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  1. Warning: the following is not really on topic I always thought of Bub Snikt as a somewhat obscure pop culture reference, sort of like the ones littered throughout Fallout 2 (released the same year, made by some of the same people). Marvel's Wolverine uses the name "bub" for just about everybody, and the onomatopoeic "snikt" always accompanies the extension of his claws. Granted, the character isn't an exact replica of him or anything, but still - mutant canadian superheroes in the FR? Perhaps, but not in my party, thank-you-very-much.
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    He's busy working on his doctorate, I believe.
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    There are some incongruences between the list in this thread and the one in the v12b3 readme, this one probably missed an update at some point. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Cam and CamDawg are the same person.
  4. I sent the 196 Mac builds off to thebigg earlier today, so I expect they'll be available quite soon. edit: it's available now, at http://www.weidu.org/~thebigg/WeiDU-Mac-196.zip
  5. WeiDU v195 for Mac was made available simultaneously with the Windows version, and I compiled a Mac version of v196 yesterday, so there's no problem there. If I understand correctly, "for Windows versions of Tutu only" simply means there won't be a copy of weidu-mac and an applicable .command file included? If so, Mac users may not even need to use TuMac - unless you've added .tiz and / or .ogg files since v11.
  6. It's September 1, but AFAICT no v12 beta is yet available. Has there perhaps been some unexpected delay? I've been consciously holding off on starting a new game until v12 is out, (as I'm sure many others have) and it would certainly be nice to get a status update.
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