BG2 again to see if I can help with proof-reading or bug-hunting.
  14. *minor spoilers* I'm sure I'm doing something ridiculous, but I just can't seem to finish the portal quest. I have both the runestone adn the blue powder, but I can't seem to make the stone visible in any way. Tried getting the knights to come out again and talking to that pally with his skeletons, but I just can't seem to make any headway. What am I doing wrong here?? *Edit: Yeah, that was pretty stupid. Found the table in the library. Man...
  15. I can help with proof reading, if you need. Hooray for holidays!
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