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  1. Darios

    ToB news

    First of all, why would you ask *her*? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask the original authors (whose contact information – still valid – is found e.g. in the mod readme). Second, the mod is not "dead", but has been maintained here for all that time, complete with technical compatibility updates by the G3 staff. Third, she did not just create an "addon", but rather an altered version of the original mod, both removing content and adding stuff of her own that really does not represent Amber the way she was originally written. And fourth, she most certainly does not have – and has never even
  2. Darios

    ToB news

    Technically, a second PC in a multiplayer game, which is specifically not an NPC. The intention was to keep it from triggering for any NPC (original or mod), but since this required some quite tricky scripting due to the limitations of the original Infinity engine, it may not be completely foolproof in the case of mod NPCs if they don't follow some of the technical conventions of the original NPCs. Just to clear the issue and avoid any misunderstanding: no, Roxanne most definitely does not have our permission to host, much less alter or expand the mod (in fact the readme of the mod explici
  3. As Berelinde said, Amber will only get abducted by Bodhi if she is involved in a sufficiently advanced romance with the protagonist, so she should be safe with Player2. (If I am mistaken in this, I'm sure Meira will come along and correct me when she gets home.)
  4. The "quest" that leads to your party meeting Amber does indeed start in Athkatla. Have you already either rescued Viconia from the stake or condemned her to death? If you have, you should visit the less reputable areas of the city (Docks, Slums or the Bridge District), where you should overhear a pair of children discussing an interesting topic. And if you haven't dealt with Viconia yet, you should do that first and then visit the said areas. Also make sure that you have actually installed Amber by looking at your WeiDU log file.
  5. Darios

    Translating Amber

    Currently Amber is only available in English and German. If you wish to translate the mod, you should contact us via <amber(at)welho.net>. Please note that Amber contains a rather large amount of text (over 116 000 words*), so don't take up this challenge lightly. In addition, we would like to emphasise how important it is that the translator is decently fluent, not only in the language he/she is going to translate Amber to, but also in English. * With all code and manual line breaks removed (i.e. full pages of running text, at 36 rows per page and 55 characters per row, which is abo
  6. As Grim already pointed out, the answer is no. Pretty much the only assumption we make of Player 2 is that he is not a Bhaalspawn (and that he is travelling with the protagonist of his own volition). Talks that dealt with the protagonist being a Bhaalspawn in the Player 1 romance have been replaced with all new talks for Player 2.
  7. Since this thread still appears to be relevant and I can't recall having applied for the voicing yet (which doesn't mean that I haven't; if you've already found me unsuitable, please tell me:)), I thought I might just as well give it a try. I don't know if I can sound like anything you're looking for, but since I'm currently recording stuff for Amber's music and have everything set up for it anyway, doing 50 lines of voice acting wouldn't be much of a chore. If you're interested, just throw me a few sample lines (or point them out from the list on page 1) and I'll see how they sound. I could a
  8. A: First of all, some scripts in the mod use *SpellRES actions. Although you can technically use them with just SoA by adding them to your action.ids, we decided to play on the safe side. I think along the way there was also some other reason for requiring ToB (I think it might have been a ToB spell that I used somewhere), but I cannot remember it right now. At some point, when I go through everything once more, I might check whether we ended up using something ToB-specific or whether we could just have the mod append the missing SpellRES actions to action.ids (if they are not there already) a
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