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  1. Well, at least from her chit-chat with Shar'Teel i remember that Faldorn thinks that men have their place in the world and great balance etc., that's all. And, of course, what women think and what women feel is a different thing.. i don't think that, for example, Viconia had a place for love in her heart until she was saved from fire by our great Baal spawn. Plus, she's 16 or so yo, which is not quite as bold a statement as Saerileth, but still out of my comfort zone. Eek. Well.. i'll keep my opinion on this for myself )
  2. It's like third request for Faldorn's romance in that many days after years of everyone pretty much ignoring her (I mean, there was one historic request for her romance right after XVIII did an alternative portrait, and that was it). Hey, don't look at me, i am not the one who's goin to create a dozen of flashmobs, bomb ye with letters or storm castle of The Gibberlings Three with army of Faldorn fans. I'm saint, ookey? (pushing away a catapult with fire ammunition) Some people prefer Mononoke Hime to Ayanami Rei or Chi. Wild woman.. Venus in animal furs and so on.
  3. Shar-Teels is a bit chaotic, but i think much of it anyway. Yet girls have the delicious piece of a pie - Ajantis and Xan are both sweet. Know nothing 'out Coran - just did't joined him to a party of mine. But i will check his romantic line.
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