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  1. NEW progress reports on the mod will be posted at least every two weeks, more often when I am modding and not learning to mod
  2. Thanks, your enthusiasm is appreciated. I suspect that we will indeed beging to work on the MOD very soon, I will make some plans with Khayman a.s.a.p.
  3. So far Khayman and I are still collecting resources and helpers. The MOD should begin construction in January 2005, hopefully...
  4. This topic will be pinned and will tell anyone who wishes to know of the progress with the MOD. I will update it when necessary so keep checking if you are intrested.
  5. Valheru


    Yes that was my idea, to make it a sort of add-on.
  6. Valheru


    I think it would be good to have some access to the stronghold in TOB because the expansion certainly lacks side quests so the answer will probably be yes on that one. Meaning that there would also be new quests aswell though I have no idea who the men sitting round a table at the end of SOA really are but they look like Cowled Wizards so there could be quests about them.
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