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    I know it's been years but any news on the status of this mod? I wouldn't mind playing an alpha as I think the concept is absolutely great and judging by what I've read in the mod testing thread it worked with Tutu back in 2006. I totally understand that real life got in the way of this mod being released. I also know that a doctorate can take years (and I hope things are working out for you Andyr). Would it be possible to play the alpha version? I don't care about voicing that much in BG and I'm really eager to play a run with this mod. I'm more a lurker around here but I really appreciate the outstanding work of the G3 community.
  2. Caradhras

    Angelo review posted

    Indeed you should be proud. I've noticed that the Romance music is from Samurai Champloo, I guess it's not a mere conincidence.
  3. Caradhras

    Angelo review posted

    I already posted at SP but I wanted to let you know that I really like this NPC mod. I think Cal Jones did a great job with the review and it will certainly encourage more BG2 players to give it a try. I'm awfully pleased to have Angelo in my party, I think you made some really good choices regarding his stats. Many modders get carried away to make their NPCs uber and I prefer a more balanced approach. So far I'm really enjoying the mod and I hope you'll keep the new versions coming. Kudos.
  4. Caradhras

    On BG1 Setting

    So, who knows where Eranon might have come from??? Interesting quote. It didn't seem in the least farfetched to me before anyway. I hope we'll be able to play this mod one day in the not too distant future so we can find out where Eranon comes from.
  5. Caradhras

    Translators' thread

    Just out of curiosity, what program do you use to read TRA files? The notepad seems to work though.
  6. Caradhras

    Translators' thread

    I can help with the French translation, it all depends on the actual amount of time I can spare from work.