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  1. Well, shit happens, you shouldn't be embarrassed about it. :-) For me the deal is to have some kind of dialog tree in which all the options appear for a specific line, cos otherwise I'll never know what is what. But hey, if Rosenranken comes back and you can save those PMs, it'd be even better! Let me know, in any case
  2. *Gasp* Damn, no I don't have them anymore either, but I thought you implemented them. :-/ I remember the need of more different and generic options for CHARNAME to reply in dialogs, because if you write very long sentences and ideas as a reply to what Ajantis is saying, the more you restrict CHARNAME's personality, and in the end it may not fit the character the player has thought out. Especially, there was one dialog (forgot exactly which, gah!) in which I told you that you should allow CHARNAME to just cry instead of saying anything at all (I think it was about Ajanti's parents'
  3. I'm extremely greedy and I want all 30 LTs. LOL! Jas, if you need a BETA tester for TOB too, I'll be more than glad to play it. In fact, I could play the whole BGT again, cos last time I played it was still in BETA and I know you added a couple of very nice dialog options hee hee!
  4. Sorry for not replying before! Well, thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like Rory! Ha! Too bad the toolset is such a HORRID tool, I could have made many more things in the mod, but sadly, a lot of it is a big hack As for our Ajantis... waiting patiently, but sometimes modders need encouragement! hehehe
  5. Dear Jastey, I just want you to know that I'm still following you to the realms of Bhaal, and that since I've finished Ajantis BG2 I'm stuck in order to start TOB properly, which I'm looking forward to do whenever Ajantis TOB is ready. If you have any info on that, it'd be awesome
  6. YAY! People is very happy already with the pre-release, but its always nice to have a final version (or "final, for now" version)
  7. There you go!! @3639 = ~[GARRICK 13] Es un bonito día en el vecindario.~ [%tutu_var%GARRK13] @3643 = ~[GARRICK 17] ¿Sí, señor?~ [%tutu_var%GARRK17] THAAAANKS!!!
  8. UPDATE: Confirmed. Its happening with full Spanish installs (with the spanish games and mods, that is), so its not only me. UPDATE 2: Even with the warning, the mod seems to function... check the screenies! http://www.clandlan.net/foros/index.php?s=...st&p=456615 ------------- IMPORTANT!!!!! My installation is quite unusual. I have Bg+totsc+bg2+tob in english, + all the other mods in english. I am only installing the bg1npc in spanish (I dont know if that makes any difference). I get this warning when i try to install the "player initiated dialogs" component:
  9. I put a post in the dlan forum so we'll get more testers. Ill let you know anything that they say! Hopefully its something like "OMG THIS ROCKS, IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!111" Thx!!!
  10. Oh! Well, yes % is "percent" (or "per cent" ), but you can change that to "por ciento de" (literally per cent of) Say: 50 por ciento de posibilidad de +1 punto de daño por fuego Especial: +20 por ciento de resistencia al fuego If in some line it says 50% de, then of course, you dont need to repeat that word to leave "50 por ciento de de" hehe. One thing, do you want me to fix that or you can fix it yourself in an easy way??? I mean, because id have to read all the tra files and change that manually, if i do a find and replace i can f*up some variable... :s
  11. The strings are all functional! no crashes or errors on install
  12. ...less than 200 lines left... bear with us... Tomorrow (or maybe today *crosses fingers*) ill be sending that "monster" EDIT: ALL DONE AND SENT!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 I wanna thank all the many translators and proofreaders for this project who did such a wonderful job! Also, I wanna thank the authors, even though they gave us enough work to cry blood ;D
  13. Okay, guys... the last 2 files are being translated... all the rest of the 128 (thats 126 ) are translated, proofread and fix0red... and therefore updated to v15. If you release a new version before you implement this translations... ILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!! hehehe Thx!!!!
  14. There are some files that are a nightmare, for example the setup... id REALLY like some help with that one... And others that dont appear here yet, like addial ? Some others change what its said in the line, so its not only a matter of having the same amount Thx!
  15. Great!! this is extremely helpful, when i peaked into the tra folder i wanted to die!!! I'll start right away. Our work is going very well both translating and proof reading, so it won´t take much longer Thank you very much, please keep on it, its great help!!! PS: please note that some files changed name, like, in BETA 3 we have: _NPCWAIT.TRA _RBALDU.tra bg1npc.tra CIFLIRT.tra CRNPC.tra and some others
  16. Okay... then on our side we'll do it like this... translate what we have now (and those are the files I sent you and you made the difference list up there), and then you can compare them again with the latest version of the TRA files when the final version is released. ...and we'll make the required changes and take it from there. The extra files that you have now, however, are being translated (the X#lp*.tra). Thanks!!
  17. Then basically its better if we just continue with the files as we have them (adding the new files) and then just wait for you to tell us the difference between the files we have now and the ones of the final release... I imagine if we keep making changes to the tras and you keep doing the same on your end, in the end everything's going to be a big mess! So... yeah, maybe its easier for us all if we keep on doing what we are doing and worry about this changes later? what say you, cmorgan?
  18. The light on his hair is perfect, I'm saying, however that the light on his face should be fixed Hope its a bit understandable hehehe
  19. Amazing work! I definitely support the idea of having these as primary and the nwn as alternate. However, an important note: The shadows of Diriel's portrait are wrong. Look how the light on his hair comes from the top-left. But on his face there is a strange light coming fully from the right-front side. Also, the light from the top-left on his hair should also shine on his left shoulder. Other portraits could also do with some shadow tweaking, but I guess its not that important. Hope it helps.
  20. ...ouch! its a lot! :s Thanks a lot for your efforts in helping us! A line by line comparison is DEFINITELY needed!! :s Cya
  21. Well, this mod made people rather curious and excited around dlan, so plz let me know so we can put our hands on the tras...
  22. ...I'm impressed! congratulations! PS: No tra file?
  23. Ive a small request... Can you give me the variables for RomanceActive for all the NPCs? So far ive only seen Xan's: X#XARomanceActive Im always a bit paranoid with the romances (some past experiences with romances ending unexpectedly) so im checking all the time. But for this case ive a thread over in clandlan with romance variables for other paranoid people (hee!) so i think they'll be interested Ill also appreciate a lot if kuliok also added the Xan variable for Xan BG2NPC Thaaanks PS: I voted Xan, cos it can be continued in BG2-TOB
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