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  1. Neither did I, the reason being that in BG1 he couldn't be able to cast the Fireball spell. Which is why, when he can in BG2, I hated him and murdered him on the spot. .. after I had done the quest related stuff. Just as a reminder: Evil party'es are easy to manage in BG2, as you have Viconia, which makes it easier to manage the reputation as you can kick her out which gives you +2 reputation, but while recruiting her back, it removes the same amount... but if you start from 19, the max is 20, so be as heroic as you like, your party will never have higher than 18 reputation, which is the limit of when the Evil members would eventually get out.
  2. Jarno Mikkola

    Bug and Typo Reports

    You right-click it, and make it into a .zip archive. Then you either Log in to the forum, or any one of the multiple file upload sites and upload it here, or here, and then you link to it. There was a minimum post limit when I signed in a long time ago, so ... I give you both options.
  3. Jarno Mikkola

    Tweaks Anthology v8 Now Available

    Hmm, could EE games get their own component out of this, called "non-sensable entrance points" ? That restores the original to what it was.
  4. Could you also make a separate component that just removes key requirements ? Just an idea.
  5. Jarno Mikkola

    Heard you like parties

    Well, it was probably 1920 x 1080, as that's the Full HD standard resolution. But no, you don't just go off and switch that to 1600 x 1200 from that and be good with it, as you .. /%&¤&%... the resolution this way way too much. Aka from HD1080 to UXGA and expect it to work, as the aspect ratio is totally off, the game looks stretched, beyond abnormal. Well, unless your eyes see differently. What a normal dude should do, is to start with the native resolution of the given monitor... be it whatever(640x480 ... 3840x2160), and look at the table at Wikipedia, and find their own color from the chart(aka aspect ration) and go with that colors numbers, from largest to what you can perceive properly with, or reverse. Yes, one can also oversample the game graphics to play at a higher resolution than your monitor can show... but that, of course, depends on the game... and the original infinity engine games are natively bad at this, because the Graphical User Interface images are meant to be static 2D images. And the automatic anti-aliasing in the monitor will wreak havoc with that. The EE games use finer resources than the original, and the engine does the anti-aliasing math from the start, so it can cope with it much better, and get zoom function too. Now, when you switch monitors, this will of course change. I had a 1920x1200 24" native monitor(8:5) previously.. and over/supersampled it into 2560x1600 resolution(8:5)(and yes, that's a video link), and it looked good, in a few games I had it in then. In 3D games, like the XCOM:Enemy Within. ... but they don't make them anymore, so I switched it to a 28" 16:9 ~4K monitor.
  6. Jarno Mikkola

    Heard you like parties

    @zelazko A picture might help. As I understand this, the failure comes from the GUI needing to update, while it's saved... I don't remember if opening a different inteface would help, as the Widescreen might overlaps the spot or not. Say Journal, game options screen etc.
  7. Jarno Mikkola

    SR Revised V1.0.9 (2019 January 16th)

    By default it's done every 15 seconds +/- casting time=0, so that penalty is +10 ± 2, and stays there, after 45 seconds.. or ~7 minutes in Realms time. So if golems are set to cast it every 6 seconds, the spell should last only 15 seconds. Better option is to provide immunity via custom secondary effect, that last for less than the intended casting surge interval.
  8. Jarno Mikkola

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    Could you attach the compiled 32-bit ssl.exe you made ? As DavidW needs it, so he can attach it to a 32-bit version of the SCS. And were it me that was attaching, I would do it in a .zip archive...
  9. Did you --change-log the .spl file and found out that SCS is the mod that changes the spell to in fact sets the spell to be cumulative ? Or that no mods change it before or after it in a significant way. Aka, if the spell is SPIN977.SPL, which you just need NearInfinity to check that the creature has the golsto01.bcs assigned as it's script and that it contains the spell reference ..and then using weidu.exe, just --change-log the "spin977.spl" ..
  10. Aka, it can be done, but that's outside the scope of the mod.
  11. Yeah, no updates in about 5 years. The ModDB is not the official site, so it's a bad place to find things at, because there are far more mods than the few in there. And like said, the ModDB site didn't have BGT-weidu v1.18 in there until 2016, while the original was from 2013.
  12. Nope, well... the BGT-weidu's which is the modern version of BGT are still online there. As well, as the Megamoding help forum, which is SHSforums speciality.
  13. Jarno Mikkola

    Mod metadata source - brainstorming

    Yeah, but I was asking on how you would do it, after all, you said you said you had an answer that you decided to be sufficient, so with that fox-tail to lure you into a trap. Let's not forget the BWS (& crazy imp) that has a mod with *modname*-setup.tp2 file too, that it didn't make. Check out: "Sylmar Battlefield v1.0257"... and "Sandrahtot-setup.tp2" etc ... if you don't believe.
  14. Jarno Mikkola

    Valygar Not Showing Up

    The site's database has this info well at hand. For non-EE games, and for EE games.
  15. Jarno Mikkola

    Valygar Not Showing Up

    And you have done the preceding things in the quest ?