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  1. Viconia has several locations depending on which mods you have installed. She is can be at the south road from Beregost to the Nashkel... this mod actually puts here into the cave, here. Normally she would be at Peldvale. And the old SCSI puts her on the same road south from Beregost, but she wasn't in the cave, it wasn't a cave, just a rock formation ... I don't know where the SCS today puts her.
  2. ( gruelling work hours later I am back, knowing about the above failure... ) Yeah, I had forgotten the .bif file name change that has to be done if you want to install two mods that do the same thing, aka bif files. So here's the actual correctly made mod, as a .zip archive: the_non_bigg_biff.zip
  3. No. Nope NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yeah, there's a horrific mistake you make... that doesn't work. If you want to do this, you revert what ever you did before. Hopefully you made/have a backup. Then you copy your override folder elsewhere, and then you uninstall the Generalized biffing and then you reinsert the copied override folder into the games current folder and overwrite the files when it asks that and then you reinstall the Generalized Biffing. Now, if you want to waste the space and not do the above(except the reverting. So not uninstalling the current Generalized Biffing), then you can do that by installing this little fake Generalized biffing. It's a properly made rename. And yes, you never rename mod folder names ... and expect them to work. They never will. The commands are in the .tp2 file, and so that's why you failed. EDIT: Don't use the .rar version this post had... it will ruin your game if you install it with Gen_Bif ...
  4. It's the Enhancement level ... aka the items Edit display, in the Near Infinity, at offset 60h, when you have that displayed, which can be set in the Options-> Show Hex Offsets. It can be changed... and yes a lot of +1 items are actually just marked as zeroes.
  5. Have you read any D&D novels... demons won't die, ever, as they can't. As they happen to manifest, rather than get evoked into the realms. So they get banished, not killed. That's the whole point of the speach of the IWD games intro. As he happens to be looking back. But I would still contend that time travel is not the approach I would take.
  6. Yea-no-hmm-nad. Punctuation !! Learn to use it. And try to make a question that has a "Yes" or "No" answer, NOT; BOTH ! heh, "Yes". That's your answer. Now, were we talking about a game installed with SCS or not... no, I won't care.
  7. Because "none" is not a hex value... yes, the 0x2020 is the default for no animation... but that might not have occurred to the coder at the time and to "fix" that, you need to ask it from Wisp, preferably at WeiDU's own forum, rather than a question at a offsite. And then there's the "What if the user has no idea what they are doing... let's go with the default's, I am sure it's fine... KABOOM".
  8. What is this ? Is it the same as bGt-waifu ? Do you intentionally write the freaking thing wrong on PURPOSE ? And why ?
  9. Pirating mods ? What is this now, do you also go in for bootlegging, waving flags and sound like an irish piraty mate ? Yarl.
  10. Well, thing is, the EE has in game option to do this currently ... v2.5 or above. BG2 had this ... as a hidden feature in the in-game difficulty settings... as if you set it to easy, you get max HP at level up. This is not of course a re-versive(aka it doesn't give you more hitpoint if you first level up in hard mode and then reduce difficulty). Tweak... doesn't matter to me, I never play the game anymore.
  11. Hih, 2 things, are those zeroes or O's ... as you might want to, type letters in the lower case, if you use numbers as well. And 2'nd, that's not the cheat code... it just the item name, which becomes cheat code in the Console (BG2/EE), when typed into it in the correct way: C:CreateItem("c#q01004") or in the nonEE games, it's: CLUAConsole:CreateItem("c#q01004")
  12. Why not just port the player character to spellhold and leave Imoen+party to Amn to attempt the rescue.
  13. So rather than actually penalizing yourself, you have just doubled down and gained more benefit. Nice.
  14. Possible ? Yes. Does it waste space a bit, yes. Is it worth it, most likely.
  15. Thing to note about the BGT-music, is that it doesn't effect the sound files, so to speak. But just how the engine uses the ones it already has... aka you patch a tiny table, not a large sound files. The not quote part is advice about saving space on your hard drive... and perhaps a tiny portion of speed enhancement due to the saved space.... but you might as well biff everything, and multiple times too, the effective speed increase is definitely worth, if you compare it to NOT biffing anything.
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