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  1. I will! Last exam today, and then three weeks of vacamation. How's that for a birthday present?
  2. He did not. However, there was a lot of 'it's not necessary at the moment' noise, from the last time I asked Andyr about it. Not that this is any excuse, but!
  3. Squim Greeker, I think I'm now dumber for having watched that. (It was pretty damn funny, though.)
  4. Happy birthday, Mr. Dawg. If it makes you feel better, while you are getting older, the rate at which you do so is, in fact, not accelerating.
  5. Thanks, KIrving. not belated, it's still the right day for me! and thanks, Ice. Thanks, everyone, all over again.
  6. Oh, eesh. /me smacks self. Thanks Evaine, too. So many festivities, so much senility! and Tashia. ^_^
  7. @ Rob: Thanks! I get a full-on band for my birthday, I see! rock on. @ Domi: awww. shucks. @ cliffette: thankies! @ Seif: old age makes you blind, I find. @ jester: no worries. I'll get plenty of bad singing later, I'm sure of it. @ meira: thankies! @ Andyr: heheheh. You need to give recording that line with a Texas accent a go. @ Grim: thankies! @ Alar: thankies, thankies!
  8. Chaotic Good Elf Bard Ranger Follower Of Hanali Cenanil nice if I actually PAID ATTENTION BEFORE I POSTED THE FIRST TIME.
  9. No worries, Cam. And yeah, it definitely is a cheat. But if you are going to cheat, then go for the gusto, yeah?
  10. Cross-species prosletyzation. I'm not so much thinking this is what 'a voice crying in the wilderness' was meant to be interpreted as...
  11. Cute little game. A couple spots where it's like, "Oh, geez, that's... not something any sane person would think of!" but overall, entertaining.
  12. Gwaaah. Those articles all make me faintly woozy. And I'm taking a Nutrition class right now, so I'm sitting here thinking about what that would do to your blood glucose and blllaaaaarrrgh.
  13. Cheat Commandos, rock rock on! (The Cheat reminds me of a yellow gibberling, etc.)
  14. I was going to try and make some kind of excuse for him, but really. It's Grim.
  15. Heheh. You link me to something like the quacking thread, and you *don't* expect me to revive it? Mister Squeaker, I thought you knew me better than that.
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