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  1. Hear ye hear ye! I've received word of a new Roleplay website looking for potential members! Based upon the Vampire the Masquerade: World of Darkness setting, the site can be found here Club Noir Any who are interested please visit the link
  2. kain


    is there a specific release date that ur aiming for
  3. kain


    does anyone know if teambg got another site up and running or r they still down
  4. this is what i get when trying to install the banter pack this what i get when i try to install the coran romance
  5. i keep getting errors when instaling the banter pack, ive reinstalled bg1 with a full custom reinstall but i keep getting the same error. it says error locating resources, (fw550.are) not found in key file (./chintin.key) i followed the instrustions when installing bg1 tutu and it works fine, can anyone help me im also having trouble instaling the coran romance
  6. one is called what really happened to imoen (or something like that), The second one is about Viconia and saverok after TOB, its about both of them traveling along with Haer dalis while saverok trys to redeem himself they eventually rescue soluafon from a surface raiding party. I cant seem to remember where i saw this fic, can someone tell me where they are.
  7. kain

    anyone seen this bug

    i dont think ive got the lastest patch installed also its happening with every npc
  8. when i try talking to a npc jaheira etc its says cannot initate dialog jaheira apears busy, yet there satanding still ive got easeof use ver 27 and the flrtpack instaled i ruled out the filrt pack because when i unistaled it it still continued, has anyone else experinced this.
  9. try and get into as many fights as possible,depose of blair and royal family proclaim myself ruler of UK guess it would be cool until realeastion sets in that i would have to see anyone i would get close to age and die before my eyes. guess a good example would kinda be a elf going out with a human or half elf its a shame bioware didnt include the fact that PC would most likely die before the female love intrest ,in the romances.
  10. kain

    looking for mod

    thanx i was searching every mod site i know and couldnt find it, it was doing my head in. Any idea as to what happened to the site because it seemed to go down overnight i dont remeber any warnings by the moderators as to them having problems.
  11. kain

    looking for mod

    any one here seen a mod that has u play as a drow with vic trying to infulence your actions by teaching u the true ways of the drow, last time i checked it was still in development but i cant remember where
  12. kain


    has anyone here tried to vist the teambg site, i tried on my pc and my friends and i still cant get there anyone know if its moved or a server problem. ( i need to get updates on the imoen romnce)
  13. maye they could be included in a second version
  14. looks good, it could be just me but how about given her amber eyes
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