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  1. Well, with Sword Coast Strategems, missle weapon enemies tend to target your mages anyway; so long as they are in range. In my tutu install, my day-night cycles are screwy. I thought it was just a local problem I had. Save your game to see what time it is (I think that only-appearing-at-a-certain-time is handled by a game clock rather than daylight.) I seem to recall my party appearing in marching order, but I only had one mage to defend (and enough melee power to send one character after each opponent.) That bastard-sword-a-rang is worth the trouble, though. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  2. Hi there. I had a similar problem just a couple of days ago. According to the readme, she only appears at night. I tried waiting a while (resting) and searching about. The readme says she's at 3417.974; not that I know how to activate co-ordinates in Tutu ; but I still couldn't find her. I just got impatient and CLUA'd her in: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("X#SEASN") (This is in the readme, too. I looked it up when I had trouble.) It worked for me; the quest worked normally. So try resting until night and looking again; or the console.
  3. Just to clarify: I agree that the new version of AI tracking when it comes to invisible party members is better. That wasn't meant as snark. As for the liches, I can certainly understand what you mean; shadowkeeper at least shows them knowing 6 9th level spells, which would make them ... a 35th level specialist mage. But, like pre-buffing, if there were room to agree to disagree (ie optional install) then more people would be happy. Well, I'd be happy; and something as simple as an on/off switch (ie they get nothing or everything) would still be a pretty big customization option. I had thought stealth might have been a tall order. Maybe, if you wanted to take the time to code it, you could add something to thieves if they're scripts aren't already massive, so that they could use their detect illusion ability on the PCs. I noticed the thief in the underdark adventuring party (where you get the Dragon's Breath halberd) doing something like that. Edit: Thanks for taking time from your holiday to answer. I always play with SCSI, and I appriciate all the work you've done.
  4. Is this right? With the ToB level cap a mage maxes out at level 31, 4 levels lower than a 35th level lich. Base dispel % = 50%, deducting 10% per level difference = a 10% chance of dispelling. Not high, but not "immune" either. Admittedly, for a mage to be hitting the ToB level cap in SoA in a party-based game would be a tall order. But if you have "more consistent Breach" installed, you should be able to breach liches anyway (although you will still have to remove other spell protections for the Breach to take effect). No, I am wrong and you are right. But still, at the very tippy top of the XP cap, dispel does have a small chance to work (unless you're an inquisitor in ToB). But 10% hardly seems like a workable combat tactic, so the spell is not a practical one for the PC to use. Thanks for the spell advice. The only thing is, it can be a pain to go lich hunting, as the high level spell protection removers are hard to come by. You can buy pierce magic (level 6 one), and get a warding whip from the planar sphere, but I wasn't sure if they are enough. You could also go far enough into watchers keep to get Spellstriking wands too. By the way I have tried fighting liches with the component installed. I just finished my game yesterday, and even with a party led by a character I soloed Tutu with (and thus who got all the NPCs to spawn at their highest level), I still had half my party not hit the XP cap, including my mage, who was level 30 at the final fight. When I don't solo Tutu, I usually have between 6.5 - 7 million XP by the end. Thanks for the idea, Raj. I might do for my next runthrough, although I'll miss the XP . I still think it would be great for the lich bit to be an optional component, though.
  5. Can I weigh on on this, late as I am? As to the reputation rewards for the various quests. I'm not sure if they are such a big deal. If this were BG2, where people seem much harder to please and reputation rewards are harder to come by, it might be too much. But in the basic BG1 game, there are tons of reputation rewards for little things, like - saving a dead cat from a waterfall - saving one, entire tree - kicking down a gnome woman's front door, and agreeing to bring her son a necklace - kicking down a gome man's front door, and bringing him his deceased friend's dagger - bringing one lazy old guy a book for sale (for 2 gold) across the street etc Maybe the reputation reward for the quest in candlekeep is a bit much, seeing as how a lawful good character can then hit popular before they even leave their home, which does seem weird. But the others I thought fit well enough.
  6. Well, after a long break, I've given the BG series another go, and seeing as how SCSII went through six versions of revisions since last time, I installed that too. Thanks for the "no neutral prebuff" option. I really don't think I could have played through again watching the Sigil Troupe put on their play in full arcane kevlar. Thanks also for the "enemies don't always know where the party is, even if they have never seen them" tweak as well. I like to use thieves, and having enemies bull rush my distant party after my thief backstabs then gulps an invisibility potion was really cramping my fun. First, I had a rather significant bug with the "do watchers keep between SoA and ToB" component, though. In my current playthrough, I had brought Yoshimo along. When I went to Watcher's Keep in chapter 3, the game transferred to Throne of Bhall, and Yoshimo was killed and removed from my party. Maybe there could be a different way to go about this component? Like a dialogue option with Queen Ellesime at the ending ceremony or something? Secondly, I also noticed a couple of things that I'd like to comment on. First and easiest, one of the miscellaneous encounters improvements removes the arrows of dispelling from the game. Shouldn't this be an item tweak for the item section? Some of the enhancements look like fun, but those arrows will be the only anti mage defence that certain party builds will have (multi class heavy party, a party without an Inquisitor, a party with a PC who is of a class with a stronghold quest - the quest they're likely to try first - made much harder by the smarter mages, etc.) Thirdly, the 35th level liches. Thirdly indeed, as my post seems to be the third thread in a row alluding to the fact that these guys are just too much for a game where you start off 7th level and, for mage, ranger, and paladin characters, never get as high as 35th level (or only do so in the last couple of gaming hours for most others.) These guys are way too much. Buffing liches to 35th level gives them the following powers they don't normally get: -they are immune to turn undead. Well, not totally immune, but close enough. Yeah, that makes them easy, but it seems rather harsh to begin removing their undead weaknesses willy-nilly while leaving their strengths (immunity to certain spells, super saving throws, etc) intact. -they are immune to dispel/remove magic cast from any pc controlled mage ever. -they are immune to dispel magic cast by any cleric or bard below 6 million xp or so. -their own dispel/remove magic spells will pretty much always work. -they are immune to the dispel magic of any SoA level inquisitor. It's pretty clear that liches were meant to be fought by SoA parties. In fact, there's a lich in spellhold the party might not be able to avoid. Even without the hardest monster spawn, a PC at about 16th level or so (based on my personal experience, not sure the exact level needed) will trigger the spellhold lich. As it stands now, I would need a lunar sized chunk of cheese to beat the spellhold lich with a 16th level party, and I can handle the SCSII human(oid) mages without too much trouble (at least for that part of the game.) It would be great if the liches could be made an optional component as well. Or even if they could be given new mage scripts without the level buffing (except that one poor schome set at 11th level. Yeah, he should be 19th level at least like his buddies.) As it is I had to make copies of all the lich .cre files, install the mod, and then put my copies back in the override folder. One last thing, I suppose. It would be great if mages/clerics cast divination spells in relation to if they can hear your stealthed or invisible characters. Setting the rate from 100% to 25% was nice, but it doesn't seem fair that you can have Korgan chug a potion of invisibility and clomp around in full plate, and be detected only as often as a thief who the player took the time to build up a decent move silently rating. A mage should always be able to hear the former, and only hear the latter if they don't make a move silently check. That would be a lot of effort to code, I imagine, but it would make thieves still feel like thieves, while not allowing a player to charge at NPC mages or clerics with a bunch of invisible fighters in full plate armor, and having this WORK 3/4ths of the time. That's all, really. Happy holidays.
  7. Mahokenshi

    ToB interjections

    Perhaps not just the tieflings. There are a couple of places in the Blood War level of Watcher's Keep (which I think is level 3) where she might have something to say; like the gambling cambion, etc.
  8. Thanks for the reply. You're right in that I did get a lot of my info about NPC's by crtl-q'ing them into my party. I think I said I did so for one of the theives. The yuan-ti mages show up as 15/15 fighter/mages that way. The Helmite shopkeeper also shows up as "stoneskinned" in a ctrl-q (I had thought it was an ironskin myself at first.) The invisible yuan ti wouldn't be a big deal; it's just that the one of the thralls says that something along the lines of "oh, dear, invaders" upon sighting you; which suggests this group wasn't aware of you yet. I wouldn't have minded of she hadn't had anything to say - because it does make sense they'd hear the first two fights. Maybe just alter the line a bit? As for the toughest spawn component; I actually installed most of the mod for my gameplay, and then unistallled bits of it as I ran up into a lot of trouble. The mind flayers in the sewers, for instance, were just not for me. I gave them a go; managed to beat them, and took your advice to uninstall. "Thoughest monster spawn" used to be the only component from tactics I used (just to get a bit of extra XP, and to ensure that the statues carrying Foebane and that electrical Ninja-to in watcher's keep would spawn if I got there early to buy stuff/get the ammo belt.) I kept it out of force of habbit. I mention the potential low level of Bards because, with up to 6 Yuan-ti mages, a deamon, and the cambion; that place can be rough with every component installed. Maybe too rough for a new Bard just cutting his teeth. The female thrall is stoneskinned? There are two there in the Yuan-ti room. One's a mage and the other is the fighter looking type wearing splint mail, guantlets of weapon expertise, and carrying the famous Kundane short sword (the one with the "secret" bonus attack per round.) I tried to stab Ms. Kundane. And I mentioned her not being a barbarian because I'm pretty sure I ctrl-q'ed her as well, and she read as "fighter." She didn't look all that mage-ish; nor did she seemed stone skinned. It's hard to see her though; is she facing AWAY from the snakes in "front" of her? That would do it; and it's hard to tell from the screen with the snakes in the way. She took normal damage from Fade's attack, by the way. I should have said that. As to the fighter thieves; I didn't know what they were in the origional game. I only "peek behind the DM screen" when I think I'm being had. It was the giant strength potions that set me off. Imoen, Nalia, and Jan can't do that. Yoshimo can, but if you dual him right away it'll still take a while for his fighter levels to catch up (perhaps too long... ) So it's either make a fighter/thief PC or download someone like Amber or Valen. Speaking of cheating, please don't make me download Valen ... It was just a knee jerk reaction of "hey, I have to put up with Fade's thief limitations, and all these shomes get giant strength potions? What gives? They're all multi-classed humans? Why?" What about potions of power for them anyway; just to fit with their idiom (I think they help with steath skills as well)? Yes, by "similar comments" I ment several comments about the stoneskin thing, as well as a comment somewhere about a player sending a well buffed sorcerer, and I think his skeleton warrior friends, after some beholders, only to have the beholders rush at his far-away party (akin to my all knowing yuan ti.) And, first thing last, the "trash talking", as I called it. It just felt like a case of "Ha! We new, improved mages are so awesome that we don't have to roll dice to detect your stealthy character!" I must have just been really unlucky, because in both games it seemed to happen to me all the time. Fade had to resist quite a number of true sights. It happened so often that I'd send her in, have the bad guys waste a divination spell, pull her back, send her in again, have them waste another, repeat until they stopped casting them, and then sent in my invisible party ... . That's how I beat the sewer party, right out of Irenicus's dungeon. If you want to make the game harder, remove the cloak of non-detection. I abuse that thing more than the Robe of Vecna (which I usually just give to Aerie for faster cleric spells; those things take forever to cast.)
  9. Mahokenshi

    ToB news

    News on the Amber mod? Then there is great rejoicing. Yay. I agree with others; i say just release the whole thing in one go when it's done. If you'll have time to work on it over the summer, then do that, rather than coding up piecemeal bits of it for release.
  10. Well, I wasn't going to bother with this, but seeing as how this topic is on the go and all... . The parts of this mod that do as advertised are great. Enemies act more intelligently, etc. But in spite of this, I just had to uninstall it so I could enjoy the game again. One of my biggest issues was the trash talking mages do. They automatically detect your stealth characters no matter what their move silently skill is, and then berate you for being such a cheesy player as to even attempt stealth. I played as a thief for 2 of the 3 games I completed, and I always bring along an active class thief (Jan, PC, or a mod). Having Ribald trash talk his best customers just because you have the Staff of the Magi equipped, or that invisibility spell is still active wasn't fun. It would be funny if, for instance, the mages friends poked fun at their arrogance. So if you equip the cloak of non detection on a thief, and the mages divination spell fails to reveal you, his companions take the piss a bit. A short conversation could trigger between the mage and his companions, and a thief character could go around and "collect" them all. That would be fun. Being insulted for taking a thief along isn't. On a related note, mages shouldn't automatically know when they need to cast divination spells. Building up a thief's move silently skills should have the proper pay off. Also, the constant stone skinning of non-hostile characters I found to break the immersion for me. I can't imagine that you had a rash of players bull rush the Sigil troupe after their play. And seeing them perform it while stone skinned was just silly. Seeing the Helmite cleric shopkeeper at Watcher's Keep cast stoneskin was a bit too much. I cheated her into my party just to be sure a single class cleric had cast stoneskin. Would it be a lot of work to remove the "everybody just get stoned" script from non-hostile mages in non-dungeon areas? I can see the sewer party mage, Tolgeris, and several others with that combat protection active. The party might constantly have stoneskin active because they are actively adventuring. But people living their day to day lives (such as the Sigil troupe, Mencar Pebblecrusher's group relaxing in their posh inn room, etc) shouldn't be doing that. The real killer for me, in every sense of the word, was that the Yuan-ti in the planar prison were a bunch of cheaters of the worst sort. To start off, remember that the planar prison is the Bard stronghold quest, and that this stronghold is one of the longest to complete, so Bard PCs will likely go there early. To start off, the Yuan-ti mages are all level 15/15 fighter/mages. A PC would need a Throne of Bhaal level XP total to match them. My party at the time was a Berserker 13(inactive)/mage 11, Keldon (10), Aerie 11/10, and Fade (mod teifling theif, 13). I beat the bounty hunter group with little difficulty, as well as the three thralls in the next room. Oh, my. Here it starts. I rushed into the room, just to test the waters and all that. The Yuan - ti won easily. Reload. I sent in just Fade, sealthed. First off, the three Yuan - ti mages weren't there. I thought that was odd, as I had the hardest monster spawn turned on. Oh, well, I think, and have Fade backstab the female thrall. The backstab didn't work. I didn't miss, I was standing right behind her, she's not a barabarian, I didn't get the "backstab ineffective message," nothing. It just Didn't Work. In pen and paper we call that GM fiat. While playing, I called it ... much worse than that. Then the Yuan -ti mages appear. They were invisible, in spite of the fact that the female thrall's dialog makes it clear this group wasn't aware of your presence until just now. So they were just chilling, hanging out in a secure prison where there probably hasn't ever been uncontrolled violence, with a metagammed invisibility spell active. Yay. So Fade gulps an invisiblity potion and the Yuan - ti ... all run off and rush my party, who were waiting on the other side of the map and who the Yuan - ti had never seen in their lives, with the mages dimension dooring right on top of Aerie and Keldorn. The Yuan - ti won easily. Reload. Same tactic, this time I cast invisibility on everyone in my party, put them at the very back of the starting chamber, and sent in Fade, hoping to backstab at least that nasty greater Yuan - ti. They bull rushed my party again. My invisible party. With the mages teleporting right on top of Keldorn and Aerie, then casting true sight. The Yuan - ti won easily. Reload. As you can see, the Yuan - ti are winning, due in no small measure to the fact that they have about 4 000 000 XP apiece for the three battle mages, and that they are using everything that the game engine knows about my party location against me. By now I was quoting Samuel L. Jackson. Enough is enough. So again with the invisiblity. I buff to the gills - everything I can cast gets cast. Fade lays all her traps a our feet. We rest until she gets seven down on the floor. Fade hides and runs to the Yuan - ti room, using are brand new boots of speed and an oil of speed. After she's there, my PC and Aerie cast every skull trap they can through the two halls and empty room between them and us. Fade backstabs a random Yuan - ti with its back turned. And it starts. The Yuan - ti mages decline to teleport to my party. Because, you see, they can detect my traps. From the other side of the map. Without thief levels or cleric spells. They are cheating. The yuan ti footsoldiers and one of the mages do, however, rush through all the skulltraps on their mission to attack a party they don't know is there and can't see. They die. One mage parks itself JUST outside the range of the traps it can't see and starts casting. Against only one of them, and with three party members who can debuff, I manage to beat it. The last mage casts a spell, and then spends the rest of its round throwing meteors at my PC. I run in a circle, luring the thing into the traps. It dies. I finally win. This is likely to be the first big mission players with Bard PCs play. And I won't bother writing about the two hard fights in there. One last little thing. Every hostile thief seems to cheat. I lost a fight to the four thugs that sometimes appear outside the Aran's guild house in the docks. I noticed they were drinking hill giant strength potions. As I was painfully aware that my party's thief can't do that (without Use Any Item,) I reloaded and ctrl-J'd one of them into my party. He was (so I guess they all were) multi-classed human fighter thieves. So were all of Mae'var's guys (except the cleric). Now in 3rd edition of D&D, it's a small matter for a thief to take a few levels in fighter. In 2nd edition; it isn't. And all the joinable NPCs in the game, as well as the PC character generation, is done according to 2nd edition rules. So the random thugs are backstab monsters, while the PC is stuck with a traitorous drifter and a turnip salesman. Why not keep them thieves, buff their levels a bit, and give them potions of power instead? That would be more thiefy, have a similar effect on their thaco (I don't think strength bonuses get multiplied in a backstab), and be something the PC's party could easily duplicate. Some fights were very fair and doable. I took down the guarded compound crew without Fade in my party, and with my breserker levels still inactive. They had HLA's and everything. Got them on the first try. I have trouble with these guys in an unmodded game. It was hard, but they played fair. The same goes for the sewer party fight. And of course most of the mod's battle content was fair. Potions, spell selection, etc were all done very well. And SCSI was a joy to play through. My Berserker/Mage soloed through BG1, as a Berserker, with that mod installed. My only complaint there is that the two dukes, Liia and Belt, should be given at least the same generic fighter and mage scripts that every other high level adventurer in that game gets. Sure it makes the palace fight a bit easier, but it's only fair to have these two be at least as competant as everyone else. Without a relsilant sphere spell, I had to cheat in a few of Lord Ao's lightning bolts to save them with my solo Berserker. But, due to the reasons I outlined, it just wasn't for me. I was going to just keep my observations to myself, but I saw this thread, with similar comments to my own, so I thought I'd speak up.
  11. Cheers. Optional summoning sounds like a good trade off. And I'm sorry if this was the subject of another thread; I thought I checked for a similar thread... . As for the joinable NPC mages and deamons, I really wasn't being serious, as you could probably tell. I for one wouldn't even want that power; even with an evil conjurer PC. I'd rather earn power (as a character) and overcome challenges with the resources I have now (as a player) instead.
  12. Hi there. I just began a playthrough or two of the BG series, and I'm using, among other mods, SCS for both BG and BG2. One of my games is with a Chavalier PC. Now it would go to follow that I would be using the improved daemons component. I would like to, but I was wondering if in future versions it would be possible to give the daeomons all the cool new powers, but make the "see through protection from evil" component optional. Yes, I know that it would make them far easier. But the idea of the divine power of a good deity protecting a mortal from supernatural evil is pretty rooted in tradtion (and 2nd ed game mechanics.) Besides, if all these mages make pacts with deamons, well, that's a lot of new cannon fodder for the blood war. Didn't any of these mages play through Planescape: Torment? Surely an epic level mage would know the risk. And for every Dr. Faustus wannabe, there must be a dozen far more sensible mages out there. I could see most liches striking a pact, as their immortal soul is rather hard to steal (and would be a real prize if a deamon could get it.) But a ton of NPC mages making this deal? And none of the joinable NPC mages. Lawful Evil, Red-Wizard-of-Thay Edwin probably has lunch every weekend with Pit Fiends anyway. And HaearDalis, of all people, unable to control deamons in the same fasion? He can cast gate-related spells from scrolls, or even from memory if you use Rogue Rebalancing, or the PnP bard spell progression of the Tweak Pack. There should be a small chance - say 1/10th his lore skill, for any given gated deamon knowing him personally, and ungating itself rather than attacking its favorite actor. I can see why taking away the protection from evil immunity would make for a bigger challange. But making every Joe Mage immune to his own gated deamons is a big game world change. Even epic level casters should fear to gate in these things. Look what can happen to Ardulace and Phaere - and they're not exactly incompetent spell casters. And Inquisitors gain that much more ground over Chavaliers as THE Paladin kit to pick (even with reduced levels, that dispel is nasty.) If it could be made an optional feature, like the mind flayers' damage resistances, well I'd be happy. Or maybe an option to make it lich only as well. Liches, after all, believe their souls to be safe. And deamons would love to end up with slaves with lich-like spellcasting experience. If not. Well, the SCS mods are hands down the best tactical challange mod writing I've come across. Cheers for revamping the BG series!
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