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  1. Before I dive into posting an actual bug report replete with debug and my WeiDU log and all that, is SCS compatible with the new beta for Divine Remix? SCS v30 hung up on the HLA innate change which was frustrating but I figured I'd power through, but then I got to the AI improvements and it freaked out there as well. Nothing else I have installed should have modified spells extensively (I installed TobEX, but I can't imagine that would be a problem).
  2. Don't mean to necro, but I'm trying to set up TuTu before i have the next two days off and I am discovering the same problem. Is there a hotfix? I'm willing to fish around using notepad if instructions are given. EDIT: Or install an earlier version if so necessary. Just let me know what's up. The most recent SCS I have is v19, so I'd prefer something more up-to-date if it is available and works on TuTu.
  3. Hey folks, finally have a job and relatively stable real life so I'm loading up Baldur's Gate with every mod, bell and whistle I can find and I've been waiting for this mod since it existed as a whisper on the BG2:RE page. Any chance I can get a beta? Thanks!
  4. Under my current build, I can't revive Tyris at the Statue of Amaunator. Then again, I have a... lot of mods installed, to say the least, so it could be a compatibility issue, but I did run Bigg's fixpack so I was hoping that I'd eliminated that as a cause for problems.
  5. So I bribed up Suu and killed Sawara (not too difficult, even with SCSII installed), but his fox hostiled me and now it appears that I'm stuck in his little pocket dimension/home forever? Or is there an exit I'm missing?
  6. nurgles_herald

    ToB news

    I'd say it's a pretty good bet that it will be done when it will be done. Which cannot possibly be soon enough, but won't be late enough as to disappoint.
  7. Try downloading a new version of WeiDU. Make sure that IWD2 isn't open then you're installing the mod. And all that jazz.
  8. nurgles_herald

    Second time

    Yeah. Amber is imba romance track. Makes most of the other romance mods out there look lame as all heck. I blame Corvis.
  9. BG1NPC makes the original BG1 boring. BG2 makes every other game ever made boring. It's a cruel world, after all. But yeah, you should just play with BG1NPC. It has its detractors but, for the most part, it's a quality enterprise, and makes the two games much more coherent and comparable in party interaction.
  10. Not really 100% related, but are you going to work on some Crossmod Banter pack stuff once ToB is up and going? Hubblepot is just too awesome to do a run-through without, and I frequently rely on Kelsey to blow shit up, Amber is by far one of the most realistic romance paths out there, and I generally have more quest mods than Jews have commandments. I guess what I'm trying to say is: if there's any more Amber content we can wring out of you, we will. Even if we have to resort to banters with Goo.
  11. There was an idea for Raelis Shai and/or Haer'Dalis. I'd like to necro that idea. By which I mean revive, not have sex with it now that it is dead. Also, Adalon. Replaying underdark, and I *still* find her ability to kill my party with her super dragon powers incredibly erotic. Also, she's giant and silver and can shapechange in to anything. That's only sort of sarcastic.
  12. I was so tempted to vote "Buh." It just has a certain poetry to it. But, in the end, I had to vote "Yes!" I'm not super likely to play Sarah ToB in the next six months, but eventually summer break will come, and with it endless hours of BG2 playing. And, in the meanwhile, people like mods. Especially when they get finished.
  13. Well, I don't know how far you've gotten in the Half-elf Ranger Romance, but I, for one, would definitely appreciate a Hildury romance... or, at least, a full romance between Hildury and Sir Nord. Maybe it's just me, but people complaining about no "generic" romances should probably just play BG2. There are plenty of good elf priestesses there. Me? I want some half-orc lovin'. Edit: Or a Prachi romance. Again, this is dependent on how far you are on the new NPC, but I'm willing to guess that it would be a lot easier to add a romance to an existing character than make one up from scratch.
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