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  1. Where did you delete the files from ? As in, they need to be installed and then deleted from the "override" folder. And start a new game ... One last thing that I am suspecting is your 3D settings... they should really be on, rather than "off". As in, the: 3D Acceleration=0 16Bit Textures=1 GLSetup Driver=-1 Should be different. But set them with the BGConfig.exe ...
  2. Jarno Mikkola

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    What ? Isn't it innate by circumstance... as in as long as you don't install the EET_end before you install the BG2 NPC, the chapter and other GLOBALs will be OK when you install the EET_end after. So it's natively compatible, just like it's with BG2EE ! Cause if it works in BG2ToB, it will work with BG2EE !
  3. Jarno Mikkola

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Fixed... cause the Ninde is a SoA&ToB original... and so there is no BG1EE content, which is kinda necessary to be on the list. As the mod works natively with EET, if it only has SoA& ToB content. like that of Ninde. So it needn't be on the list.
  4. Jarno Mikkola

    Edit Script ?

    You open the file with Near Infinity. The most recent release. Which is a Java tool, here's a little more about it.
  5. What, it's the very same link as the rc10, you just need to scroll under it, to see the rc9, rc8 ... rc1.
  6. If it's the last, then you can run the setup-scs.exe and uninstall the components, yes all of them. My advice is that you at least try to clean the current area before this ..as the creatures in there have already been effectively saved as is. And you might need to restart the game ..as you might not be able to use your saves ... if you do this. So THINK, before you advance. After the uninstall, go to the game directory, remove the SCS folder and then extract the rc10 to it's place, and install it. And it doesn't need to be the last mod either, as with any other weidu mod. Well, except the ones that are installed before mods that make .bif -files, as those can't be uninstalled correctly. And in this case, the likelihood of not usable saves increase. Yes, in those cases, the install time gets also longer ... as you are truthfully uninstalling and reinstalling a lot of stuff.
  7. This is somewhat likely to do with your video settings. Open the baldur.ini file from your game folder and copy paste the text to a post. As in, the game only works in 1024x768 of the unsupported resolutions, the larger fail out. You should use the Widescreen mod if you want larger resolutions. Also, you really should install the ToB if you have it before you mod games these days.
  8. Jarno Mikkola

    Maxmimum time for instand/limited timing mode?

    Just because you measure something to be between zero and something else, doesn't mean it's cyclical.. what that means is that your measure is cyclical. The difference is that you can't take back time. Also all the units used in time are cyclical... as what happens after the second and minute count becomes greater than 59 ? Same with bit difference in hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries and millenniums etc. Even more fun is in, if you look into the big bang theory, and look at the start of the universe ... there the time is measured in seconds... trouble is there is no seconds by the current definition, as by it, a second is been defined as exactly: "the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom" (at a temperature of 0 K). Thing is, there's no way you can have caesium-133 at the start of the universe, as it has not been ... you know, materialized, let alone be at 0 Kelvin.
  9. Jarno Mikkola

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Well, it works here, so it's either you ... or your computer/network/browser ... - I am using Firefox, of course.
  10. It's a mirracle that you still ponder about this... because by default Ajantis is a Paladin, NO KIT involved ! So if you give him a kit, it's a infidelity to the original character ! By default. But if you give him an optional component that gives him a kit, it's fine by anyones books. So no default optional component necessary. It's there by default. And there's sure multiple other mods that can adjust his profs etc... so why add unnecessary added things, while others can do things more thoroughly. That's not to say, you can't add -add kit to Ajantis- components with multiple options via subcomponents, just that none of them need to be the "no Kit" option.
  11. Could you provide a single case where it(no main default component) wouldn't work ? And nope, you install the NPC mods before the tweak mods, not after. Just like you don't install the Widescreen mod and then wonder what happened to the non W-GUI mod, being off the GUI index point. And yes, you can provide a uninstall component if you want to, to reverse a change... but that then needs to require the exact component, and reverse the change to all the other non-mod files too. Which is itself another component, or a tweak... not a subcomponent.
  12. Good point to ask, s to speak, as no actual question was asked. See, thing is, this assumption is wrong today. One must specialize, to really have a measurable impact on the moding screen. Yes, there are multiple people that have average contact with multiple moding groups, but that's generally not enough. But to really, to make an impact to a greater scale, the specialization is necessary into one, to a game... or a group of them, like with the Infinity Engine games in this case. As one generally does these things for fun, which means there's a limit of how much of that one person can have, unless you have a support team that can handle a lot of other stuff, while you toil away. And sometimes that's not enough either, especially on the larger projects ... so much so that the hobby that you did for fun turns into code-filled-trap that is no longer fun, and at that point, one needs to walk away from it... completely. And there has been a few of these ... and that is not good. This is not to single out the G3, but as it has worked with the SpellHold Studios forum, the Pocket Plane Group, and a whole list of other sites, that today total into this community, besides just the Beamdog. Or at least this is my arrogant opinion that anyone is free to try to concede as false.
  13. Jarno Mikkola

    Site and Forum Feedback

    More likely this has to do with a new forum encoding. Or there could be a hidden subforum we have no access to. Pedantics. Sometimes you just know more.
  14. Ouh, a lofty goal you got there. And nope, that interview won't likely be happening anytime soon. Unless one of our admins(gibberlings) take a shot at it. See, you seem to forget that the game moded here, is a little different based than say Fallout games, or other Steam related products. See, there is these two: First, the corporate structure that supports the current games (Enhanced Edition), is not at all the same it was back then. Today, it's the so called Atari... which is a far call from the Atari of the old days. The owners have nothing to do with the old ones, except the name, and there was a lawsuit on the particulars of the ownership, and what you have. Second, the tools we have today weren't to do anything with "game industry" as it were... yes, the original game is actually 20 years old already and it's follow ups are 16 at least. The corporate structure change ... and common intrest set the toon for the tools. Before the EE games came out, we reputably definitely had, better tools to work with than the original source coders ... cause there was definitely enough time to fix things and well, just look at the (G3)BG2Fixpack .. that's officially now intergrated into the BG2EE. Well, to tell you the truth, it's also the work of all the other community, as this one is definitely not just G3's work alone. As it's predecessors were many, started when the G3 wasn't up yet. So rather than the industry doing things, we (me excuded from that ), were the ones that showed the industry how to go on, from the end point. But it's to be admited too, that the todays EE games are also products of the old makers, as there are at least two old time programmers from the old games, that are today employed with the New Atari. As well as a few of the netsites staff, as a consultants, or other stuff. Yes, the todays moding network -workings have changes completely from the past, the games have become more complicated too, so it might require a bit more upkeep to start from scratch. But there is nothing that the Cheat Engine can't defeat... if you just put your mind to it. And it should merrit for you to ask the questions pre-interview. Cause you get more preselection from that. As multiple of us can claim to be modders, but hardly any of us have been approached by the industry.
  15. Jarno Mikkola

    Maxmimum time for instand/limited timing mode?

    Are you talking about spells ? As in, .spl's 0x0012 offset in the Extended Header ? ... it's 10. Aka, a turn or in other words 6 seconds in real time.. if you play at 30 fps... set that to be 60 fps, and it becomes 3 seconds etc... . As the game measures things in frame switches.