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  1. How curious, when I first read this thread I immediately had to think of you.
  2. Yeah, but no fontdlg.bam in BGs and IWDs. I think they just use normal.bam for the message / dialogue window. Looks like it too in GemRBs fonts.2da. About Ghostdog's mod, not sure about the technical details, but maybe chilvence could shed some light on this, see this thread. Seems he looked into adapting it to GemRB at some point.
  3. Ah, interesting. I'm using that font for BGs and IWDs, and there seems to be no such distinction unfortunately. But good to know PST has it, thanks.
  4. Agreed, a pity it won't work on GemRB. The widescreen mod doesn't change the size of any menus, resolution is fixed for them. GemRB displays them centered on the screen for the other games, so that could be an issue for the bugtracker at GitHub. EDIT: I opened up an issue here for you. As for the font size - there's a plugin that allows you to use ttf fonts, info is on the wiki. If you don't want that, you can still use the font from Ghostdog's mod. To do this, check the mod's files for TRMTFONT.BAM, there are several sizes available. Rename the one you want to NORMAL.BAM and drop it into your game installation's override folder.
  5. Did you set the correct resolution in GemRB.cfg? EDIT: I see you're trying to use Ghostdog's UI mod, that won't work on GemRB.
  6. If installed correctly, the action bar at the bottom in the main game screen should expand to screen width. However, all menus (saving / loading, inventory, character record) have a fixed resolution (1024x768 I think) and do not expand. They're drawn centered on the screen, so if that's what you mean by 'destroys the UI', then yes, that's normal. So if you set it up correctly, you should be fine with GemRB 0.8.5 and the latest widescreen mod.
  7. If you want to use 640x480 resolution, you don't have to install the widescreen mod at all. As for 1440x900, you need to set the resolution in GemRB.cfg to this value, too. Basically, GemRB.cfg must have the same resolution you install the widescreen mod with. EDIT: BTW, GemRB 0.8.6 is out
  8. Cool, you adapted it! That's handy, if you don't want to mess with the GUI scripts or are downloading new versions frequently!
  9. One thing for the 'Cosmetic department' that would be nice to have is a 'Pink Imoen for classic BG2' component. With Imoens portraits in both games, the BG1 NPC project mentioning all her tunics being pink, and her colors in BG2:EE the black and yellow looks out of place somehow.
  10. Would you recommend playing it on GemRB for a first-time playthrough? I just got it, never played it before, so I wonder if I should go with EE instead - any advice?
  11. So it's the same thing - didn't expect that because the class window seemed fine. I updated the formatting and made a PR.
  12. I've got that working. EDIT: See here. Though for BG1 and BG2 just replacing 2 with 1 is not quite enough, it seems. The class window shows "Mage" instead of "Illusionist", but then the kit window comes up and you can still only choose Illusionist. I see this in BG2s GUICG22.py: Does it cause that and do you want me to open an issue?
  13. Yesterday I discovered your new GemRB Tweak pack, and thinking about my late Gnome troubles I wondered if you'd consider to add an option to remove the restriction to the illusionist kit for them. I personally always hated that.
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