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  1. Yes indeed, but I would like an option to do something nasty to her when being a male and in a relationship with her - probably she wouldn't care too much, but still I would love to see her pissed off or just a bit humiliated (geez, can anyone even make her feel that way? ), she deserves that just for ignoring my young and gorgeous tiefling bard! Oh, well, he got more love than he wanted from both Peony and Jaemal
  2. I voted Jaemal (someone surprised? ) for females and Peony for males. Why? Ok, so I just got to the end of my first-ever run through IWD2 with a lawful evil character, romancing Diriel... Wow, I never thought I will say this but this guy is going to be a loving husband and a caring father but...geez, he sure is ambitious - and we all know from history what happens to such people So, yeah, it was fun, now let me get back to Jaemal As for Peony...she is just adorable, the kind of woman that takes care of you, is sweet to you, never pushes you away, cheers you up...a perfect match for me (if I was born a man of course ). Cheers Domi, you are our hero!
  3. Am I the only one who will dump him to live a happy life with Jaemal? That will be the first and the last time I will play an evil character in IWD2 and as much as I adore your work Domi, I just have a hunch I will have problems with romancing Diriel - it's disturbing for me to roleplay someone who will actually agree with him
  4. You also think so? They have the best dialogs togheter and seem to be really good friends. And wonderful piece of art, Azri, really lovley
  5. Just a wish, since it is a wishlist... How about a "Christmas Pack" a small add-on including a new flirt with all the NPCs (and I mean all of them) - kissing under the mistletoe?
  6. I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing, but I was in such a good mood today that I had to do it, beware! Best wishes from the North! I'm afraid my lack of talent killed the whole scene but I thought I could share it with my fellow IWD2 NPC fans out there Cheers!
  7. Oh, in case someone was wondering - the above post is me, but of course thinking in the morning comes to hard for me to even log in it seems
  8. Jenova

    Bugs for V1

    I think it is. I got the same problem and had it long bofore this mod was out. I try to keep order in the folder with those characters but I start so many games, almost all at once, that it's impossible to maintain it
  9. omg, it's alive! It must have been his doing! *points at Diriel*
  10. Or how about some "I'm cold" flirts? There are numerous ways one could warm someone up
  11. I know a lot of people who think paladins are just to perfect - they don't lie, are disciplined, always do good things etc. And the worst part of it is that in all mass-media they are just like this, never make mistakes, no one can corrupt them and they always win. Cliche, in other words. But then again, as you said, there are as many types of paladins as are good aligned gods out there. We just got to know Torm's servants the most, that's it, I guess. I was once rolepaying (not in a computer game, that would be kind of impossible) a paladin of Tymora and it was so much fun and my character didn't have to be all that lawful (sure, I couldn't steal, murder or commit any other crimes) or stuck up. I just followed a simple rule - if luck is on my side anything goes Romantic comedies don't have to be predictable if written the right way Though, after Peony (geez, I wonder what's SO wrong with her? I find her sooo adorable! ) and Salomeya, I imagine most guys want a more stable and mature romance?
  12. Out of curiousity - is anyone doing the Polish translation? I would like to know because I want to help if someone is doing it or start doing it myself
  13. Not sure if I understood you correctly but... Most of the NPC-initiated dialogs (and flirts) start themselves (at least it was so in my game) and you need to ctrl+P only the player-initiated ones (and flirts). I am impatient though and I force most of my dialogs at the beginning of each chapter.
  14. After the sweet and charming, dark and twisted we get a hilarious and masochistic romance! Yay!
  15. You can simply make her as you imagine her to be and just say: "people who are unhappy - please get yourself a copy of Dale Keeper" Hey, Diriel makes a fantastic pure calss ranger and I wouldn't have noticed of not for DK!
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