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  1. Before I dive into posting an actual bug report replete with debug and my WeiDU log and all that, is SCS compatible with the new beta for Divine Remix? SCS v30 hung up on the HLA innate change which was frustrating but I figured I'd power through, but then I got to the AI improvements and it freaked out there as well. Nothing else I have installed should have modified spells extensively (I installed TobEX, but I can't imagine that would be a problem).
  2. nurgles_herald

    ToB news

    I'd say it's a pretty good bet that it will be done when it will be done. Which cannot possibly be soon enough, but won't be late enough as to disappoint.
  3. Well, I don't know how far you've gotten in the Half-elf Ranger Romance, but I, for one, would definitely appreciate a Hildury romance... or, at least, a full romance between Hildury and Sir Nord. Maybe it's just me, but people complaining about no "generic" romances should probably just play BG2. There are plenty of good elf priestesses there. Me? I want some half-orc lovin'. Edit: Or a Prachi romance. Again, this is dependent on how far you are on the new NPC, but I'm willing to guess that it would be a lot easier to add a romance to an existing character than make one up from scrat
  4. nurgles_herald

    ToB news

    Generally, I make it a rule only to play an NPC mod with SoA and ToB content... but, to be honest, I might have to break it for Amber. Only you can prevent forest fires! Release ToB!
  5. Huzzah! Looking forward to the release of Delainy- I understand that it's probably very far off, but this is good news, I take it, and that is enough to warrant a hearty "huzzah" from me!
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