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  1. Just found this, for those interested: Red Sonia as a romantic interest Basically the modder involved in this project is working on a Flirt Pack-like expansion mod to the popular Red Sonia mod. The basic package would feature various flirt options using an Actor in Charge-like platform for character interations. According to Sulteric Drums, he would eventually like to add a complete romance to the basic flirt pack, with quests, full-voice acting and various relationship elements based on the Romance mod from Morrowind. The basic flirt pack should be available in january. A -very- nice project. Makes me wish I completed my studies in cumputer sciences. ::Slaps forehead::
  2. Eww. But what about character development? Dialogues, are they any good? As I said, Morrowind and Oblivion are all about immersion, not roleplay. The Elder Scrolls serie is like watching a good movie, while the Baldur's Gate serie is like reading a good book. IMHO, the Romance mod is more a relationship mod than a true romance mod. It's not about dialogues, it's more about finding someone, getting married and having kids. It's still a very good mod, but again, immersion is the keyword here, not roleplay. It could provide a very strong foundation for a true roleplayable romance mod though, but the same could be said about some of the other mods I mentionned before. As far as I know however, it's never been done. Quoting myself: I still don't get it.
  3. Ok, so I already missed the big brainstorm, so i'll keep my comments short and honest. - The memory loss is too easy an option. It's overused and too often badly-used. Stay away from those kinds of cliché if you want to make your mod a memorable one. - Tamoko and Yoshimo together is a bad idea. There's too much conflicts involved and, as it was said earlier, you probably don't want to turn this into a Yoshimo mod. - Making Tamoko a Bhaalspawn would severely hamper the quality of such a mod. Being a Bhaalspawn should be a unique feature. Making an optional NPC a unique Bhaalspawn just doesn't make sense. There's already Imoen. Be unique, be creative. Find a theme and use it. You have a great character here. Why doesn't Tamoko herself kills Yoshimo? He might be her brother, but it's not the first time she would betray someone for a greater purpose. Why doesn't she still work for Sarevok? Isn't love supposed to be stronger than death?
  4. Morrowind huh? Well, you still have CM Partners as an option. Its pretty much the same thing as CM Partners for Oblivion, although the basic package is not as stable and effective. There's also less companions available from other CM Partners expansion-mods. As far as RP-oriented companion mods are concerned they're almost non-existent, BUT! there's the amazing Romance mod available. This thing allows you to: - Start a romance with any NPC of Morrowind - Get married to them - Make love with them - Break up at any time - Become pregnant (for female characters) - Take care of your baby - Prostitute yourself - Visit prostitutes - Adopt a lost child Obviously it's an adult mod. RP-wise, it's probably not as effective as some NPC mods available for Baldur's Gate. However, much like everything in The Elder Scrolls serie, it's all about immersion. Probably one of the best mod available for Morrowind.
  5. I'm afraid I don't have much to propose Kulyok. If you're only looking for fighting companions, CM Partners is probably the best option available, with a nice basic package and numerous optional companions available for download from various other mods. The mod however is not RP oriented and the companions don't have much to say. Another issue is also the fact that many of the extra companions, available from various CM Partners expansion mods are unbalanced, having some unique and often very powerful abilities. They're often kewl, but we all know that kewl usually doesn't make for good roleplay. Other interesting options include Companion Sonia and Red Sonia, which makes available as a companion a character named Sonia, loosely based on the famed Red Sonja. Like the companions from CM Partners however, Sonia is basically a simple fighting partner. She's a nicely balanced character however, with a unique feel to her. Honestly, as far as fighting partners are concerned, my favorite is a fairly simple one. Fenrir is a noble mountain wolf which act as a loyal animal companion. It's simple and effective and the big wolf doesn't try to be anything else than what he is: a loyal, silent friend. If what you're looking for is a RP-centric companion, the only real option available is Ruined Tail. And a great option it is. I won't get into details here, but I'll just say that it's a -very- nice companion mod. That being said, it's also far from perfect and (unfortunately) is no longer being supported by the author. And that's about it. Like I said, not much. I really find it surprising that there's not more companion or romance mods available for Oblivion. Considering the immersive potential of the platform and the numerous options available, I though I was gonna find dozens NPC or romance mods available when I got back to the game a few weeks ago. I was sorely disappointed. ...soooooo Kulyok, I guess you'll have to start modding for Oblivion. Anyway, i'll keep looking. If I find anything, i'll let you know.
  6. True, but I don't think they have any Companion/NPC mods out. As a matter of fact, I don't even think they have a forum for this kind of mod. The best place would technically be TES Nexus, but getting an answer on their boards is like hoping for rain in the desert.
  7. A few weeks ago I had the rare pleasure of being able to update my computer. Nothing fancy, just some extra RAM and a new vid card. With this new visual power at my disposal however, I decided to go back to an old favorite of mine: Oblivion, thus giving my BG CDs a much needed rest. Now, since I can no longer play an unmodded game, I've spent the last two weeks reviewing, downloading and installing various mods and tools for this great game. I won't bore you with the details of such an install, but since I'm pretty sure there's a few Oblivion players lurking around, I'll ask your help in finding the missing components: a good NPC mod. The things is, Baldur's Gate and Oblivion are two very different beasts. While BG is defined by party dynamics and character interations, Oblivion is all about immersion. Whereas texture, equipment and housing mods are common, good companion mods are few and far between. Now I know of CM Partners, but the standard NPCs are a little bland and I seem to remember that there's a few conflicts between this mod and the kind of install I'm using (a FCOM based extended-install). There's always Ruined Tail, arguably the best NPC mod available for Oblivion, but I would honestly prefer a human-looking female instead. Blame BG for my thirst for romance... ...that and the fact that there's a Chain Mail bikini armor available through OOO. Anyway, let me know if you think of something. Thanks.
  8. You're a workaholic Jastey. Keep up the good work Will it simply be a bug blaster update or are we to see some extra material?
  9. Using the mods you listed. I'd go with something like this: 1. BG2SoA 2. BG2ToB 3. Official Bioware Patch 4. BG2_Fixpack v.4 5. Oversight v.10 6. Ascension v.1.4.22 7. Weimer Tactics Mod v.23 8. 1pp v.2 9. NMBeauty v.2 10. Unfinished Bunisess v.15 11. eSeries v1.8 12. gMinion v.18 13. Improved Horns v.1.2 14. PnP Celestials v.4 15. BanterPack v.7 16. BG2 Tweaks V5 17. Sword Coast Stratagems v2 Cliffkey v.2? Is that the A Mod for the Orderly mod? If so, I'd put it right before the Tweak Pack. For the Widescreen mod I really can't say since I don't use it. You might want to ask in its forum. Of course, there's a bunch of other mods you can install which are both balanced and stable. If you don't want to get into too big an install however, I would still suggest Turnabout. It's pretty much Ascension's little brother and would go right after him in the install order.
  10. Honestly, I'd leave this one out. It's not a bad mod and there's a few nice components in it, but it's a little outdated. If you're looking for a well-rounded tactical mod you may prefer Improved Anvil or Sword Coast Stratagems II. Well, I am going to play it coop with 3 other guys in my darkfall guild, we want to have a pretty tuff/fun game... would you suggest either one over the other? The problem with Tactics is that it's somewhat unbalanced compared to what you can get these days from other mods. Some components are still pretty good, but other tactical mods will do a better job. If you want something completely different and very hard, go with Improved Anvil. It's a very tough mod and you'll be banging your head against a wall with this one. The problem is that it's close to a total conversion, so it's pretty much incompatible with everything else. So basically, you use BGII/Patch/ToB/IA and that's about it. There's a pretty big thread about IA somewhere in these forums if you want extra info. If you like the diversity from differents mods however, you should go with Sword Coast Stratagems. It's still very hard, but it's also very balanced. With this mod, you'll find the enemies to be a lot smarter than they usually are in a unmoded game. And the bonus: you can use other mods with this one compared to IA. Personally, I use Ascension, Sword Coast Stratagems and selected components from Tactics. It's hard enough. For Tactics I would recommend: The Ritual, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Lich in the Docks, Gnome Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks, Improved Crypt King, Improved Golems, Random Wilderness Encounters, Smarter Vampires, Improved Nymphs and Improved Copper Coronet. If you do end up using both Tactics and SCSII however, you should be careful with eventual updates of SCSII. Future releases might include components who overlap with Tactics, thus creating annoying bugs. Just be careful. Enjoy.
  11. Honestly, I'd leave this one out. It's not a bad mod and there's a few nice components in it, but it's a little outdated. If you're looking for a well-rounded tactical mod you may prefer Improved Anvil or Sword Coast Stratagems II.
  12. Use..what? Are you speaking about you? Really? Come on, there can't be a BG modding community without a Kulyok. Its not like you haven't done anything here... and there... and pretty much everywhere.
  13. Pretty much. Your install order is good Lemernis, but its also a good idea to install older mods early too.
  14. Although it's always possible to improve on existing scripts, considering the depth of what has already been achieved, I think that improving on existing material is the next logical step. This is basically what some other mods, like Slightly Improved Ilyich or Improved Battles, are doing: taking existing areas and encounters and fleshing them out with unique elements.
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