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  1. Same applies to you. I've never spammed "What about now?". I'm not Noober.... Please ignore the imp. He is an expert provocateur. Often there are some informative bits in his posts if you can wade through them, however. I was originally assisting Demi in testing KR, and there has been little work done on this project for quite some time. However, Demi has not confirmed that he intends to leave the project in its current state forever. It's possible that future updates will be made, but don't assume that they will be forthcoming. Like the imp said, the currently implemented features work very well as-is. We did discuss on several occasions how cool it would be to assign kits to some enemies and have them use the abilities in KR. I agree with your position on that for sure. However, there were concerns with maintaining compatibility with DavidW's Sword Coast Strategems AI mod. IIRC, it was decided to complete revisions for all of the classes before considering whether to try to add behavior to enemy units, but the work on the classes stalled a couple of years ago.
  2. I just wanted to pop in to say that I am excited with this modification and the possibilities it represents. Thanks for your work on tweaking the AI in this manner. It would be a large undertaking, but I share kreso's enthusiasm for the possibility of having an AI that utilizes the KR abilities as well.
  3. Besides Sarevok there were none others that are current KR classes. I had to manually fix the irritating weapon proficiencies bug for trueclass Fighters on Sarevok. Wizard Slayers' vulnerability to powerful enemy melee combatants is noticeable in the early- to mid-game, preventing them from being a no-brainer when choosing a Fighter kit. I don't think I ever had SCS cast Lower Resistance on my Wizard Slayer. I had boots that prevented Imprisonment and Maze late in the game, which helped immensely. I also had the borderline overpowered Greenstone Amulet that made me immune to mind-affecting spells. Usually the enemy mages were running for their life, although there were some exceptions. I think playing with the option to have ALL buffs cast automatically on enemy mages would help temper the power of the Wizard Slayer to a more normal level. Playing with just long-term buffs auto-cast, it was rather easy to strip their Stoneskin. The only times I had to pause my mage slaughtering was when I couldn't use Bala's Axe to strip PFMW because the creature was already immune to normal weapons. I think this is fine, though, as a kit that specializes in killing wizards should be damn good at it as is currently the case. Like I mentioned, taking away some of their end-game offensive output relative to other Fighters would balance them out a bit more. Funny you should mention this because I took to using the Grandmaster's Armor with the permanent Haste effect in the endgame because Fire Giants and the like pretty much hit me every time anyhow. Maybe with a tanked-out Fighter that would not have been the case. I don't think it would be too out of place to have a component in KR that makes some enemies use the kit abilities that you add.
  4. Just finished a run-through of BG:EE and BG2:EE with a Wizard Slayer protagonist and I have to say that Wizard Slayers are quite good now. I was using SCS with the only-long-term-auto-buffing option on the mages. I chose to dual-wield axes at random and stumbled upon the excellent Bala's Axe that allowed me to bypass PFMW with extra dispelling chances as well. Also, the Wizard Slayers' vulnerability to powerful enemy melee combatants is noticeable in the early- to mid-game, preventing them from being a no-brainer when choosing a Fighter kit. Nice work. My only suggestions would be as follows: 1) Extend Inner Focus to two rounds duration at epic levels (doable as an HLA option?). I found myself using it very infrequently once Resist Magic became available as Inner Focus requires lots of micromanagement and Resist Magic + innate MR + some equipment can easily get you to 70-85% MR. I think a longer duration would make it more appealing, but it is an imperfect solution. 2) Remove one or two of the powerful attack abilities such as Critical Strike from their HLA table. This would balance them a bit more vs. other Fighter kits in late-game play. In the endgame, my perception is that they retain all of the offensive power of the other Fighter kits due to having access to the same HLAs, have incredibly enhanced utility vs. mages due to their breaching attacks, and are able to mitigate their tanking deficiency much better as compared to the early game (with IR installed). It's too bad that there are no enemy Wizard Slayers that make use of their Breach attack. Party mages would crap their pants.
  5. Is this with 2 player characters without any other party members ? Actually we are using four player-generated characters (two each) and two NPC's (one each). The exact Bioware/Beamdog NPC's we use varies as we go through the game. Right now the party is: Wizard Slayer (Bhaalspawn) Shapeshifter Druid Dragon Disciple Cleric/Thief Dorn Il-khan Aerie
  6. My friend and I have been playing a multiplayer run-through with the latest versions of the Revisions mods. We have several casters that use different types of summons. However, we have not extensively used MS spells below level 5 due to party composition during BG1. We are playing with no summoning cap. Here are some of our impressions: Devas and Planetars are very powerful. We are playing with a mod that converts them to once-per-day abilities rather than memorizable spells, however, and this does reduce the craziness to a somewhat reasonable degree. They still perform better than any of the other summons we have used, except perhaps the elemental princes. They lay waste to all manner of foes with very little that can compete. We are currently in the final areas of SoA, so maybe they will be more evenly matched with the enemies in ToB? We are not using fiends, so I cannot offer a comparison of power with the Devas and Planetars. Mordenkainen's Sword is still functionally immune to physical attacks. My friend and I do not have it, but my dual wielding Wizard Slayer generally only gets the added elemental damage from his weapon applied to enemy swords. It is usually better to kite them around until they are unsummoned as opposed to trying to fence with them. Their offensive output is decent but not incredible, so they can safely be ignored by most high-level fighter types in my experience. Priests and rogues have a tougher time and usually must flee or use Sanctuary or the like. Elemental summoning spells are solid in general. In Watcher's Keep (SCS and BP-Ascension installed, no other tactics mods) we are able to tank just about all of the physical attackers with 1-3 elemental summons. IMO, they eclipse the animal summoning spells of similar level. I suppose you could use Polar Bears with Ice Storm, but skeletons seem better for this (see below). The earth elemental is my favorite as my friend and I use it along with MS VI (Wyverns) to surround enemies and then Earthquake them into oblivion as these summons are immune to Earthquake. By far the most useful summoning spell in our hands has been Animate Dead (and later Animate Skeleton Warrior). Skeletons are arguably too useful for the following reasons: -- 8 hour duration -- Immune to mind flayer brain eating -- Immune to beholder rays -- Immune to level drain -- Animate Dead scales favorably in power with caster level. -- Immune to cold (wall enemies off and ice storm them to death -- early game version of Earthquake strategy mentioned above). Keep in mind that we are not using a summoning cap, which changes the calculus. Under these conditions, and army of skeletons guided by an invisible caster can storm groups of vampires, mind flayers, and beholders and trivialize the encounters when these are usually some of the most difficult battles in the game. Without our skeletons, mind flayers and beholders at least would be much scarier fights indeed. Very occasionally there is an enemy that can turn or control the skeletons, but this happens quite infrequently.
  7. It's not a bad description as-is. Here is an expanded one for you to use or not as you desire: "Upon completion of this spell, a transparent and permeable barrier descends upon the caster and all allies within XXX feet. Individuals protected by the Dispelling Screen will be shielded from the effects of Breach, Dispel Magic, and Remove Magic. After absorbing one of these spells, the magical barrier around the creature dissipates. Very powerful antimagic spells such as Pierce Shield and Spellstrike will dissipate a Dispelling Screen without being absorbed."
  8. This request popped up quite a few times. On one hand I'm tempted to offer some solution, on the other hand I don't think there's any similar PnP spell. It would be easier if there was a non-PnP BG spell which could fit such role (half of BG spell protections and removals never existed) but I don't see any. IIRC, we tossed around the idea of using Mass Lower Resistance as an HLA for one of the mage kits in Kit Revisions.
  9. Hi, Eleneithel. The mod is still in development but Demivrgvs, the primary author, has not been actively updating it for a few months. He tends to have amazingly productive spurts that give way to long-ish periods of dormancy. He is like a modding volcano. I will say that the beta-released warrior classes are completely playable and enjoyable right now, so you can give those a go if you want. I highly recommend them.
  10. If anyone wants a link to the latest beta version and Demi is not around, I can send you one if you PM me.
  11. I am sympathetic to these arguments. IIRC, I argued for a faster rate of regeneration when this feature was first being discussed. I feel as though it would not be unbalancing to increase the rate of regen a bit. I think a good way of looking at the regen spells would be in terms of how many rounds it would take to achieve the same amount of healing you get from the cure wounds spell of the same level. As long as it takes at least 3-4 rounds to equal the output of a cure wounds spell of the same level, I am fine with it. In such a case, they would still be vastly inferior as an emergency measure for low-HP characters, preserving that distinction between the cleric and druid play styles. As much as I understand the functional advantages of making these spells immune to Dispel Magic, I just cannot bring myself to agree. They just reek of being magical enhancements that should be subject to dispelling in my eyes. I also don't think that an arbitrary list of spells that are not affected by Dispel Magic is a good way to balance dispelling, either. I don't want to have to try to recall which spells are and are not affected whenever I cast Dispel Magic. If it was a simple guideline like "all alterations are immune to dispelling" like Demi alluded to, I would be more inclined to support it.
  12. They might have different projectiles because IIRC Wish can haste you, your party, or all of the enemies.
  13. Nice find, kreso. LOL at the note in the script.
  14. They changed something with how trolls die in the most recent EE2 patch. It is somewhere in their big patch notes document.
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