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  1. Valheru


    NEW progress reports on the mod will be posted at least every two weeks, more often when I am modding and not learning to mod
  2. Valheru


    It is settled, I think many people still want to see a mod like this so I will begin working on it, though it will most likely take about a year to do! I consider myself an intermediate DLTCEP user but have no experience with weidu whatsoever, so I have much to learn. Thanks I think I already have it, I have read the story basis on 'The Third Way' and although it sounds good I really want a mod that allows you to become a full member of the Cowled Wizards, the excuse will still be similar; "We are sending you to spellhold to kill Irenicus"
  3. Valheru


    I would not want to work on something that nobody is going to play, so people's vote would determine whether I 'want' to work on it. I cannot do this mod by myself either, so I would need other help, if Khayman is missing. I have made all references to the word mod lowercase!
  4. Valheru


    Hello everyone! I am sorry to say that I have had a very busy life and any thoughts about games altogether, let alone Modding have been pushed to the back of my mind. I see that this forum has been kept inactive witch gives me hope and despair at the same time. I thought that maybe Khayman has been waiting for me to get in touch with him which I have not... yet anyway or What if the project has been utterly abandoned?! I am willing to continue work on this mod now and will NOT abandon it again, however, I must know how many people want to see a mod like this created and also if people such as Khayman still wan't to help. I know I would have given up by now. I will give my apologies to all who were waiting for this mod to progress regardless.
  5. Valheru


    Thanks, your enthusiasm is appreciated. I suspect that we will indeed beging to work on the MOD very soon, I will make some plans with Khayman a.s.a.p.
  6. Valheru


    So far Khayman and I are still collecting resources and helpers. The MOD should begin construction in January 2005, hopefully...
  7. This topic will be pinned and will tell anyone who wishes to know of the progress with the MOD. I will update it when necessary so keep checking if you are intrested.
  8. Yes perhaps it could be something to work on in future....
  9. Yeah, umm my lack observing the obvious overwhelms me.
  10. Valheru


    Yes that was my idea, to make it a sort of add-on.
  11. Valheru


    I think it would be good to have some access to the stronghold in TOB because the expansion certainly lacks side quests so the answer will probably be yes on that one. Meaning that there would also be new quests aswell though I have no idea who the men sitting round a table at the end of SOA really are but they look like Cowled Wizards so there could be quests about them.
  12. I think it would be better if the Perils of Wisdom stayed seperate to the planar sphere.
  13. Why? could you imagine the PC waliking through the city and it suddenly goes beserk and starts killing people!! That is what would make it difficult and annoying. I think anyway
  14. This would be quite impossible because have everyone in Athkatla attack the PC would result in a herendous loss in reputation and would intefere with the non-linear quests in the game. It would, due to a reputaion loss cause the cowled wizards to hunt the PC and that would not not make much sense. I think the fact that the PC is a Bhaalspawn would need to be kept relatively secret. I think this would make the game seriously difficult (and annoying) to play. This, I think is a sufficient excuse. The PC is working for the Cowled Wizards after all.
  15. I thought of that but there is a MOD out at the moment called Planar Sphere MOD and in that you sort of join the Cowled Wizards through Teos so I do not wan't to look like we are copying or anything. I though the MOD could be a seperate stronghold so like others the planar sphere will not be available because lets face it, the Bhaalspawn is being used by the Cowled Wizards.
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