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  1. Yeah, it is a tweak to fix the limit. If Cam can't access the page either (he should be), I can drop him a PM with the contents.
  2. Yeah, I think it's a bug. I also think someone fixed that at some point, although I don't recall exactly where.
  3. ...or, you can ask Cam to do this.
  4. SConrad

    Patching doors?

    Yeah, sure, I'll put it up at some point. It's horrible syntax, but meh, it works.
  5. SConrad

    Patching doors?

    It's not a question of having to adjust it a bit. You're better off with coding it from scratch (trust me, I've tried).
  6. SConrad

    Patching doors?

    Information triggers != doors. And CB's template doesn't work - you'll need to revise the patching a fair bit.
  7. Here's the Khadion-part. [FW] Khadion (BG2) Author(s): SConrad and friends Khadion Linvail – the boy and the myth. He is the son of the Shadowmaster himself, Aran Linvail, a daring swashbuckler and a full-fledged Shadow Thief. Dual-wielding scimitars, his handsome face and red hair are in the dreams of all maidens in Athkatla. Khadion knows that he's good enough to succeed without his father's help, and feels angry and ashamed to always be thought of as his father's son, which has left him with burning ambition but also a strong need for reassurance. (ToB Romance / SoA Friendship Module, In Production) Homepage: None, yet. Forum: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=152 EDIT: Great idea, Grim. Added
  8. If we're going with sports-quotes, I've got a few Swedish quotes: "The [outlook of the] Cameroonian bench looks dark." - Arne Hegerfors "The [golf-]greens look like porkchops, only smaller." - Göran Zachrisson "It's never too late to give up" - Rolf Zetterlund "Ah, now he discovers what fun it is to play with the little things... the balls, that is!" - Lasse Kinch
  9. SConrad

    Patching doors?

    Option 1 is definitely possible and I'd consider it the best option. It is, however, rather tricky and involves some tp2-ninjary. How well-versed with tp2-patching are you?
  10. How 'bout the numerous questions I've wrote a little bit here and there? I can even quote it: In both cases, there has just been some random thoughts and no real decisions. Let me get you another pair of quotes: Okay, so I made that one up. In any case; There's a different bug cunningly concealed here. Set the flag so it sells stuff. Oh, except not having anything for sale is part of the whole Umar Hills quest thing isn't it? It has stock, which in my eyes makes it an issue. I can manage to code without the need for supervision, thankyouverymuch. As for ADD_STORE_ITEM, I'm really not sure how it would solve the problems with existing items in the store by adding new ones.
  11. *Bumping* Can I have some direction, please? I'll decide myself if I don't hear anything...
  12. *Rubs the sore spot on the back of his head and wonders how the hell he got on this ship...* Heya gang. I'll browse around here and see where things lie for done/undone. Unless someone can point me at a checklist? Also, should I bother downloading v3 for inspection or is there a v4 in the immediate future? Heya, hlid. Nice to have you around. There's some pinned topic with the necessary info, I believe.
  13. Good announcement. Oh, and Sim, I think he means you.
  14. Okay, in this case; COPY_EXISTING ~shaava01.cre~ ~override~ WRITE_BYTE 0x27b 0x0 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES
  15. ...people have veto-right? Or is it just Sim?
  16. That's what I was thinking too, but it won't apply to scripts from mods installed *after* the fixpack. EDIT: Sim was faster.
  17. ©anine (A)lgorithmic (T)ransfer (S)ystem --RESULTS-- Dog Name SHIBA INU Origins Japan. An ancient breed associated with the prefectures of Gifu, Toyama and Nagano in central Japan. The name means "little dog" in the Nagano Dialect. Remains of a similar dog was found in local ruins dating back to the Joran era (500BC). In recent years this dog has become popular amongst exhibitors, following closely on the heels of the Akita. Personality Affectionate with family and friends this dog is happy in a domestic environment, but will rise to the hunt. Amongst strangers it can be aloof, sensitive and hard to please.
  18. I'll confer with the others and send you a PM. Well, I'm going to include support for QP in Khadion, but yes, I think that might be a good idea - if it's possible. I'll naturally do everything I can to ensure technical compatibilty, I'm more worried about consistency and continuity in story and dialogue.
  19. 1. If you have access; go read TPT workroom. If not, give me a shout and I'll tell you bits of it. 2. Khadion will involve a lot of extending to Aran Linvail's character. Plot-wise incompitable with TS and Chloe, and I'd say a consistency incompatibility with Fade. Planned support for Quest Pack (as in Khadion interjecting). Otherwise than that, I'm sure he'll just interfere minimally with the SoA and ToB-plot (a few changed epilogues for the Bioware NPC's are possible, though). 3. The Jerry Zinger Show will involve a lot of characters, but only Neeber and Aerie will be affected 'outside' the show.
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