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  1. Well, sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I'm not exactly a fan of starting a new one, so i've figured out I can use this topic for writing a sort of review I've posted some of my thoughts about the mod in the other topics, but there are enough left, and no reason not to share them. First of all, as I've already stated, I really like your work, Domi - so kudos from me for giving us such a well-written and well-thought out project As much as I respect BG series, there are only so many times you can play through these games and the mods before eventually tiring of them (well, there are games which I can replay seemingly infinite amount of times, but none of BG-s are good enough for me). Still, it's a shame that most other RPGs don't use the party a-la BG2, because it's a fairly compelling concept and many people tend to like it. It seems to me the most modern RPGs can manage are a couple of party members who occasionally put in a word or two during a dialogue with an NPC but mostly don't interact with each other (as in NWN2, for example), and usually have little in the way of background, beliefs and goals. So, to the matter at hand I've finished the game with NPC Project two times, although I didn't think I could manage it (clearly, the absence of Internet access forces the person to do things he wouldn't have done else). I really consider IWD2 to be a terrible game. It has a very linear, boring plot, 95% of the gameplay consists of slashing your way through the hordes of monsters, those few quests and dialogues which are present aren't very spectacular, and many of the areas are taken from the first IWD, although redone. And you have to create your party. Awful. The only redeeming quality is music. Still, the addition of party made wonders to the gameplay. At least you start to feel there is a *story* going on - not just monster-grinding, level-uping and finding kewl loot. And the most brilliant thing about the party - especially the one that appears to be "core" (I mean the one you seem to have created first - Nord, Hildury, Jaemal, etc.) - is that it really seems to be a *party*. Almost all of the characters seem to have realtionships with the others, their own opinions. They don't just speak about the same things with every other character (as in BG2). Actually, I don't remember a game where I got a similar impression. Even Planescape Torment, although it had awesome characters (I still consider them the golden standard of NPCs) couldn't create such a feeling. Secondly, the characters - even those who were obviously cliched - were written very well. Although I still prefer those with some "layers" and a level of depth My favourites were, predictably, Diriel (only romanced, though) and, unexpectedly, Prachi. I'm a fan of games which have some philosophical matters woven into the story, and I haven't yet seen a character like her (well, the roots of the philosophy are obvious, but still...). It's a real pity she has so little content, and I even think that she would fare much better in a game with less combat and more philosophical dilemmas than IWD2 - it just couldn't show enough of her development. The ones I didn't like were Peony and Jaemal - I've found both very annoying, especially Peony (yep, I understand she was supposed to be annoying, but she was also so bland I couldn't stop hating her). I also didn't like Hildury very much, mainly for her manner of speech - I just prefer intelligent characters Still, I was happy for her and Nord (at last, I wasn't wasting time trying to reincarnate her as a human ) By the way, Diriel's speech was brilliant Well, you've clearly made an effort to make everyone talk differently, but with Di, success was the most spectacular. Superb work. I also didn't care much for Valeero, but she doesn't seem to be as popular as Jaemal, so no surprises here. Rizdaer seems to be the first normal drow in IE-based games - BG2 had lots of repenting dark elves (even *evil* Viconia behaved like a sissy in the romance). Mistress relationship was quite fun and an interesting and original idea, although I played a proper romance. Sir Nord... his "mystery" seemed too expected; otherwise, a nice idea, I just hate those "proper knightly" types, especially those who romance the PC and call her "my lady". Makes me want to punch them in the face immediately. Unfortunately, they seem to be popular, so looks like there will be no shortage of them in future games. *Sigh* The voicing was mostly all right - I thought Nikosh had the best voice-acting, Salomeya's, Rizdaer's, Nord's seemed fitting, too. Didn't really like Peony's and Hildury's, and Diriel's one didn't seem to match the character. Also, during playthrough, there were several moments that just rubbed me the wrong way. I'll mention some of them - Nobody reacts after Hildury's reincarnation. That just seemed plain wrong - I definitely could see Nord reacting, Salomeya, and maybe Diriel if Hildury became an elf (heh, he'd probably kill her himself and cast the spell once again - and elf with the soul of an orc, that would be sacriledgious); - You couldn't taunt Peony with the dirty anecdotes about Lady Alustriel (and I'm sure there are lots of them!); - After Jaemal tells PC he loves her, you couldn't tell him "Huh, you're an eunuch, back off!" (or something like that). Well, for most of my characters, that would be the first reaction - The whole Salomeya-seducing-Nord thing just seemed to end up with nothing; - Load times were impossibly long, and slowdowns forced me to turn off the AI sometimes
  2. Oh, that would be hilarious! No, I also don't think "happy ending" could work here... It's just that I see Salomeya as the perfect actress, the one who managed to get even herself into believing the whole "I'm so darn special" thing, and a "love-hate" relationship would be the most fitting for such a character - providing the other character would fit. I see this as a sort of a play, actually. Ah, it all doesn't really matter, just some stray thoughts
  3. In my playthrough, the first dialogue with Nord/Salomeya/Jaemal, etc., didn't trigger too. I also had to convert .ogg files to wav manually and then place them in proper directories. Diriel's early flirts showed up twice as rare as Jaemal's, and late flirts never showed up at all. Nord's talk about "masquerade" when disguising the party in Yuan-Ti temple never triggered. When picking up Holy Avenger, instead of the proper talk, Nord started the talk about Hildury ("I've noticed you staring at Hildury" or something like that"), but before, that talk couldn't be triggered neither through resting, nor through hitting "P". Also, it's not really a bug, just a contradiction to canon - in one of the talks with Diriel, PC has an option of connecting House Dlardrageth with Fey'ri - but there's no way PC could've known that By that time, Fey'ri were unknown even to some of Elven High Magi. I understand you may not care, I'm just canon junkie Also, I'd like to mention that by the amount and quality of content, your mod far surpasses almost all mods made for BG 1/2 In my humble opinion, of course. Too bad if most people don't understand this. Although IWD2's still a bad game, it becomes so much better with the mod
  4. Berelinde's right - there's a root, it's called nararoot and is mentioned in FR Campaign Setting, for instance. BTW, Ed Greenwood's answers, though considered canon, contain quite a number of things many people don't feel comfortable with (I don't ) I wouldn't go into details, if anybody's interested I'm sure they'd find all the info Simulacrum's an 8th level spell, IIRC Mages of such power are not so common, even in magic-high Faerun, and most of them, if not all, are responsible enough not to use magic for such cases. Seconded.
  5. Obviously Diriel for females - Rizdaer's an interesting character, but still, I got a thing for elves... and the romance *really* did manage to surprise me, even though I've read the previous "half-romance" before, so I knew about Tree talk. Until chapter 5, it was all I would expect, but after... heh, nicely done - my congratulations Jaemal (and Peony also) were too sweet for me. I tend to hate such characters, and they were no exceptions. Also, Jaemal's flirts popped up twice as often as Diriel's, which was annoying - until I told him to keep off, of course The most surprising thing, I really liked Salomeya's romance (I've just read it, because usually I don't feel like playing male characters). The final talk was just perfect, and I loved some of the other talks too. The ending though... disappointing, imho. I got a little bit carried away while reading the romance dialogues, and my imagination painted a grand dramatic love-hate story with a sad ending between Salomeya and PC starting after the end of the game, so simple "I left you and went to Waterdeep" seemed kinda too simple (and expected). Such a relationship needed quite a special type of male hero, though
  6. Do you mean in the dream? cause that's, uh, a dream... I must confess I'd prefer to see just an expansion of the endgame (City of Judgement) part where you could get him out of the Wall a-la Akachi did with his beloved...the parallel is just too obvious to ignore it And, of course, change his existing Wall dialogue and Kelemvor one. For me, that would provide the most satisfying and logical conclusion to the romance - but, of course, it's just me Still, Mielikki/Silvanus...urgh.
  7. Seeing as your story was the best BG fanfiction I've read (it's not that I've read a lot, though, but still...) I'm positively sure the mod will be great. The character is interesting and not one-dimensional, and I really like your writing both in "Fury" and Xan ToB portion. Cheers and good luck with your mod
  8. Heh, I'm too very surprised to hear about Gavin/Imoen Still, it would be kinda interesting to see (modders so adore Immy, I almost pity her )
  9. Simbul

    Other RPG's

    Bloodlines is an awesome game I finally got to it not long ago (sadly my PC wasn't up to its requirements back in '04) and was pleasantly surprised. It made me remember Fallout, although it's quite different. Many different solutions to quests, interesting NPCs (no "party" though), and great writing. It's good that the lead writer works at Obsidian now. Also, great replayability, despite very linear plot. Arcanum was good too. The only Troika game I was really disappointed in was ToEE. Two words: no story. And if a game (no matter the genre) has no story, no driving force behind my character, I can't play it. Well, if it isn't MMO, of course VtM:Redemption was nice too, although gameplay was pretty stupid. Still, worth playing once.
  10. Frostburn isn't setting-specific. In "canon" FR there are following elven subraces - sun, moon, wood, wild, aquatic, avariel and star (and lythari, if they can be counted as a subrace). Of course, you can declare snow elves existence in your FR - I was just speaking about canon one.
  11. Erm...looks like that, despite having 2 runs with Coran, I've managed to miss this :/ Please, could somebody enlighten me what is this cook you're talking about? I don't really want to look through tra's.
  12. Heh, I've tried Tsujatha and was severely disappointed But if you like playing very naive characters and don't object to the abundance of sweetness, you may like it. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to choose the "right" option after Bodhi, so he died in my game, and the only thing I was sorry about were the heaps of hi-lvl scrolls I gave him to copy to his spellbook Also - I really, really recommend Longer Road. Beautiful writing, interesting plot. Definitely worth trying. The only thing missing are the interactions with modded NPCs, but you can't have anything.
  13. Well, I think the main reason behind not including arctic subraces to IWD is the absence of these races in Faerun (at least, there are no snow elves in FR for sure) I'd love to see a human ranger/wanderer archetype - I have a thing for Shaundakul and other traveler deities
  14. My favs are Xan, Kivan, Coran, Branwen, Dyna, Edwin, but I actually like most of BG1 NPCs, especially compared to BG2 cast.
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