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  1. Hey Jastey, I'll soon start a SoA + ToB playthrough, and would be happy to playtest Ajantis!
  2. Hi Jastey, thanks for your quick reply! I'm not really planning on having a Megamod install - I'm aiming for a 20-mod install approximately (including Fixpack, a couple of quest and NPC mods and some tweak mods). However, I know from experience that it's always dangerous to update a mod mid-game. Oh well, if If I install Ajantis pretty late on the list, I may not have too much trouble. Having a ToB-only release would be helpful in that regard but I'll let you be the judge of how you should release your mod of course! Not too sure about how to play the whole Firkraag thing, as it was my
  3. Hi Jastey, I'm planning on soon starting a new BG2 runthrough, this time with a full paladin-only party - and so I have selected Ajantis to be part of the crew. But before starting, I have a few questions: 1. I know that Ajantis doesn't have ToB content so far. Do you have any idea when you might release the new version with ToB content? 2. If, as I reckon, the new release date is not around the corner, do you think I'll have problems upgrading mid-game? I'm a very slow player with little time for gaming, so it will probably take me several months to play through such a big game as
  4. Good news! Haven't had time to test v2 yet, so I guess I'll skip directly to v3.
  5. Ah, it seems the fate of this mod depend on Nythrun's return. Well, let's cross our fingers then.
  6. Well, thank you for making the mod in the first place! Good luck.
  7. I'm happy to hear that this mod will be finished. I plan on starting a new EasyTutu game with an evil party before the end of the year and I intend to use a couple of cursed items. Oh, and please keep the thread spoiler-free as you have, I definitely want to be surprised the first time I use cursed items with the mod installed. PS: Will the Cursed Item Mod be compatible with Hard Times?
  8. I thought it was the opposite (allowing you to use Xan's BG2 voice in BG1). Anyway, I found Xan incredibly annoying in BG1 (using BG1 NPC) but I like him much better in BG2. Maybe it's because he whines less, maybe it's because I like his BG2 personal quests (especially the Eldreth Veluuthra one), I don't know...
  9. Thanks for the update and good luck!
  10. Time for an update, me thinks!
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