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  1. Well, that might be important to eliminate. Why is the power 0, in spwi123.spl it's 1... and the dispel/resist is in the original spell zero, not 2. If I remember, this bug might have been fixed already and now it's broken again.
  2. Näh, you two just fail to understand moding. And that the 17 years make the game more likely to be moded than if it were 2 years old. See the old mod making scenary can move onto a new one, while creating one from nothing is not so easy. I treat this as a given. As in, it usually doesn't need to be said.
  3. 2 ? wtf. More like 17... Yes, the EE might be only 2, but look at the original.
  4. Uuh, actually what jastey means is that even as the weapon doesn't say it to be a +5 weapon, but it(sw2h05.itm) is, it's not meant to be viewable, as it's not dropped, so yes, it's a +5 weapon, and no you can't get it and so on... the file name tricket me. You would think that the original wouldn't be named the next from the few normal and then the few specific player useful swords, but it is.
  5. Or you could just replace the file with an premade empty file. COPY ~modfolder/itemexcl.2da~ ~override~ Cheese luice, people don't just think.
  6. So you have no Near Infinity then ? There's 3 of them... But the last one in the temple(Sarevo.cre), uses just a regular 2 handed sword(sw2h05). No undroppable or magically created swords there.
  7. Sorry to burst you bubble, but you use the wrong word here. See a modder usually means a person that use a mod, but a better term is "mod user"... that's not rare. A "mod makers" are a bit rarer, which I assumed you meant. And then there's the forum moderators, aka a person that monitors a forum and can modify their content ... all which could be called modders, but as you can probably read, but it gets twisted when used in a fachion that's goes around the usual suspects, or rather the precision. Especially when all you got to do to become from one to another, is to know how to open a text file with a Notepad, to actually start, after which you can probably start wondering if you opened the correct file.
  8. Erhm, you are done nothing good. As in, what does this entail ? A dialog ? .d file ? A script string display ? Erhm flying eyes in a dream state... The ++ ~dialog phrase 1~ + ~dialog phrase 2~ ... can be done, but in a .d file involving CHAIN ... and those plusses are abbreviation of other functions.
  9. It must be a sad day, when you find out that you have been maintaining a moding site of a strategy game yourself. See, the Baldur's Gate games are one. -you have failed your city. You can play MOM also in your browser as a free game. Not that the Casters of Magic can be played with it, you can't. And yes, the tactical mini-combat scenarios were the defining feature of the game. So much so that the Age of Wonders series of game could be said to have copied it. What ever could you mean ? You just pick up Myrran and Warlord, and your Dark Elves spearmen will devastate everything until you get your Warlocks up... all the while you have scouted the nearby area for a Dragonian town to conquer, so you can then fry the map using their Doom Drakes, with Fang. Until you get your Torin or Mortu, and then you (kinda) won.
  10. Seems you haven't been corrupted yet enough by moding to know, that playing the game is not where; the fun is/the dugs are. The makers of the game didn't make the game to play it, they made it not for proffit either, but to mod at it. And you are just showeling coals at their inferno of a world now. Yes, most of them have recovered... but not all. When you fail to undestand the normal cry of agony, has turned into accelerated lust of more information and delectation. Aaaiiiiaaah.
  11. Nice, thank you Angel. I'll thing I'll use the ENGINE_IS.
  12. I need to patch the in-game files according to a GAME_IS -function... between a EE and non-EE games... and I want to know/make_sure that it won't patch the EE files twice. COPY_EXISTING_GLOB ~.*\.are$~ ~override~ // PATCH_IF (REQUIRE_PREDICATE GAME_IS ~bgee bg2ee eet~) BEGIN <patch> //EE only BUT_ONLY END PATCH_IF (REQUIRE_PREDICATE GAME_IS ~soa tob tutu tutu_totsc ca iwd_in_bg2~) BEGIN <patch>//non-EE BUT_ONLY END ..would this work? Or does the SoA and ToB also flag also get the BG2EE files ? And if so, how do I exclude those ? Ouh, and does anyone have the EE:SoD and Shadowhand flags ? Or do the above also cover those cases ?
  13. Yeah, and you should prepare to make your own megamod compilation... been at it, and moding the last 14 years and haven't left SoA chapter 3 ever after.
  14. Well, being imprisoned with the land slaves is a consept that had a high purpose at the start... but the days with the few being more equal than the many, a lot of things could have been, that were not. Actually though, if you look at the nation that I live in, the ideal communial state has quite well established itself in here, though the communist revolution was crushed. And it's all thanks to USSR, well I can claim it to be so, it's not entirely, but that a sideshow.
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