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  1. How many innate spells do you have ? Yes, a simple question. Yes, this is why the game removed your innate spells you got from BG1 in BG2. To literarly, make room. Or it could be the name of the spell... #... could spell figuratively doom for this. Aka, try another name. Start with IJ ... it's my prefix..
  2. Well, one way to do this would be to remove what ever is done by default and then add the effect to the area via it's script. And that would need to check if the area is outdoors area before it adds it in, not make the script check if the area is outdoors one ... this of course requires a few things I am not complitely aware of... like for example the BG2Fixpack if you play the vanilla non-EE BG2.
  3. Well, you first of all download the latest Near Infinity version by Jazz. Yes, I call him that. After you have installed the mod into the game to see the .dlg files the .d files are compiled to... this is a process on it's own. Then you just start the Near Infinity in any location of your desires. Then you get to the Near Infinity window... if you have Java Runtime... this too is a process... let's skip that, ask if you need more. But the screen looks basically like: Then you go to Game -> Open Game -> And you then use the folder browser to find the games own "chitin.
  4. So you are saying that despite the fact that the code doesn't work, in the circumstance it is used at, it's still good code ?
  5. I don't completely agree with you because, if you do something correctly, there's no caution required. As in, you are completely right about the failure in the mod, but not really at the caution part.
  6. Technically, the solution in the mod works, but then one runs into a user that has multiple mods that use the same approach and they get these sorts of problems. So yes, if you intend to cause problems, you use the %MOD_FOLDER% etc tricks and mess up others games, but one should think of their life's goals at that point.
  7. Well, you are using original non widescreen moded game, with assumed preset OS resolution, without linear resolution stretching. The mod should have GemRB's support as an option. So I would advice to try that. But then, I have no actual idea of the GemRP's stuff. PS, the mod can set the resolution to any x and y axe combination, not just "widescreen" ones, what ever those would be even todays. But the play area is also dictated by those, so the largest usually is what ever the monitor can display, or has modes to set it as, as the stretching can then be linear.
  8. Yes, see there's no 1 as that is BOR, and so only two = or.
  9. Well, thing is, it's a weidu mod, so why is it not in the weidu.log ?
  10. Did you install a mod to a non- DLCmerge -d game ? -that has the Siege of the Dragonspear DLC in it ... as that's the thing that screws it up, so to speak.
  11. A rat can have 90% damage resistance. "Can" is the obvious word here. It depends on the exact creature that it's used against. And the damage type.
  12. The weidu.log tells us nothing we don't know... what we need is the setup-modname.debug files content, that you get by opening the file with Notepad for example, and copy paste that to a post. Preferably within spoiler tags.
  13. Could somebody remove the %&//¤¤/¤&/ format the Guest posters text has. It looks bad.
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