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  1. Jarno Mikkola

    Protecting a joined NPC against permanent death (only)

    Freeze death... petrification. And chunking death, aka a hit that does current_hitpoints+10.
  2. Jarno Mikkola

    A safety check for a new alignment entry

    Just: APPEND ~alignmen.ids~ ~0x40 UNALIGNED~ APPEND ~align.ids~ ~0x40 UNALIGNED~ And then use this when copying the .cre: COPY_EXISTING ~.cre~ WRITE_BYTE ~0x027b~ ~0x40~ Whether appended data will be used from the enginest.2da is any ones guess, but sure you can append that too, just EVAL the string ...
  3. Jarno Mikkola

    EET_end confusion

    There is. Windows is free*, just like all it's games are. And I am not just saying Windows upgrades... but the whole OS program is free. Just know what you are doing. Yeah. Now what comes to hardware, just don't buy a laptop that says it hardware locked to a software instance (like Windows <number>), and even in that case you just need to untie the manufacturers warenty that's already invalid the past ... 5 years or so, by the time you would buy it today. Now, of course if you dream about having your iMac to be able to run things, you are out of luck, but it's cause the manufacturer of them is an iTool. Not that the others are much better, as macrohard wormdoors, nor handheld mr.droid have any unique ideas. I personally use Wormdoors cause it's still most utilized for gaming... and it does support most features, with least amount of manufactures inanity. Now of course, PCs too have their package manufacturer shottyness too, but there are more than the one overpriced US -one, and you can switch the manufacturer by just taking the machine back to the shop and you get a full refund at least here in EU, provided you do so to it in the shops 7 to 50 days warenty time. *By free, I mean that if you have one licence, you don't need another... and there is ways to get a licence by other means than a shopping one from a store.
  4. Jarno Mikkola

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    A far better tweak would be to add in a similar, but a lesser item for ALL clerics at a set levels. Meaning that if multi classed character would like, they could use the lesser version of it at a similar level that a full blown cleric gets their better item... while they could use the lesser item before that. But then again, it all goes down to level scaling. Duals you say... well, they have allways been and will always be far overpowered in most applications rather than their single classed counterparts, excluding a few kits. And see, yeah, thief get's their hood, but they can use any item they feel they like at those levels. Robes, usable. Carsomyr, usable. Helm of the Rock, usable. What they don't get is the full benefit from those items. And they have to use a slot to use the items, all the while others then don't get the exact item. That's the path of the rogue.
  5. Jarno Mikkola

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    How would you like to set that ? As in, your end of the spectrum is really hated by everyone but the starkest of the freedom defenders ... that won't be beneficial to anybody. Guest EdekaReweAldiLidl: 3 & 4 Those tweaks are spell specific, have you tried the Spell Rev mod ? 2... it's called kit balance. Each of them have weaknessess ... 1... yep. So ? You don't need to provide your god the monetary sacrifice your ought to do in the P&P versions of the game. So now you want the god to give a half a person, the same exact benefit a real person gets ? @Sarge945 " Are there any good mod making tutorials? I have downloaded some of the tools, but the game's internal data structure confuses the hell out of me. " I bet you haven't even realized that there's an entire forum section here and in SHSforums... and a weidu's own Readme file.
  6. Well not really... but most of the creatures in the areas you have visited won't be greatly affected by the mod. So if you have walked into the last area of the game with invulnerability on, before you install the mod, and then return to each of the enemies... they won't be any better in any way... much. But any area you have not visited, or monsters are being summoned still in will be in their SCS mod altered versions.
  7. Well, the content of your weidu.log would be a first step to add to this. Open the file in your game folder with Notepad, or similar program, and post it.
  8. Right, and with this, we make armors that don't have any restrictions at all. Or at least, the higher +x armors give less penalty. Including thief skills too. As this is the reason why none of the games armors have race-size restrictions, and one BG1 mod had a race restriction added in the non-magical armors.
  9. Jarno Mikkola

    Request for Kivan

    Yes. But you could use EEKeeper to do this too.
  10. Well, the fact that a full plate mail is "heavier"... is really not true. See you have to wear something else besides the vest, in your arms, legs and knees, elbows etc. A full plate mail covers the whole nine yards, but a plate mail doesn't... and so, tell it to that guy.
  11. Jarno Mikkola

    Enhanced ALTER_EFFECT functions

    Fixed that for yöu.
  12. Jarno Mikkola

    "sudden" ending when facing Bg1 end boss

    Sarevok, no. Well, a single Two-Handed Sword ... is all he has. Tazok, well Sandthief's Ring, a plate mail and a bastards sword, and potions. So only a ring worth a 1gp, that's actually quite good...
  13. Jarno Mikkola

    SR V4 Beta 16

    @lynx, .. 430.6 GemRp pixels... with an angled trajectory ... right. I would bet it's from the center of the firing creature to the center of the attacked creature that you should measure and get a set of a distance, yes in pixels... but there's no way you can get a 0.6 as the final number, cause pixels don't work that way in reality. It's only if you use trigonometry to calculate the angled sideline, that you get not whole numbers.
  14. Jarno Mikkola

    Looking for Oversight v14

    Yeah, so the page 23 was updated, while later was not. Why you ask, cause Leonardo most likely uses German language to make his installs and the weidu.log would effectively have German all over it. The original version tag for BWP v18.1 was " 14", which the Fixpack patched to be " 14 BWP Fix", but there's others already. The weidu.log is just a copy paste job. Just like all the other translation work, sometimes things get shuffled and not updated. But that doesn't make the 14 or 15 better than 16... or 24.524.794763485568u. Likely, at the least. You might not use curse words... but pink pixes are worse things that you can fall on to. They stain the beauty that is RED. So refusing to utilize the name doesn't remove the effect it has in the saying. Besides the confusion might come from the fact that, it's "curse words" that you do not use. Not "*cursewords*". It is similar, but not the same. The intent is to make the written words legible, while containing no degeneration from the subject. Like for the fact that they might be kikkelöi, or the like. What does that mean, well if you have no cultural base to know it, you would accept it as only as a curse word -verb, but it's actually more, and a lesser.
  15. Jarno Mikkola

    "Zone of sweet air" with Weidu

    Well, I use Firefox and I don't understand what you are talking about, as "body field", but here's a visual what I saw, halfsized, with my Firefox, so I don't think it's just Ff, but it could be attachment/add on or the like that's corrupted at your end: