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  1. I found a small one during my translation, I think. SETUP-IWD2NPC.TRA Line 446: Each man shshould strive to better himself. Observe me and learn.
  2. I found a small one during my translation, I think. SETUP-IWD2NPC.TRA Line: 182 Once upon a time, an average commander asked a brilliant subordinate to perform and average task – Ah, but you won’t get this joke.
  3. Hi Jiriki, We are translating as fast as we can, but there are many sentences to translate. We could need help. I will write you a PM. Annalena
  4. I know, but I could not resist. Sorry! I will stop immediately with it. Promised.
  5. Anytime, jastey. As I already said, testing this mod is more fun as work for me. I like Ajantis very much. If you excuse me now; Ajantis is waiting for me.
  6. I'm sure they will do that. Well, I did it.
  7. Hi Domi, I have a question to the translation. In the TRA P#WINDB @315 is the word "lewdster" in a sentence. I cannot find a german translation for this word. My question is: has this word something to do with "lewd"? I think this is so, but I am not sure. Annalena
  8. Hallo Jazhara7, if you wish to help us with the translation, this would be great. I speak with Caillean about this, but I think she would be glad too. Annalena
  9. I found a small one during my translation. TRA file: P#WINDB Line: 127 You come form a strange place, halfling, or your tales have no truth in them at all.
  10. If you need a beta-tester for the german version, I´m your women.
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