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  1. As devSin says, the columns are separated. If you just change peasant-column, the other creatures should be unaffected, unless Bioware has screwed up things. Or, you can do as igi says; It'd probably be easier to point the creatures to the 2da rather than changing the creatures randomly separated. Not to mention the fact that the creatures often appear several times in the big areas, so if you change one .cre-file to use one specific colour, *all* actors in an area using that .cre will have that colour, while the actors will have different colours if referred to the .2da. That must surely be better?
  2. Since most (or at least many) commoners seem to use the randcolr.2da instead of specific colours, I'd advise to rather tweak the .2da than the .cre-files. Easier, I believe. Of course, if you want to tweak the commoners not using the .2da, you can always add a check for the color index to be <200 before updating the .cre.
  3. All forums have their lapses of downtime and slow speed. It's only natural, after all.
  4. I personally think igi's suggestion is best (and easiest).
  5. Seems to me we're talking about different things here. I now follow what you're trying to say, and I was talking about something entirely different. So, nevermind and move along, ppl.
  6. Not following. Could you post an example of what you mean?
  7. I don't really think you can compare inlining with REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK, since they're quite different. I'm in favour of inlining instead of create a lot of baf's, d's and other files, yes.
  8. Question; I guess that inlining scripts and other things like this in the .tp2 is out of the question?
  9. Grattis på födelsedagen!
  10. SConrad


    Ehh, does this mean that I have to translate the whole game?
  11. SConrad


    Well, technically, the Norweigians should understand it. Even the Danes, too. Finns learn Swedish in school, but they adamantly refuses to understand a word of it anyway. EDIT: Of course, there's no Norweigian, Danish or Finnish version of BGII, either.
  12. SConrad


    Very nice. I knew there were some Swedes a bit all over the place, but they all seem so... invisible.
  13. SConrad


    I could translate it into Swedish (I've been thinking of offering to translate for quite some time now...). The only potential problem would be that the game doesn't have a Swedish version, but you can't have it all, right? So, tra's?
  14. Major coolness. /me goes to download.
  15. Pink hair nowadays, Ding0?
  16. Right, I was missing something, then... Eh, couldn't we change the references from Imoen2 to Imoen, then, to have her DV be Imoen all the time? EDIT: Or the opposite, Imoen -> Imoen2.
  17. Eh, why is it impossible to change a DV? COPY_EXISTING ~foo.cre~ WRITE_LONG 0x280 0 WRITE_LONG 0x284 0 WRITE_ASCII 0x280 ~Foo~ Or am I missing something, here?
  18. Right, the dragon takes all the equipment with the scripting-action DestroyAllDestructableEquipment(), but that action doesn't affect magical (indestructible) items. So, I've made all undroppable items magical. I'm not sure if this can cause other problems, Cam said something about Hakeshars eating items and stuff, but I don't know. I'll provide my solution, and if anyone can spot a problem with making the lot magical, please say so. I really couldn't find any other solution to the bug. COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.itm~ ~override~ READ_BYTE 0x18 "flags" SET "patched" = 0 WHILE ((("%flags%" BAND "0b00000100") = "0b00000000") AND ("%patched%" = 0)) BEGIN WRITE_BYTE "0x18" ("%flags%" BOR "0b01000000") SET "patched" = 1 END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES EDIT: Typo in the code...
  19. Fix her dialogues. Some are Imoen, some are Imoen2 - they need to be in the same .dlg. Won't this cause problems for the numerous amount of mods out there appending the IMOEN2-dialogues, btw?
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