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  1. Heh, looks like Direl is up to no natural good again it seems. Looks nice, Neferit... and I'll voucher a third for the lack of sleep being a killer. I honestly don't even remember what I was working on, and I think I didn't get a good score for the project... and this is like after almost 14 hours of hellish travel and such. hm, Rizdaer... going through his romance has been, interesting and inspirational, and hell, he taught me a thing or two; so credits are deserved there to his author. Might be back later with a fanart for a scene between Rizdaer and the PC that stands out in
  2. Just a sidenote about the whole blood elves with green eyes and so on, and a warning this may sound nerdy of me According to available information non-blood elves that remain as High Elves have blue eyes instead of the green of their demonically charged brethern. Night elves (similar to Drow only they've got red eyes) have white misty like eyes. From what I can tell, the green eyes is a side effect of an addiction to highly chaotic demon magics (the fire stuff), this is probably due to the fact the other part of their former society used water based magics and the like. Can't rea
  3. Oh, yeah, Faldorn is not Shar-Teel, but in its way, I think she'll be harder to make believably romanceable, even if her age is left out of the discussion. I knew where I was going with Shar-Teel, and what could possibly work. With Faldorn, apart from failing to concieve/misscarriage story lines... I don't want to go there, I think. See, for me to become interested in the romance, I need a story-arc, a hook, and I don't think Faldorn provides an angle I haven't worked before. Well I'll just add in one perspective as to the lack of a proper romance for Faldorn, too many "grr's" to write
  4. Looks like awhile since someone posted here, but nonetheless. Loved it, especially the bathe one, hehe, plenty of teasing makes it even more worthwhile. And waddya know, it also provided inspiration, thanks.
  5. I'm behind you Bri, can't wait to see this project come to fruition.
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