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  1. Awww. I like Hugo Weaving. Don't be hatin'. I'm sticking with the blonde as well. As Jenova said, I think it still looks Drowish, while still having his dyed hair. But then, to each their own.
  2. Since my original post draws the line at eleven pictures, I'll post this here at the end. 11. 11. Alternate Rizdaer with dark-brown hair. Looks a bit like Elrond if he fell into a purple dye vat. I do rather like it though. Hmmm. Choices, choices. Well, to paraphrase in the immortal words of Arlo Guthrie, I've been doing these for a week, I can do 'em for another week. I'm not proud- or tired.
  3. I'm just going by the original character portrait under the profiles. It was a portrait that's all over the place as Drizzt and (I think) one of the alternates for Solaufein, with had hair very deliberately changed to yellow-ish, which was the color I was trying to match. If Domi wants it a different color, it can be changed. However, my aim was to get them looking as reminicsent of the what was under the character profiles as possiable while keeping with the IWD style. Anything else, such as changing the hair or skin colour, wasn't within the scope of what I was doing. If you want
  4. Thank you so much! With characters like this, getting the personality is really important to me. It's nice to know that people feel that I've managed it.
  5. No worries, brighter, light blue hair coming up!
  6. That's so weird. I'm not crazy about the Hildury one at all and I rather think Rizdaer was my best so far. Cest la vie. So when you say 'too human' do you want him prettier or smoother looking? I was mostly going by the IWD portraits, and it seems that they have drow save one, as kind of rough looking. For now I've edited him a bit, angled his eyebrows, made him look a bit crankier and like he wants to rip off arms, unbroke his nose, and emphasised his cheek bones a little more. Just tell me what else you need done to him.
  7. Thanks Domi. I don't know a thing about D&D monks, never played one in either game, so I'm glad she's alright.
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I'm glad you like them. Well, more of these certainly, I'll be updating the first post as I go until I, hopefully, finish the series.
  9. Just wanted to set up place for me to put these as I go, without spaming the 'Done, Doing...' topic. Hope you like them Domi, tell me if you want things about them changed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1.Jaemal, who apparently, stole Xan's robes at some point and grew his hair out. 2.Nord. I wanted him to look pretty much like a working fighter, so no shining armor. Kind of tarnished, kind of rough looking, tried to give decidely non-aristocratic look. 3.Salomeya. I wanted to get sexy without fantasy bikini babe. Lots of fur, probably from something very c
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