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  1. Well, if my husband carries through on his promise, the voicing concern should be addressed (to some extent - there are a lot of sound files to go through!) for 4, as well as the Imoen issue. (And all other issues raised on the v3 and above bugs thread.)


    I remember when I was first beta testing, the talks where Imoen's referred to as your sister definitely came after Spellhold. At some point during the beta processing, the timers were adjusted to speed up the love talks a bit, and that's what caused the issue.


    So, 4 will be worth playing, and will likely happen next month. 5 probably won't happen until the fall, but should be worth the wait.


    Cal, did you uninstall Angelo with him in the middle of your stack? Sometimes that doesn't always work out all that well. I've uninstalled the second mod in my stack with no issue, and then gone on to have heaps of problems uninstalling something second or third from the bottom. For that reason alone, I always build a fresh install, unless I am uninstalling the very last mod. Some also have good results uninstalling everything in reverse order until they get to the mod they want out, then reinstalling the mods they still want in the same order they were originally in.

  2. Thank you!


    I am in search of PID flirts for the new beginnings romance. I can come up with the standard ones (smile at, hug, kiss, etc.), but if you have any ideas for "flirt with him using weak excuses" scenarios let me know! ;)


    I'll think on it, but it might be a while. It takes planning to get time to think around here. Much as you, my life is waaaay too like that brilliant scene you wrote in Nashkel for your BG1 Q & E mod. :laugh:

  3. I too would love to see a re-coloured version of Angelo SV. I've got the following portrait versions, all the same size (110x170):






    When I cycle through them the one with the best-proportioned features (IMO) is AngelM_V.jpg (Angelo SV).


    Sure thing. I might just try to bring up the saturation instead of doing a full-out repaint.

  4. I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but that New Angelo Edit has got the biggest forehead of them all. Isn't it possible to just simply recolor Angelo SV?


    I can give that a go later, sure.

  5. Hey, I finally got around to three-sizing the new edit. Here's a download. Just unpack into your BGII SOA portraits folder (or override) and rename the files ADAngelL, ADAngelM, and ADAngelS.


    I also repainted my alternate of Angelo, using some new settings in my PSP program. The three sizes for this can be downloaded here. To install, follow the same instructions as above.

  6. And two latecomers.


    Oyaji and Sakaki


    Ages: 54 (Oyaji) and 16 (Sakaki)


    This pair of enigmatic Kara-Turans have set up shop in the Temple District of Athkatla under a special writ from the High Watcher. Their real names are unknown. A branch from the sakaki tree is used in ceremonies dedicated to the eight million gods of Wa and Kozakura, and "Oyaji" is a familiar term for father; but there is no resemblance between the two. Oyaji sells scrolls and other items meant to be effective against the undead. Sakaki, whom he calls his "charge," is a medium with the ability to channel spirits of the recently dead.


    Or so he claims. The pair were forced to flee the country of Wa when, unjustly (Oyaji claims), Sakaki was accused of being a fraudulent medium. In fact, the accusation was true. Sakaki's natural gift does not allow her to communicate with the dead, but with the living, by reading their thoughts. Oyaji's motives are nonetheless pure. By having Sakaki tell mourners what they want to hear, he hopes to help gently sever the ties between the dead and the living. His activities are informed by a deep respect for life and its natural limits.


    I do believe I can hazard a guess as to where these two come into play. I cannot wait for the next update :)

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