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  1. Amazing what can go right for the guys that used to try and kill female PCs, only to get down to that later on in the next life... lucky bas--- err, nevermind, I said nothing I swear! ... yet. A pity the Imoen idea is already out and about... wait, I didn't say *pity* did I? Argh!
  2. Watchout for Pineapples and Coconuts. hmm... I'm sure something else was with that, but eh.. me forgets already. Have a great time Domi!
  3. Hmm, it is possible under some circumstances, although a half-orc being denied access to the Adventurer's Mart when they deal in all the planer stuff and so on is a bit unusual an idea so I wouldn't recommend that one. Some of the NPCs that do comment on an NPC of your group's race sometimes ignore the fact you may be of the same race or more (ie: elf, half elf), but like Kulyok said, it'd be too generic to go down that path. More reputable stores may be less willing to sell goods, or if in the case of an inn, give a room to half-orcs or another species that are not well liked in the region or by the NPC proprietor in question. Coercing the storekeep (intimidate, or charm) or bribing them may allow services to be rendered... if begrudingly. In respective cases: Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast Half Orcs are tolerated, Drow, duergar and possibly tieflings wouldn't be. In Amn elves are looked upon suspiciously after the Council of Six spread propaganda during the time of their accension to Amnish leadership. Half Elves are seen as elves by humans but the opposite case in the eyes of a full blood elf. Halflings are also generally dismissed as either flighty or thieves by the human working class. Icewind Dale: Drow and duergar are not exactly tolerated, but not as bad as elsewhere. Half-Orcs are very likely to meet resentment or hostility because of the long generations of war with orc clans in the region. Hope some of this helps.
  4. Sorry that was me, forgot to log in.
  5. Late! Late! LATE!!! Ok now that I'm done panicking: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEIRA!! Sorry for the late arrival, getting tied up is a pain (um... NOT IN THAT WAY!) Tis your birthday party Meira, you can be as late as you want. ^^
  6. Solar's Harper

    Where is she?

    The kids that start up Amber's prison quest randomly spawn at a number of locations in Athkatla, except the docks, temple, city gates or graveyard districts I think. Sometimes they take longer than other tries, but eventually they show up.
  7. Mine died last week. Eh, but I barely used it anyways these days. Gotta sign up with a new company while I'm at it... only when the damnable contracts get better though.
  8. Or leave the game paused, game days do not advance the time between talks. It's the real time meter which is in charge of that. Try leaving the game paused for... roughly 15 minutes or so, and something new might appear, especially if you have the banter pack's accelerators installed. Edit: Wait, I misread. Well aside from waiting I can't really suggest much else at the moment, I'll update later if I find another solution.
  9. *shakes head* I seriously misinterpreted the title of this thread... and found something better inside it. Great to hear, Gabby. And yes, awesome work.
  10. Well he does note that Drow would be worthy allies in his fight against humanity and civilisation. For me that happened around the events of Shanegarne Bridge, otherwise he just totally ignored the Drow PC. And I think there is a mod around somewhere that does allow for a Lloth cleric choice, but I haven't tried it out for myself yet so I wouldn't know for sure. Ok, NPC initiated flirts... Well I have no idea how "accidents" could happen on the part of Diriel - like tripping into the PC and coming into contact with her pretty, well, awkwardly. He seems sorta too collected to pull those off effectively. But I could be mistaken. Mmf, where's the hat trick when you need it?
  11. I have NO idea how I managed to get this. Just seems in total contradiction to my nature. <.< Well, except maybe the goodness bit.
  12. Nice to see CC finally joined up. ^^ Although I am suprised you didn't add: *glomp* in there with Jaemal and Diriel mentioned so often. Anyways, my vote goes to Rizdaer. He's pretty intriguing as a character, a versatile fighter, and his romance in my opinion has got to be one of the best I've seen in some time. Well its either that or I have a love for the Drow as well... which is weird because the darthiir and tieflings usually get bonus points from me if likeable, and Tiefling females especially so. Uh oh, I'm fantasizing again! *cough* Personally I found bringing Nikosh around, party balance wise didn't really flow well with things. Multi-classing Salomeya was a definite no-no, since her skills became reduntant that way. Personally I don't mind the halfling all that much, and he is somewhat amusing; but yeah, his stats and my playing style just didn't match. Either way, I'm more in favor of another rogue class, that is not a bard. Again, I vote 1 for Rizdaer! And yes, brillant work Domi. If it wasn't for this project, I'd possibly not even look at IWD2 ever again... not after all the nonsense that I put up with from a non-NPCProject version.
  13. xD Seldarine forbid that it happens the other way around though. ^^ Hm, some druidy idea... Flowers have already been suggested, ummm... bleh, I'm running out of ideas too! Hm, food sharing is suggested already I think. Perhaps his love for the great cats like the cheetah or lion could be used in a flirt? Only substitute that a little with the two love birds? Meh, I have no idea how that could play out... *goes back to thinking*
  14. Cute. Eh I can't do a good Diriel impersonation but... Diriel: Observe well as by the means of resuscitation, this little creature continues in nature's struggle against the infection that is 'civilisation'. The humans believe this mouse is vermin, but clearly it is but a message that the humans are. Ergo: To be exterminated. I told you all, I do very poor impersonations.
  15. I personally favor the elven character, but then again thats love for elves rubbing off on me again. About half-elves, as far as I know there is no true indicator to tell how they'd appear, yes they'd have elvish features, but it truely is up to who was the mother's species and who was the father's species, etc etc. Phew. ^.^ Eh, but still, my main point was just about party balancing for good or evil parties, or the neutrals but they can have more or less of each other. I think a ranger helps rebalance the scales slightly, although there are currently 4 warrior classes, 2 priest classes, 2 rogue classes and 2 wizard classes. For all good/neutral parties, they can have Hildury level up her wilderness skill, however cannot charm animals that are common throughout the first few chapters as easily. Either way, animal empathy is the one skill mostly lacking in the current wilderness warrior classes. Diriel and Hildury can compensate for any lagging from the new NPC in Wilderness Lore. And I can't remember, but I think a ranger is also allowed to negotiate more effectively with those druids and rangers in chapter 2. Well, for as much as that is worth at any rate. And on another issue, another thief (if the PC isn't one and there is not enough room in some parties for Nikosh) who is particularly good at detecting and disabling traps would help rebalance matters as well. Anyways, these are just the outstanding party balance matters I can find which may cause problems for some playing styles. Nothing too serious, and yeah, not really of consequence since there is at least one thief and two wilderness fighters around already. And yes, alignment can be a pain, but at least we should all be thankful evil characters don't have the opportunity to leave the party over reputation or what-not just yet. Although other consequences can happen naturally. Sorry if I rambled again... habit I guess.
  16. Mmm, yeah I know what you mean. Currently in the middle of constructing three flirt packs for 2 mods (one with two NPCs) myself, I usually run off the basis of roughly three responses per chance, unless less are needed for the process. (ie: Recieved a compliment from NPC, PC responds, etc etc) hm, can't think of anything else right now... *hits block caused by exam* Sorry to those who hate random violence at VCE exams. Edit: Typos... grr
  17. Inspired from Jenova's idea hehe, I can just faintly imagine that should the PC ask Direl to "warm her up" abit, he will start off by going into a lot of calculated ramblings etc etc. Then I suppose, the PC could either tell him: "Shut up and warm me up!" "You forgot *one* calculation, Direl." <follow up with much the same as above> "Brr. If you don't hurry, I might not be only freezing *here* either." And so forth.. so on. I dunno it just sounds plenty like Direl to me, he's not exactly the sharpest knive in the draw, that much is certain. Still pretty clever though, it wouldn't suprise me if he did some scientific witty retort, or something. How's that sound Domi?
  18. Meh, I really do hate it when things such as this are bottled up to stereotypes, but I guess cmorgan sets the picture better than I could without stereotypes, so I'll let that rest. Personally I'm all in favor of a Lawful Good female snow elf character, be she half or full blood. I strongly recommend against making her a paladin however. Last thing we need in the north, is another tinhead with a bad love life, or something... (mind you Nord has got to be the best paladin out there, hells i even like the guy as if he were Minsc with a more stable grip on sanity ) But yeah, a female version of Anomen is the *last* thing most of us all need. And I mean canon version, not beefed up with flirt packs or anything. But the real pratical reason is, is that there are already too many pre-existing warrior types associated with this project. (Hildury, Nord) (and with Str+Dex, Valeero and that thief halfling can also match up in close combat) As for the issue of race, well since Snow Elves are not selectable as a race, possibly the next best thing you could do, Domi, would be to select which one of the already available races more closely matches the attributes of Snow Elves, and then maybe add in a better resistance to cold (magic or otherwise), to suit realistic standards that one would expect. Hm, I'm running out of ideas quick, anyone else?
  19. Oops, must've missed that by accident. My mistake, sorry. Yes, the Boots of Speed work without Free Action also equipped. Was a bit confusing however as the only thing I was aware of was Free Action against Stun, I checked the document files made and didn't see it. Anyway, again I'm sorry for this misinformation.
  20. Version of Game: TOB Patch 26498 Mods Installed: BG2 Fixpack V4 Alternative BG2 Music Accension WeiDu Log: Description of Problem: Item Boots of Speed under tag: BOOT01 does not provide said effects of Equipped Ability : increases movement rate There is no change in speed whatsoever for anyone wearing them, spells such as Haste sometimes work as per normal. While the Haste effect has been removed, there still is no change for those that do not have normal enhanced speed of monks or barbarians. This is unbalanced by the fact, enemies such as Illasera still are under the effects of permanent haste, and move far more quickly without the aid of the spell. *** Couldn't see this issue anywhere else, sorry for all the formality, not my usual way of posting y'know? Anyways, this could do with a bit more tweaking to keep the item useful.
  21. Ah, just before I forget to mention this... You will notice at some times, like say the intro (right on the Wicked Wench) sometimes you cannot talk to people... like, Direl or Rizdaer, until certian conditions are met. Here's two examples for them: Direl: Will not talk to a non-elven (Moon elf is certain, don't know about Wild Elf, but Drow isn't seen as the same) PCs until later on. And just on that note, I have tried with a Drow PC, he hasn't been the option of choices before meeting Ulbrec. If the PC is elven kin however, he will talk to him/her for one dialog, with his whole superiority babble thrown into the mix... but that's what makes him good with character depth in my opinion. Rizdaer: Will not talk to the PC until after the PC vouches or gets saddled with Rizdaer when talking with Ulbrec. Female PCs will find him adjusting into his "servant to the Mistress" role very quickly, the Male PCs will naturally, have something completely different. The others as far to my knowledge don't disappear their names from the list until conditions are met later. Anyways, that's about all I can think of at the moment which might confuse some players. Not sure how credible my ramblings are, I can only say from what I have seen so far. Sorry if anything I just said turns out to be inaccurate.
  22. Whoops, seems I'm misinterpreting things alot these days. Sorry K'aeloree, for making the wrong detail over things. And I wasn't suggesting romance content. Sorry for any confusion, seems to be the best thing I'm capable of causing, lately.
  23. Hey Ashiya, no need to be nervous we don't bite To answer your question, there are set numbers of dialogs between the PC and a NPC per chapter and time/area. You will also notice the various tone differences to when you talk in *private* and just talk to the said NPC. During the first chapter you would notice that you can only talk to them so often before they say something like as Jaemal would say: "<Player> I hope you understand my need for privacy sometimes"... etc, etc. When they say such things, its perfectly normal, when you move on to different areas or a different part of the chapter (ie: after Targos palaside attack) a NPC might have something new to say, including if some conditions are met, such as walking into the warded room of the Targos inn, Jaemal would then interject about it, and so on, that can trigger Salomeya to say something as well about the romance brewing between the PC and Jaemal, etc. Just exhaust the P button of its options (except flirts and the keep to self, or the look around option which can trigger banters between NPCs and NPC-PC ones too, whenever you don't have the patience to wait.) and when they all run out of things to say, there's nothing wrong. Each NPC has his or her own personality though, some won't be outright insulted about some issues, others will, and alignment isn't always the easiest decider on that. Should be easy to see when you've outright insulted them, but sometimes it won't be the end of everything, just experiment that's all I can say, there's always more than one way with everything.
  24. This mod has been incorporated into another. So I can say it is far from dead, the project is in progress over at Spellhold Studios: NPC IEP, is introducing the works left over by this planned mod, and more. So no, the project is not dead. Just taking a different form, in a much larger machine; so to speak. Edit: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=353 for convience to finding the forum threads.
  25. Two Handed weapons is possibly to the point of her being skilled at the longbow (or was it shortbow?), anyway you're probably better getting an answer from Ace. Can't say I didn't try, John.
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