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  1. Meaning ? Cause the Fallout sure didn't have much of forging. Yes, we are talking about the isometric turnbased game. There's a few mods that add a lot of options, like Item Upgrade. But no F4's build a poo shooter from scrap. Which is probably theamed around the phemonemon on making ones own potato cannon.
  2. Yeah, but that's because the spin101.spl is not flagged as non-wizard/sorcerer one in the .spl files offset 0x001e. Yes, technically that's specialization exclusion, but it's a whole class wide one in bit 14 and 30&31. And they can be undone by kits own GA_spellname -powers in it's clabxxxx.2da file. Or with a scroll item, that uses the opcode 147.
  3. You don't hide the spell via hidespl.ids file, but exclude it from paladin/clerics and druid/rangers in the .spl file, and then add it via clabxxxx.2da file to the said kit/class, just like say the OlvynChuru's mod does. There are several better ways to do this. And to point this out, the hidespel.ids is for TECHNICAL mods, like say SCS, that need to use a scriptable spells that are a little strange.
  4. Well, if you use 20 minutes in prebuffing your party for a fight that last for say 30 seconds, in each fight for say 8 hours, a little disbelief of immersion is just a good thing. Not that I ever play a game like that...
  5. I agree completely that this would be handy. But it can be added into weidu too. And no, it would not be alteration of the ADD_SPELL, but some other say ADD_SPELL_SPECIAL function, or just the ASS -function.
  6. This is because the ADD_SPELL commands Resource_binding was married into it and weidu afterwards, probably by multiple requests. I bet that Wisp has not had the time to familiarize himself into say ouh the OrvynSpells 4760 lines long .tp2 code, to make a good suggestion on what to improve or overhaul the code with etc. See the last 200 lines of code for example being completely quoted out. It not really his job either.
  7. And there's no way to adopt this into a better defined / more mod-maker friendly system that just takes the old ADD_SPELL -like weidu fuctionality and expands the cheese out of it, so that everyone should use it ? It doesn't need to be OlvynChuru that directs this, and I am actually hoping someone that is good at making tutorials to do such. As I undestand it, the ADD_SPELL is an "easy" weidu function, relatively... maybe we(well, spell mod makers) just need to learn a medium one too. Yes, I know this is all EE game exclusive, and require the EEex and blah, but seriously these
  8. Judging from your weidu.log, you don't seem to have installed the DLCmerger mod, and you are modifying the BG1EE game, or more likely a game with the Spear of the Dragonsiege DLC so ... based on this, you need to revert back to original, and install the DLC merger, before you install other mods. Or your dialog will always be bad. Yes.
  9. Without actually reading the t-arecre.tpa -files content, I would say absolutely... but . Edit, in case you didn't get the referense, "the problem is, we do wrong shit all the time".
  10. It's not really. Well... The spells are all prebuff spells determined by the mod, and everyone of the characters can use it at the same time, and the used spells are everyone on the list if the caster has memorized them. And you don't need a sequence as you cast them instantly, aka as long as you are out of combat, and trigger it, you can use a "cheat" to cast the spells faster, just like one would use a very large Sequencer. Note, that it's not a minor sequencer, but a custom similar one.
  11. Thing is, the Infinity Animation mod requires .tp2 editing near line 4415 to allow this. I'll note that I've request help to solve this.
  12. Well, the SCS adds a caster script that can cast prebuffs technically instantly.
  13. Hmm, ... this might need a fix in the .tp2 file to not autoinstall the darn thing. Aka, open the setup-infinityanimations.tp2 file in the mods own folder, go to line 4415, and find this: //! Creature References ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// BEGIN @105 //Creature References FORCED_SUBCOMPONENT @104 (MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~setup-infinityanimations.tp2~ 0) //Fix Areas REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~setup-infinityanimations.tp2~ 0 @26 //This component requires the main component. INSTALL_BY_DEFAULT DESIGNATED 9000 ACTION_IF NOT MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~setup-infinityanimations.tp2~ 0 BEGI
  14. Normally that's Jaheira only ability... I am of course talking about druids, non-EE and non-modded, so take it with that knowledge.
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