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    I know it's been years but any news on the status of this mod? I wouldn't mind playing an alpha as I think the concept is absolutely great and judging by what I've read in the mod testing thread it worked with Tutu back in 2006. I totally understand that real life got in the way of this mod being released. I also know that a doctorate can take years (and I hope things are working out for you Andyr). Would it be possible to play the alpha version? I don't care about voicing that much in BG and I'm really eager to play a run with this mod. I'm more a lurker around here but I reall
  2. Indeed you should be proud. I've noticed that the Romance music is from Samurai Champloo, I guess it's not a mere conincidence.
  3. I already posted at SP but I wanted to let you know that I really like this NPC mod. I think Cal Jones did a great job with the review and it will certainly encourage more BG2 players to give it a try. I'm awfully pleased to have Angelo in my party, I think you made some really good choices regarding his stats. Many modders get carried away to make their NPCs uber and I prefer a more balanced approach. So far I'm really enjoying the mod and I hope you'll keep the new versions coming. Kudos.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what program do you use to read TRA files? The notepad seems to work though.
  5. I can help with the French translation, it all depends on the actual amount of time I can spare from work.
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