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  1. Ken and I have recently released our Ayden Project mod (we're still waiting for a G3 release, but it's available elsewhere), and we are currently working toward releasing the next version with some major content updates, including some new areas.
  2. Yeah, we always start by studying the file formats and any relevant tutorials in order to understand how things work. I think we've managed to connect all the dots of how doors work, now it just comes down to execution and figuring out all the engine quirks.
  3. I'll give this a shot. I feel like it should work, but there will no doubt be a lot of frustration involved, as is usually the case with map making...
  4. I have an area where I would like certain parts to be passable or impassable periodically. Is there a way to dynamically block movement through a region on the map? I was thinking maybe an undetectable door that opens and closes via script. It has a blocking region and its own open/closed appearance, so that's convenient. Has anyone worked on anything with a similar effect? What was your approach?
  5. Skye

    HLAs in BG:EE

    Thank you. We will study those mods. If nothing else, we'll learn something new.
  6. Skye

    HLAs in BG:EE

    I see. This is poorly documented in IESDP too, then. Good to know if I ever decide to mess around with the table again. As long as all of us are a little bit wiser now, it wasn't a waste of time, I guess. I use that for certain parts of my mod, but it's not good enough for what I'm trying to achieve. I guess I'll look into modding the UI. Maybe I can achieve the same result with a custom panel and some Lua.
  7. Skye

    HLAs in BG:EE

    Doesn't do me any good. I also need the kit to start receiving HLAs very early, so it's not just about the ability table. You seem to be correct. The old BG:EE UI has the Abilities button. The SoD one does not. I suppose I could mod the button back in with a GUI mod. To answer some of my own questions: Despite IESDP saying otherwise, there seems to be no way to add a custom kit to LUNUMAB.2DA. As far as I can tell, the game ignores it. HLAs are theoretically available in BG:EE, but the GUI elements are missing in SoD UI and need to be added back in with a GUI mod. It is possible to define more than 24 HLAs in the LU*.2DA table, since the HLA screen is now scrollable and not just a fixed grid. The MIN_LEV field seems to behave strangely, at least with HLAs past the initial 24. Need to research it further. The rates in LUNUMAB.2DA can be decimals (0.5 seemed to work fine for 1 point/2 levels). At this point, unless someone knows something that I've missed, there doesn't seem to be any way for me to make a custom HLA progression for my kit, so this whole idea goes down the drain. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined...
  8. Skye

    HLAs in BG:EE

    We are attempting to make use of HLAs for one of our custom kits in BG:EE, with no success. The LUABBR.2DA has the correct suffix for the LU*.2DA file, we added the kit and set the correct values for it in LUNUMAB.2DA, but when a character levels up, nothing seems to happen. I tried to modify a standard thief's HLA gain rate in LUNUMAB.2DA and it just gets stuck at the level up screen, with no way to select an ability, but no way to finish leveling up either. In light of all that, I have the following questions: Are HLAs simply not available in BG:EE due to GUI limitations? Is there any way to enable them short of porting the entire game to BG2:EE engine? Can you even specify custom kits in LUNUMAB.2DA? It seems to disregard my entry entirely. Is it possible to specify more than 24 abilities in the LU*.2DA file or does the engine stop parsing at line 24?
  9. So, I did test my theory and it turned out to be true. I also needed to update the BAM indices manually since argent's functions don't really support image resources that use the same PVRZ page. Doing so does have the added perk of being able to name your PVRZ files whatever you want though, which makes things a bit easier to work with. LAF FIND_FREE_PVRZ_INDEX RET large_pvrz_index = free_index END COPY ~project/pvrz/icons_large.pvrz~ ~override/MOS%large_pvrz_index%.pvrz~ COPY ~project/bam/mybam01.bam~ ~override~ READ_LONG 0x001c data_offset WRITE_LONG data_offset large_pvrz_index Something like that works just fine. Of course, if the BAM file were to have multiple data blocks or PVRZ pages, one would need to do a bit more work.
  10. Yeah, what caught me off guard was that the script kept running after I had already left the area. That was just weird. But I do have a better idea of how trigger regions actually work now and I've completed the entire area without too much trouble.
  11. Looking at the source code, from what I can tell, it only makes a difference if your BAMs use multiple PVRZ pages. You can then foreach through all of your PVRZs and update their indices to the new block indices that you got from UPDATE_PVRZ_INDICES. So for small images, like spell icon BAMs, you're probably better off copying them by hand to reduce the amount of unnecessary code.
  12. Yes, I understand that, but INSTALL_PVRZ only modifies MOS####.PVRZ files as far as I can tell. You have to update the BAMs with UPDATE_PVRZ_INDICES, which makes sense, but then it should only be a matter of copying the PVRZ file to override with the correct name, so I don't see what the point of that action is. The documentation states: "This function copies the specified PVRZ file into the target folder and updates the PVRZ index." So how is that different from just doing COPY ~MOS1234.PVRZ~ ~override/MOS%new_index%.PVRZ~?
  13. But the whole point is that didn't want want my characters to jump. I know how to do cutscenes with jumps and waits; Jumps are easy. I wanted them to move organically, and jumps are not organic, so everything you've said in this thread is completely besides the point. I was asking for solutions to a very specific problem and you keep trying to tell me how to solve a completely different problem that I don't have any trouble with. I appreciate your input, as always, but unless you can offer a solution to the actual question, then it's just noise.
  14. How is any of that relevant? I know how to trigger the NPCs to go somewhere, but there's no good way of telling when the characters have reached that point within the execution of a single cutscene. I can't tell if you just enjoy playing clueless or if you're just making fun of me. Yeah, but the problem again is that you can only check conditions outside of a cutscene (i.e. within a cutscene lite), which would then require a slew of other triggers and checks just to account for all the nonsense that comes with that. I made it work in perfect conditions, but in reality, conditions are rarely perfect.
  15. Can anyone tell me what the point of the INSTALL_PVRZ action is? Is there relevant metadata written within the zipped PVR files? And why do you need to tell it what the original index was? I thought the page was defined by the filename. I'm just curious as to how this differs from simply copying the file to override with the correct page number in the filename.
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