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  1. By using the weapon changes notepad file in the mod's library, is it possible to change weapon type's base damage? I want to do some radical changes so that bladed weapons are far more lethal in-game. It never makes sense to me that a dagger does a mere 1d4 damage while a club does 1d6. I would prefer to be beaten by a club, rather then stabbed by a dagger in real life. (Unless club hits my skull, which is like a critical hit anyway) I want to make these changes: Dagger- 1d8 Shortsword-1d12 Scimitar-1d12, but %5 better critical hit rate Longsword/axe- 2d8 Bastardsword-2d10 Katana-1d20 Halberd-2d10 Spear-2d8 Two handed sword-3d8 truly lethal, such a heavy and large blade will cleave any normal human (4-8 hit points) dead in most situations. No change to crushing weapons, this will also make cleric ethos meaningful. They will never be as deadly as true blade wielding warriors. If I edit the file in library folder like this and then install weapon changes only, will it work? Will all mod added weapons also be affected correctly? Also what is your opinion on this, it will make melee significantly deadlier for warriors, it affects enemies too so it is balanced, I think. To compensate I will reduce theif backstab to a maximum of x3 at level 15, otherwise thief backstabs are far too deadly.
  2. Open up rndscrl.2da with dltcep, and change all lines to 001 so random scroll drops will all be 1 gold instead Irenicus dungeon has placed scrolls, though it makes sense as it is the home of a powerful mage.
  3. You have to have new BAM files for the item's inventory picture. In bg games they start with I. For example ILEAT01 is for leather armor, IIRC. There is the improved bams mod that has all the bg2 item bam files. You can use them in bg1 or iwd1, for example. Bg2 item bams are a bit different than bg1 and iwd1. Simply dropping the isomething.bam files into override folder allows you to use the desired new icon picture for the corresponding item. Dltcep or nearinfinity lets you check each and every item and note its bam file name. Iwd2 is hugely different, with a more photo-realistic approach to item bams. I took the Isomething.bam files from iwd2 and renamed them to bg2 format, a very time consuming process, because iwd2 uses different item bam names, and put it into my bg2 game. Even into bg2:ee and ipad, they work. It was cool for a day or two but then I deleted the bam files and reverted to original bg2 bams thanks to improved bams mod. Original bg2 bams have a charm to them in my eyes, reminds me of the good old times I fell in love with bg2.
  4. Hi there. On enhanced editions, what is the .bam file that corresponds to the background image of a slot in a container? Err, that is a bit difficult to understand. Let me explain more. When you click on a table, chest, drawer or pile on the ground etc. You see items on/in it. But also the items rest in a background, I want to know the name of the file for that background image, for personal mod uses. I know the guiwdbut.bam and some other bams, all of the stoneslot bams, etc. But I can't seem to find THIS particular bam. I am editting all of the inventory background images but this one eludes me. I am asking about THIS background color .bam file as shown in the screenshot attached. I just need its name. If anyone more knowledgable is kind enough to inform me, I would be grateful.
  5. I might just change the duration of the cursed wound to 8 hours. This way it is a very vad debuff in the battle, that you can not heal, but after the battle one rest and it will be gone without hassle.
  6. Kill the npc and raise him as normal. Obviously won't work if the pc is the one afflicted. Or equip a cursed item with the wounded npc and then go to the temple to be able to choose remove curse from the price list. This will work on the pc.
  7. I don't think Shadow dragon's ranged level drain is a bug, it is his breath weapon attack that does the level drain, as is clearly seen from Jaheira's save vs breath weapon lines. So it is a ranged attack allright, it always has been in the vanilla game. There is no animation for this breath weapon, only for the fraction of a second there is a ghastly floruscent green breathing effect from the Shadow dragon, and it just drains too many levels, it is just that powerful. (it also blinds) However IIRC shadow dragon level drains are temporary and go away after a turn. (Unlike any other level drain) Were you using a poisoned weapon or ability when giving the killing blow to those 'dead but still going' enemies? IIRC there was a bug with Tobex that caused enemies not to die properly if you give the finishing blow with a hit that would cause ongoing poison damage.
  8. Okay new version (v27) installed without problems. Thank you!
  9. Hello, congratulations on the new version, now that BG2:EE is out I tried to install SCS v26 on it. I remember reading that they 'Might' be compatible. All components install well but it stops in 'Smarter general AI' installation with an error while patching Akae creature file. It says 'Patching failed! AKAE.CRE out of bounds!' or something like that. Needless to say without AI enhancements, potions, smarter mages/priests etc. won't be installed. Is Akae.cre somewhat broken in my installation, is there something that can be done?
  10. I can answer number 3 from my personal experience. I tried upping the levels of enemy casters, it works up to lvl 6 spells, if a mage hits lvl 12 after adjustments. Scs limits the scripts up to lvl 6, and then mages only use a very limited selection (prot from magic weapons, globe of inv, chain lightning if not enchanter) You can up their lvls and give them lvl 8-9 spells manually but they don't use them, for it's beyond the scope of the scs mod. Enemies need advanced scs2 scripts to employ more powerful spells and HLAs.
  11. I was discovering the Firewine ruins, and my Shadowdancer was travelling from shadow to shadow, killing hordes of kobolds with flaming oil potions and occasional backstabs. When he was near the final corridor that leads to Lendarn and ogre magi, he was momentarily blocked by something invisible. I was surprised and wondered if Lendarn was spying there invisibly, and started detecting illusions. Accidentaly tapped on a corner (playing on Ipad) and the dialogue box said Wizard Eye-has nothing to say to you. There was an invisible enemy wizard eye there!! And sure enough, Lendarn came rushing a few seconds later and my guy had to hit the shadows quickly. I've never seen this behaviour, never even suspected enemy mages using Wizard eye before, this is SCS doing, right? If it is, I am impressed sir, that's some real artificial intelligence there!
  12. Okay, fair enough, thank you! I tried copying the high level scripts from SCS II from my BGT game, to BG:EE and asign casters those scripts with DLTCEP, but those scripts do not work with BG:EE or something, which is not surprising I guess. I was just experimenting. It is fun editing the game to my tastes. ^^
  13. A question for the new version and BG:EE, I use the scs.ini edit to raise the levels of mages in game, and as such some enemies end up with level 6 and 7 spell slots. SCS fills them up with appropriate spells like Flesh to Stone, Mordenkainen's sword etc. and asigns them correct scripts (DW#1CON7, for example) but in game they do not use the higher level spells at all, no mage casts lvl 6 and 7 spells when asigned with DW#1 scripts. From past experience I know with SCS II, enemies need to have appropriate DW#2 script to use spell levels higher than 5. But I have thought that this new version has merged SCS I and II so high lvl spells would work with DW#1 script. But apparently it is not so. Is this intended behaviour (no mage is supposed to cast lvl 6 and higher spells in Bg:EE) or is my installation buggy?
  14. Okay, did some testing and Wish spell is only broken in my current save game. If I start a new game and make a new save game, all enemies who use Wish use it correctly. Pert the Adept gets a Wish in my install and it works as it should, he was able to stop the time and gain improved alacrity. However, in my main game I fought Draconis human form, and he casted two wishes but none worked. He phrases his wish, but the djinni just stays there, untargetable, not moving, nothing happens. I CLUAconsoled Pert the Adept, he casted wish and same thing happened. Wish spells do not work here in my current save game, no matter which enemy casts it. I think there may be a global variable or some such went wrong in my current save game, though I have no idea how enemy wish spells work. They do work in other save games of the same installation, just not in my current save game, which is a huge bummer. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Well, yeah, in the end I play the game for fun. Having Imoen crushed into tiny chunks just after having her rescued from the asylum is not fun. (although it would make an added challenge, and a realistic approach, but I do not feel guilty reloading.) I enjoy high quality, smart scripting of my enemies and added challenge, and how I try to outsmart them and manage to win in the end. Oh I think that was not 'attack nearest enemy of mine' script there, the elementals went around summons and other NPCs to go and crush poor Immy, who was at the back of the party. Her stoneskins were spent fast by earthquake or other attacks and she was dead quickly before I could cast an invisiblity spell on her, no suprise as those elder elementals do an obscene amount of 40+ dmg per hit. And maybe, even then the elder elementals might just see through invisiblity I am not sure. (The fact that she did not have a melee weapon equipped for an extra +4 damage per hit was just icing on the cake. Heh. Nasty stuff!) Umm, I guess so too, anyway, any pointers on my original problem? I battled the Watcher's keep lvl 1 statues, and sure enough, one female wizardess (ugh I am not sure if there is such a word in English language) casted Wish and wished for time to become his servant. Nothing happened. Djinni stood there too until he got unsummoned later. I can pretend she just failed her WIS check. Happens to the best of us. Still a fun battle, though. I might be tempted to add 4-5 comet spells to those enemies via SK, I bet their scripts are smart enough to cast them, and a comet spell hurts bad. It is even more dangerous than Dragon Breath. My party can escape the area effect of Dragon Breath quickly. Comet, not quite so.
  16. Wonderful mod, and finally after months of time I had time to delve into game and now happily in Drow city. I have a extremely modded game and I have modified my game myself even further. (ie:edited some spells, items myself with DLTCEP, raised enemy mage/cleric levels and gave them bonus spells etc.) I have one problem up now, Pert the Adept, the Cowled wizard agent in Spellhold island was high enough lvl to cast a wish spell for the first time in my game. The genie appeared and the wizard wished for 'time to become his servant' and I gasped in horror. But nothing happened. The genie stood there and never granted the wish. I killed the wizard and genie was still there, but had no circle under his feet (or so to speak) thus was untargetable, but my characters auto-attacked it with scripts and killed it too. I think one script of the enemy genie is broken or something, I remember my genie/efreets had wrong scripts assigned in my game (they did not use their spells) so I had to correct them myself. Mayhap I accidentally assigned a wrong script to the wish genie. I've yet to use this spell myself (and never been a huge fan of it, prefer improved hasted Planetars cutting through imroved drow hordes now) so I don't know if it's also bugged for friendly castings. A quick solution to fix the script is welcome. I know how to asign scripts to certain enemies with DLTCEP and hopefully can fix this bug if only I know how. On a completely unrelated note, those earth elementals in Underdark gate were wicked! I am not sure if it is SCS or aTweaks mod, or the combination of both, but there were a lot of Greater and Elder elementals and they all casted earthquakes here and there and went directly for the uncouncious party members, (which I think is aTweaks script, for SCS does not target helpless targets, lol) quickly squashing them flat for a chunky death. (I do not have the component that prevents perma-death, for added challenge) that was really difficult and required a few reloads, especially I was unlucky to attract a horde of Greater Fire elementals to join the fray. Elemental nightmare! Heh, good times.
  17. Heya, I just got an idea for the Flesh to Stone spell. When the spell is cast, this powerful curse starts to turn the victim into stone slowly, starting from his feet and going up. The victim is immobilised (an entangle effect without that yellow wine-animation) without a save (since his feet are petrified and stucked to the ground) and starts to slowly convert into stone. It takes an entire round for the spell to go up and reach the victim's heart and kill him, turning it to stone completely. During this round, the victim must make a save vs spells (at -4 penalty, or whatever is appropriate for this lvl) or is affected by a powerful fear effect. Cos it is pretty scary to watch your limbs being converted into stone, as the curse slowly creeps up to your waist and chest. It's like:' Holy! I am turning into stone! Oooh it is close to my chest! Gaaaaah! HEEELP!' Those who fail this saving throws are helpless, (horror effect) they just scream in terror and flail their arms around helplessly (remember they can not run cos their feet are cased into the ground, ala entangled effect. They are but 'Horror'ed and 'entangled') Those who manage to succeed this saving throw find their courage, and can attack, cast a spell, or drink a potion in that single round. They are still immobilised (but not held, their hands and mouths are still working, just like entangle effect) At the end of the round, the curse has come up to the victim's chest and attempts to kill the victim by turning it to stone. At this point the victim gets a save vs petrification (at whatever penalty you think okay) if succesful, he has resisted the spell, the curse withdraws from his body, the stone parts crumble fast, revealing his normal flesh, and he's freed from the entangle effect, he returns to normal. Although since his limbs are very stiff and achy, he is slowed for 3-4 rounds till he feels the blood pumping back into his limbs. (no save) If the victim fails the save vs petr., that's it. He wails in agony one final time, as his heart is cased in cold stone, and he turns into a complete, lifeless statue. This one round-delay is important, since this spell actually kills the victim, it needs to be a not-so-instantenous death. The scary, instantenous, 'point your hand and he dies!' kind of 'death ray' effect is reserved for the aptly named higher lvl spell:Finger of Death. Technically, Disintegrate is an insta-kill spell too but it just does humongous amounts of damage now, which can be resisted and/or may not be enough to kill the victim still. But you'll still get petrified even if you have 300 HP or something, so this effect is much more powerful technically, and thus one round-grace period is okay. As you can see, the petrification effect is delayed, in coding terms I don't know if it can be coded. You can make the saving throw at the start of the spell, and the 'immobile' round still occurs, but I think it is more scary if the real save is made at the culmination of the round. The victim can drink a potion of magic protection, or cast break enchantment or dispel magic (which will stop the spell) or pro from petrification spell etc. in the one round interval. (if he has not succumbed to fear and panic, that is!) It is like the Nabassu's death gaze ability from ToTSC, but with 'entangled' with a chance of 'fear' instead of merely 'held', and petrification instead of being turned into a ghast. I always thought that Disintegrate is fast and clean and final, it is like 'ZAP! You're gone, dust in the wind, bye!' while Flesh to Stone is much more sadistic, watching the victim turn into stone slowly and all to create a realistic trophy-statue with agony and fear etched on your enemy's face forever...I remember seeing this in a fantasy cartoon back in my childhood, it was pretty scary. What do you think?
  18. Really? Which bug do you mean? Summon limit bug or Waukeen's Promenade bug? Anyway I thank you. I had an older version of ToBex, I think, because I still had that weird bug of 'poisoned enemies dying get up as untargetable dead bodies and continue to attack'. Anyways, it is too late, my hard disk got wiped clean by some virus or another, so I had to install everything from scratch. This time I avoided Deeper Shadows of Amn. Also got the newest version of SCS II which should have the new, fixed ToBex, right? I sure hope so. Got D0tweak's remove summon limit component just for precaution as well. Hopefully I won't have this game-stopper bug again.
  19. That's good! Umm I have a problem. The 'test' component works I managed to do that. And checked with SK and saw all mages +4 levels. Kudos for that! However, I have removed an older mod before starting to install SCS. It had reinstalled the mods after that with a lot of warnings. I feared that would hinder more complicated mod installations later. Now, when I try to install initialise component, it goes as normal only to fail at last second and say ERROR:Error RUFIE.CRE not found for copy. Rufie? Was it that wolf-thing the demon-in child disguies quests to find? Why is it not found for copy? This has nothing to do with the alteration we did to TP2, I am sure. I checked with SK and there is no RUFIE.CRE in my game. There is RUFFIE.CRE which is a slave named 'miner ruffie' so..I am at a loss and do not want to start from all over BGT installation ugh Is there a quick solution? Why does SCS touch Rufie anyway? EDIT:Oh this sucks. I extracted a regular vamprici wolf, and changed its name to RUFIE.CRE for sake. It worked and apparently SCS now found it but failed to find the Nortua.CRE. Something has happened to my CRE files, because of I did some mess up with old mod installation it seems, and only choice is a complete BGT reinstall, right? (I can't replace every missing CRE file with other files lol) Break me the bad news gently please. Heh. EDIT2:I am quite innovative I think, I found NORTUAry is a guy from Iron throne, so I replaced his CRE file with a bandit file, (he is not that important a character anyway!) just changing its name to NORTUA and it worked! Inıtialisation completed without any more problems! Is this it? Can I continue modding or is my installation hopelessly, horribly broken and I need to delete this one redo everything right now? You are the expert, sir, yes sir! EDIT3:Okay it is hopeless. Now the smarter AI failed to find Abela.cre she is that nymph in that quest. Oh what the hell has happened to my CRE files some are gone! Waaah! Lesson learned:Never ever delete a mod component if there is other components installed after that it does funny things. I'll scratch this installation and begin anew....which is excruciating. Ah well, you live, you learn. I found the code here invaluable I'll use it in my next clean installation. It will take a few days at most, I think..sigh.
  20. Okay I will try it and see if it works. In the mean time, do you mean that if I edit a mage's lvl before installing SCS, it will work as I intended? For example, say I open up SK and set Tarnesh's lvl to 12. (for testing purposes, I am not that sick) But I do not bother giving him new high lvl spells and such, cos it is such a bother and time consuming. Just set the lvl to 12 in a second and exit. Then, if I install SCS will it say 'hey he is lvl 12 let's give him some fireballs and flesh to stone spells and the intellect to use them, this is going to be fun!' and it will work as intended? Or do I have to give the actual spells to his CRE file manually too? Oooh I opened up the tp2 file with notepad and wow that is some..complex stuff! You are used to mod in this complex structure? All respect to you, sir! I could not even find the line you said, I search with CTRL+F and can not find the ~test~ line and each line starts with BEGIN so it is no use. It is too big and intricate like a spider webbing. I could do the manual-editing of caster levels before installing smarter mages, then, though it will be of too much work if I have to add the spells manually too. I would like to do this your way but I..fail...to find that line! Bummer. EDIT:Okay apparently wordpad does a better job at this, I am learning I found the line and it looks so much easier now thanks to wordpad. Notepad fails miserably. lol
  21. Heya, that is a great work-around! Where should I copy this? Into scs.ini or somewhere else? Oh you mean I should add this to another mod so it will also do this lvl adjustment thing, and then SCS will recognise the changes? How do I do that?
  22. I am beginning a new SCS installation with v21. This time I want to make game even harder, namely by upping enemy spellcaster levels by 3-4. I have edited mages and clerics by hand in a previous game, (and have discussed it here in another thread) but it was kinda tedious. SCSII says there is a way of adjusting enemy lvls with editing scsii.ini file. However, the one in SCS folder has only 'edit at own risk!' written. So I copied the command codes from scsii.ini, (Add_mage_level and others) and adjusted the lvls by 3 for mages and 5 for priests. I installed SCS smarter mages component then. After installation I used SK to check enemies. Tarnesh, the first mage enemy in the game was still lvl 4. So I guess the code did not work. Is there a way to adjust mage lvls in SCS just like SCSII does? Am I doing something wrong?
  23. It was all going fine and dandy in my Mega mod-BGT game, just accepted Aster's quest to eliminate Aran Linvail (alternates mod) and did it after a very difficult battle. I tried summoning a fire elemental by Jaheira, but it botched in the combat, saying I can not control more than 5 monsters at any time. I had only one ghast raised by Viconia at that time. I prevailed the battle and now I can not summon creatures. At most I can summon one and then the game thinks the limit has been reached. No amount of rest helps. I did some googleing and saw a few people experiencing this problem. They say when you leave some areas your summons are left behind, and they don't dissapear until you revisit the area. Well I revisited old areas I've been, and a Pit Fiend (gated in by Viccy), an Aerial Servant and 2 fire elementals got unsummoned as soon as I entered the old areas. They were waiting there, allright. But still, I can not summon the game still thinks the limit has been reached. Went back to a previous save, and lost half an hour of game play. Then again, after some time, out of the blue the bug striked again and I can not summon anything at all, the game thinks summon limit has ben reached. No amount of resting, killing rezzing NPCs seem to work. For a quick fix I installed D0tweak's remove summon limit cap component. It still does not work, I think the component requires a new game to work. I went back every area, installed that component but still the game does not allow me to summon. I have many difficulty increasing mods so summons are vital for me, and I can not play the game like this. Any help would be welcome. A helpful member from another board suggested to start a new game with a mage. Save it. Then, summon something. Save again. Compare the two saves in SK, as the only difference at all should be that one summons. I did but there was no difference between globals and affects in SK, and I don't know where to look beyond that. If anyone knows how the game stores summoned creature data and how I can edit it via SK or other program, I would be grateful. Here's weidu log before I added D0tweak's no summon limit limit component to see if it would work. It did not. EDIT:I have discovered the root of the problem. I think. Went back to a previous save when the problem did not exist. Then, I visited each area in Athkatla. Waukeen's Promanade area is the culprit. It took a very long time to load this area (it was not like this previously), longer than 2-3 times of other areas, very slow. Once in the area, the bug kicks in and I can not summon monsters from now on. Loaded and went other areas. Load time normal. Summon monster normal. Went to Waukeen's. HUGE load time again. And then no summoning available. Loaded and tried this three times with all areas. It was always the same. Something is wrong with that area. Checking my mods, only one mod I know plays with the area's script, Deeper shadows of amn's Shadow Lord component spawns shadow enemies there, and maybe is that it? I've battled and killed some before. Maybe some other mod or some other cause bugged up my Waukeen's promanade and now in my game, once I re-visit there I can not summon! Started a new game, CLUAconsoled there, and summoning is okay. Something sinister must have happened in there in some time between but I am at a loss. Is there a way to remove the area scripts there, or some such? I will avoid going there (Can spawn Ribald at some other place, I think) this is such a bummer but at least I have an inkling to the cause of this problem.
  24. Wow, a reply from the legend himself! I am happy! I knew this about editing spellcaster lvls with SCSII, and have used it to adjust my BG2 enemy mages to higher lvl when installing SCSII. (just checked with Shadow Keeper and found many major mage enemies in BG2 lvl 30+ or so...scary!!) I did not know that about SCS though, don't remember reading it in its documents. But since they are sister mods that should have crossed my mind. Thank you for this information! Still, it was fun to custom my BG1 enemies with my hand, like 'tranzig's hobby is 'stonning' people', or 'this guys is obsessed with powerwords' or 'this guy is bad, tosses Finger of Death like confetti' or 'this dude summons Aerial Servants cos he feels so lonely' and the like. Also, my Bassilus is so hardcore. A low lvl party going 'hey, he is a cleric, we can disrupt his spells!' and then he casts Unholy Word in a blink like 'where is your god now!?!' for a total party kill. All this thanks to your good quality, easy to customise scripting!
  25. First of all, I can not praise SCS more. It is a very well made, customisable, and excellent mod for BG1. I am a fairly experienced player, and love difficult and challenging encounters, and SCS gave them to me. However, after beating it a few times, I needed to up the difficulty even more. I have a mega mod BGT installation. Along with SCS and SCSII, I have Greyclan, Stone of Askavar, DSoTC, and many many more mods. All those mods bring much XP and magical items to party that normal game encounters, especially since this was my tenth time playing, was lacking in difficulty. So I decided to take matters into my hands. By editing spesific CRE files and assigning them more high level SCS and SCSII scripts. I used Shadow Keeper and DLTCEP. And I used extensive use of scripts provided by SCSII mod. (since they have higher lvl spells etc.) Shadowkeeper is easy to use to edit a creature. Let me give you an example. I wanted to make Tranzig a difficult encounter. A proper 'boss' like. He is supposed to have turned Branwen to stone, so he must be at least lvl 12 to cast Flesh to Stone, but he is kinda pushover, even though he has excellent scripts thanks to SCS. I edited him to be a lvl 12 necromancer. Gave some magical equipment, a robe of evil to buff his AC. So I used DLTCEP and gave him the SCSII script to enable him to cast lvl 6 spells, DW#2NEC6. (2 is for SCSII scripting, which I think is better and 6 is the maximum lvl of spell the script uses. NEC is for necromancers) I need to clarify a few things. SCS and SCSII makes most (if not all) mages specialists and give them spell choices according to their schools. I found them in a folder named 'spellchoices' in SCSII. Necromancers can use Death and Flesh to Stone for lvl 6 slots. Perfect. Added Greater Malison too. In the game, Tranzig was much more a serious threat now, casting a greater malison and attempting a flesh to stone on Imoen (I tried disrupting his spell, failed, but luckily Imoen saved vs spell) it made the battle much more fun to me. So, using this method I was able to raise the level up of all enemy mage/cleric bosses in the game. Just editing their CRE files, giving them higher levels and spells they could use, some spiffy items, and raising their XP rewards, and finally asigning a proper SCSII script. I made Ramazith a lvl20 necromancer, for instance. Whoa. That was unbalanced for BG1, maybe, but he is not a neccesary kill but I went for him regardless. He used Time stop, and dropped a Wail of the Banshee, and a few ABDHWs, and even a Finger of Death on us. It felt like a very nice change and challenge, all using SCSII's excellent scripts. I have given him some nifty mage stuff from other mods too, so when I was able to slay him, it was well worth it. (also raised his XP reward to 15000) The mage guys in Ice Island was buffed as well, I raised all of them so they could cast 6th lvl spells. It was fun. I wanted one of them to use Disintegrate spell. There is nothing more scary then having this spell casted on a mid-lvl party member. But core SCSII scripts do not use the spell. SCSII scripts which are installed if Spell revisions is detected do use Disintegrate, since it is a powerful spell with Spell Revisions. But I did not have spell revisions installed this time. I checked game's vanilla mage scripts vis DLTCEP. They are so simple, like 'cast spell x to nearest enemy, cast spell x to nearest enemy etc.' and short compared to SCS. So, I used the game's vanilla mage20 script for one of the bad guys on Ice Island, since that script used Disintegrate. He did use Disintegrate and other spells, but only against nearest enemy. And he never casted another spell in another order, jut using step-by-step script, he was so awfully dumb compared to SCS scripted others. This shows just how much SCS and SCSII scripts are better compared to game's vanilla scripts. SCS mages often change their patterns, wandering around the battle field when their aura is clouded to avoid melee, and react according to party's strategies, they behave as if living, breathing opponents it is scary and impressive. It was OK, one mage used Disintegrate spell against my party in BG1, which I Iiked because it is such an iconic PnP spell, and not every mage in my BG1 world needed to be as smart as SCS mages. (maybe he was a dumb sorcerer lol) I edited every major enemy in BG1. Mulahey was a Fighter/cleric lvl 9/9 with a Slay Living spell. I have given him DW#2ECL5 script, which is script for evil clerics able to cast lvl 5 spells. He casted Slay Living, glowed an eerie red and attempted to 'touch' my party and I was like 'Run you fools!!!' it was a pretty scary and fun moment. So much more fun than Mulahey's usual boring routine hold person, maybe a command or two, or an Unholy Blight as last resort. Now my enemies used Slay Living, Harm, Flesh to Stone, pro from magic weapons, finger of deaths, incendiary clouds, ABDHWs and even a time stop or two in BG1 environment. Bassilus was a lvl 14 cleric with an Unholy Word Spell, spectecularly deadly against a low lvl good aligned party. Cythandria, Sarevok's consort was now a lvl18 invoker, and gave my party major trouble (3xchain lightning on trigger crisped poor Khalid good and Jaheira avenged him.) The evil party at top of Iron Throne building was so much scarier now, cos they tossed stuff like Harm and Finger of Death and like. (also Zhalimar was bumped up to lvl 18 and given very deadly equipment.) I was able to beat the game, but I went overboard with Final Fight. Giving Semaj lvl 22, an Evil Planetar, and Cacofiends was a fun idea (hey it is the final battle!) but in practice, it was not. Semaj, his Simulacrum and Mislead or project image, SCSII scripts were so powerful and battling a Fallen Planetar at that fight was NOT fun. Oh, also I have upped Dİarmid and Angelo quite too, and Sarevok was stuff of nightmares:edited his movement rate to 10, buffed his STR to 25, set attacks to 5. So you can not kite him, he catches up to you and kills you quick, just like that. In the end I re-edited Semaj and omited Planetar and Galebrezus and the battle was exceedingly difficult still, but quite doable. Also I have given Diarmid anti-bacsktab equipment and I have forgotten it too! I have fooled myself and was suprised when my backstab failed on him I couldn't touch Daveorn's script, since he has an unique mage script, like teleporting around and spamming spells. So, to make him more deadly I upped the number of his spells, gave him immunity to abjuration via undroppable item, and gave him Jon Irenicus's tactics-mod final battle robe, similar to Robe of Vecna but undroppable. He was scary, teleporting around constantly, blasting Sunfires and Cone of colds in a blink (fast casting speed) and impervious to dispels and like. Some mod also added even more enemies there, it was a very memorable and scary fight, like the old times when I was playing SCS. It was pure challenge and fun. Just the thing I wanted. I wanted this and found it enjoyable as my party had very nice items from mods and much higher XP level than vanilla. I have enjoyed this run so much. I have learned much about how scripts and game enemies work, all thanks to wonderful scripts of this mod and its sister SCSII. Okay, forgive my rambling but I just wanted to share this wth you guys, and praise for such excellent mods named SCS and SCSII. Really quality and long scripts, I have had so much fun custom-tailoring my game with them. Thank you so very much for making me still playing BG games with enthusiasm, challenge, and ultimately, FUN, cos this is why we play games in the first place.
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