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  1. It would be here... it's part of the Easy-of-use compilation. But like Gwendolyne said, the G3 Tweakspack might do it better today, depending on your tastes.
  2. Seriously, the GlobalLT in that means "the Global needs to be Less Than" 3... meaning that it can't be 3 (or more).
  3. Just for clearance, the original topic title was "Gey v3 ..." But the subject had the correct name, so... it started with "Grey th.."
  4. You might want to spellcheck the topic title... .. yes, I can understand. That's why it's fun.
  5. Yeah, thing is, it doesn't recognize all the IWD+HoW versions out there. And it's here by the by.
  6. The "save patcher" would fix your BG2EE save to be compatible with EET, not your old EET saves to be compatible with the new version.
  7. Well, if the attack was a continuous ray than can be resisted/saved against 1 hit point per hit, rather than a ton of damage per blast... it would be nice, but will that ever happen.
  8. And what did you cast the spell on ? Aka, was it a legitimate enemy, and not a spell casting/undead one that could have been immune to the effect ? And did you start a new game after installing the mod, so the dialog strings are properly in place in the savegame.
  9. If you ask opinions, then perhaps it might be prominant that you give the exact details thatsay: What exactly you want to do ? You want to add an item... what kind, how powerful is it, etc. Or if the items name spells it out, you rarely need to. And EET is no different from the others, when a creature is added to the BG2EE game from BG1EE, it's likey retain the exact facts it already has, if it has rndtres02.itm in BG1EE, it will likely have the same exact item in BG2EE via EET. Cause it's simplier to code it that way... or if a shift is required, then you could just install an EET to your BG2EE and look up the BG1 creature, the index might have moved from rndtres02.itm to rndtres09.itm, but the table is the same in BG2EE as it was in BG1EE for that item. Still, if you install the mod on BG1EE, then you don't need to in large portions to worry about the details as the EET's install actually carry large weight of the coding by itself and so the reindexing is done by default to even when mod added items are featured. Also I couldn't link to this, that and those last time. Apparently I need to link more. Now, if you want to give Sarevok a potion of bunnyhop, then you do the same thing in BG1EE and EET, you find the .cre file you want to edit, there's 3 of them, 2 immortals you will want to avoid, copy_existing the right one and patch the .cre to have the item via add_cre_item, tie it up with a GAME_IS or the others and let yourself go. You don't random drop the item to a loop table.
  10. I have a doubt that you actually mean this, cause it only takes 8 hours to complete a rest in the game.
  11. I am sure there's a way to make the Shamanic dance to mimic a Turn Undead. It's a spell effect after all. It migh not say Turn Undead in the graphical user interface... or it might... but the effect would be there. So request someone to make a specific kit... with all features featured in the description. And you might want to give subtext additional data, like every featured spell you request the Shaman kit to have access to, if you want them to be able to use axes, possible race restrictions, ... as without them you won't get them. And if you don't know, how... you don't need to. People will tell that this is impossible. Or at least that there's a really lowsy way to get around some messes.
  12. That's not really moding a class. That's creating a kit you like. You create a Sorcerer kit and you add in the spells you like, that's about it. And kick the character somehow to balance it out. Aka, create a-work-around. And I'll remind you of the fun fact, the original game didn't have a Shaman's, so that's a-work-around too. What moding a class means is modifing the items and spells they have access to, and that's actually pretty easy... you just read the items and modify their content, how to balance that is a question of FUN.
  13. Using the native system, you might want to reconsider... the files involved are a rndtrex.itm's and rndtresx.2da -files, where the x is a number. Example is amcust02.cre. The item is placed on the creatures inventory and it gets randomized when the creature is "made". It can be nothing, gold or if can be a magical weapon of quite specific and high quality. And as the tables are intervined, they criss cross and your intention of adding one item could fire a whole firestorm of them. Just add a specific creature that has it... or make your own using different method.
  14. Or you could just think of those as what they are, fantasy swords. The phallicity is implied. It's not like you watch porn for not wanting to be part of the action.
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