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  1. Darios

    ToB news

    First of all, why would you ask *her*? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask the original authors (whose contact information – still valid – is found e.g. in the mod readme). Second, the mod is not "dead", but has been maintained here for all that time, complete with technical compatibility updates by the G3 staff. Third, she did not just create an "addon", but rather an altered version of the original mod, both removing content and adding stuff of her own that really does not represent Amber the way she was originally written. And fourth, she most certainly does not have – and has never even asked for – permission to do any of it.
  2. Darios

    ToB news

    Technically, a second PC in a multiplayer game, which is specifically not an NPC. The intention was to keep it from triggering for any NPC (original or mod), but since this required some quite tricky scripting due to the limitations of the original Infinity engine, it may not be completely foolproof in the case of mod NPCs if they don't follow some of the technical conventions of the original NPCs. Just to clear the issue and avoid any misunderstanding: no, Roxanne most definitely does not have our permission to host, much less alter or expand the mod (in fact the readme of the mod explicitly prohibits this, as Cam pointed out), and what little I have seen of the added content, it most definitely does *not* represent Meira's or my original vision of Amber or our original style. We are currently working on getting the unsanctioned versions taken down, since there is no justification for them, considering that the version hosted by G3 (with our permission and cooperation) should be compatible with the new versions of BG2.
  3. Darios

    Amber has a virus.

    I would think it very unlikely to be a real infection, since the download file has not been touched for 15 months and if it was infected, it would most likely have been caught a bit sooner. Just to be sure I tested the file with F-Secure Anti-Virus with up-to-date definitions and could not find anything amiss. Since a real virus infection would be a rather serious issue, I'd like someone else to confirm my results, since if it was a real infection, it would most likely originate from our system... But just to avoid undue panic, it would be good to be able to conclude this thread by saying that Amber is definitely not infected, considering that this topic is bound to draw attention to itself.
  4. Thanks, everyone, and sorry for not thanking you earlier. It's been a bit hectic with everything and not much time for hanging out here.
  5. Darios

    Various Amber Qs

    Actually, the easiest way is to just have her join your party and then edit her information in the save game with Shadowkeeper. If you want to change her stats by editing the .cre files, you'll have to do it before she joins you. The information regarding the characters in your party are contained in the save game files (can't remember which one of them exactly...) - after all, the cre files do not change as the game progresses and only contain the initial info for NPCs (the stats they have when they join you - which is also the reason for the four files; Amber's level upon joining your party is dependent on the level of your party and those four files represent different level versions of Amber).
  6. Re-recording is usually best, but not always possible. It is possible to remove clicks, but it can be a pain. I've removed some but not others - depends on how bad they are and how much you want to spend on software. But the volume is pretty easy to fix, anyhow. (@cmorgan - I was just kidding about the link... interesting stuff though. Sounds like the voicing is the least of concerns for that mod. Incidentally, the override folder is lowest priority according to the IESDP...) Unfortunately I came across it long after I would have needed it for modding purposes, but I have found ClickRepair (http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/software_download/clickrepair_info.html) to work quite well for removing clicks and pops from audio files without degrading sound quality. It is almost completely automated as well, so it is dead simple to use. The same author (http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/) also has a tool for removing continous noise (hiss, hum rumble), but I have not tried that one out. If we ever need to clean up hundreds of sound clips again, I will definitely shell out the $30 for that one if it is even half as good as the de-clicking one.
  7. Am I the only one who sees the possibility of finally bringing NPCs into IWD and using them to elaborate the main storyline with all kinds of side stories as the single most significant consequence of this project? Virgin territory for NPC mods.
  8. The error message you are getting means that your ACTION.IDS file does not have an entry for SetSequence, which is included with TOB. Since you have TOB installed, the only explanation I can come up with, is that one of the mods you have installed before Amber has either overwritten the ACTION.IDS file with a non-TOB version or for some reason modified it to remove the TOB actions from it. If only I knew which one...
  9. Cheers everyone. I guess I'm supposed to be officially old now...
  10. Darios

    3D Acceleration

    As far as the "whole game keeps stuttering" problem is concerned, I don't think there have been any cases where it actually turned out to be caused by Amber. There have been a few cases that were caused by somehow funked up installation (including Amber) and a few cases where the boots of speed / shapeshifting bug has been reported in connection with Amber, but there should not be anything in Amber's current version that would make the game more prone to stuttering. Of course anything can happen (and frequently seems to do so ) whenever mods are involved, but you should not let fear of stuttering keep you from trying out Amber, if you are otherwise so inclined. If you do know of reports indicating otherwise, we would be very interested in hearing about them, in case we can do something about it. And if you do get stutter with Amber, we'll of course be there to help troubleshoot the issue.
  11. Darios

    Amber Romance

    starting from line 2929 Yeah, a great way for messing things up. Seriously, it's not that simple. Why not start a multiplayer game and create two characters, one for romancing Viconia and one for romancing Amber? Double the fun with no need to feel stupid afterwards. Works fine and fits right in with NPCflirtpack, what exactly did screw up in your install if I may ask? It's never screwed up anything in my install, since I've never tried it. But having coded much of Amber's romance (although the conflict parts are mostly Meira's work) I know that there are all kinds of interdependencies between the various romance-related variables (certain values of one variable might require other variables to have a certain value, etc.), and those variables get manipulated and used also in various other places outside m#amber.baf. I'm not saying you could not get such a workaround to work, but there is definitely a larger-than-small chance that you'll miss some dependency and something will end up not working quite right. Might not be anything major, but might be enough to cause the romance path to loop or get stopped prematurely due to some variable having an unexpected value at some point. It's not without reason that we have a rather lengthy text file documenting the meanings of all the values of all the variables. And still we occasionally manage to screw things up while coding new stuff or tweaking what's already there. Amber's internal workings are quite a bit more complicated than those of Bioware NPCs.
  12. Darios

    Amber Romance

    starting from line 2929 Yeah, a great way for messing things up. Seriously, it's not that simple. Why not start a multiplayer game and create two characters, one for romancing Viconia and one for romancing Amber? Double the fun with no need to feel stupid afterwards.
  13. It's got to do with these rare moments, when you're in battle with a Red Dragon, two party members are dead, others are dying, and suddenly Keldorn bolts and turns yellow and starts running, and Xan stays in place, stoically casting Magic Missiles, and it's, like: "Hello? I've a feeling that something's very, very wrong..." In other words, if character's Morale Break is at 0, as Xan's was, he'll never turn yellow, just like player character, and you never get to hear his "running in fear" sound. Morale Recovery is "how long he's going to be running around in fear". But I'm probably stating the obvious. Oh yeah, I should probably rephrase and say that it doesn't seem to make any difference whether you set it properly or not, although of course it does, but only under very specific circumstances. You can very well leave the morale break to 0 and the NPC will still work fine (a bit too fine, in fact, as Kulyok pointed out). I guess it's been ignored mostly because no-one ever paid attention to those values and what they really mean (and I suppose many modders make the cre files by first creating a PC and then converting it to an NPC, which will result in an initial morale break value of 0). Since they are basically the same for all Bioware NPCs (I think), it doesn't really seem significant in terms of the characterisation of your mod NPC. Although they could very well be if they were seen as character stats like any others - NPCs could very well be made to behave differently under pressure. Do I smell a tweak mod here...
  14. Well, I don't think it's been all that widely acknowledged, so no need to feel bad. I don't think it actually affects anything in the game, which is probably why most people never paid any notice to it. We came across it when we found out that there is no explicit marker in the .cre file that would indicate whether a given creature is a PC or an NPC. When we were figuring out how to code the P2 romance, we needed one, so we went through the .cre files of Bioware NPCs and compared them to the cre of a PC included in a save game, looking at whether there was any parameter whose value would be consistently different for PCs and NPCs. The only thing we found were the morale values, which solved the problem for the Bioware NPCs. Unfortunately, not all that many mod-NPCs followed the Bioware convention, and that's why we needed the extra checks. But yes, we are all for publicising this little tidbit of information as much as possible, in the hopes that someone else somewhere would some day write another NPC romanceable by P2 for us multiplayers. What I should of course do, is to write a detailed P2 romance tutorial based on our experiences, but I really don't have the time right now...
  15. Great, thanks. If only more people took care of such details, we would not need that bulky checklist at all... But at least it will be one condition shorter in the next version.
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