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  1. Oh, that would be hilarious! No, I also don't think "happy ending" could work here... It's just that I see Salomeya as the perfect actress, the one who managed to get even herself into believing the whole "I'm so darn special" thing, and a "love-hate" relationship would be the most fitting for such a character - providing the other character would fit. I see this as a sort of a play, actually. Ah, it all doesn't really matter, just some stray thoughts
  2. Obviously Diriel for females - Rizdaer's an interesting character, but still, I got a thing for elves... and the romance *really* did manage to surprise me, even though I've read the previous "half-romance" before, so I knew about Tree talk. Until chapter 5, it was all I would expect, but after... heh, nicely done - my congratulations Jaemal (and Peony also) were too sweet for me. I tend to hate such characters, and they were no exceptions. Also, Jaemal's flirts popped up twice as often as Diriel's, which was annoying - until I told him to keep off, of course The most surprising thing, I really liked Salomeya's romance (I've just read it, because usually I don't feel like playing male characters). The final talk was just perfect, and I loved some of the other talks too. The ending though... disappointing, imho. I got a little bit carried away while reading the romance dialogues, and my imagination painted a grand dramatic love-hate story with a sad ending between Salomeya and PC starting after the end of the game, so simple "I left you and went to Waterdeep" seemed kinda too simple (and expected). Such a relationship needed quite a special type of male hero, though
  3. Playing Coran's romance right now, and still can't understand what the heck is wrong with it. It's obviously well-written, captures him quite well, but... just doesn't catch me the way Kivan and Xan did (I think of all the romances I've played in computer games, I loved Xan BG1 romance the most, although Diriel may change this soon ). The more I think, the more I understand that maybe, a complex friendship-with-flirts would be more interesting for Coran than outright romance (at least for me). Of course that's just my opinion, but Coran and people like him (I've had a friend very similar to him in his ways to deal with women) make much better friends than lovers, and I like that Coran's romance can randomly have an unhappy ending - I even think it would be more fitting, at least for my PC. Also, I could never understand what was the thing that attracted Coran to the PC. Only physical beauty? But having high Charisma doesn't necessarily mean being gorgeous. Xan and Ajantis are much more clear in their motives (at least I've got that feeling with Ajantis for playing uncommited stage, never gone farther and didn't read the dialogues). But Coran...
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