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  1. You mock my god status, you dead. First of all, the SoA is a lot "longer" game, and as such NPC makers tend to consentrait to SoA, then to BG1 in BGT, Tutu and BG1EE, and only then to ToB... so it takes a long time to get to ToB. And people, by the time they have reached the ToB, tend to utilize the squad they have picked along the way... so adding NPCs to ToB besides Sarevok, is a fools job. And people tend to have already told the story they had started with when they get to ToB.
  2. Feel free to provide a better one. And as a side note: @bob_veng, can you upload a .zip file that contains the files(in the .bam format) ?
  3. Or a EE game feature added after Level 1 NPCs mod was released to BG2 in 2007 .. 12 years ago.
  4. Well, let's see. The difference that one needs to do in order for a computer program and an individual to do the same job... how large is it ? A custom loop for either... I bet you have yourself installed multiple mods...see, you are not seeing this from the perspective of a first time installer. Do you want to install a SR v4 Beta 17 or SRR v1.1.0 ? How the cheese, do I choose ? I would go with the more numerous one, so with: SR v 4 beta 17 v1.1.0 .. ouh, cheese, what did I just install ? And where the cheese do I request help from ? F man.
  5. The black geyser is just a adspam the website throws at you with linking to it... you need to wait for it to pass and go to the actual address it gives you, or have a good adblock browser addon to block it. Yes, that's a Windows 10 file path ... the 7's usual path has Documents on it... C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Games\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\ But, it's not premade path, and in Win 7, you can use either... and the "Games" is an optional too. And I also forgot to tell you that the AppData folder is hidden by default at least in Win10 and so one can't search for it, nor it's content.
  6. Yeah, they need to make sense, and having an item that ruins it completely is not an option. And how about the other one... the negative plane protection -spell.
  7. Well, you are trying to install to the BG1EE:SoD game... so did you install the DLCmerger ? It needs to be installed on top of the game, before ANY mods. Also, installing to this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\ Is less than recommended, here's a better place: C:\Users\<username>\Games\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\ Your OS won't cheese your game by claiming that you don't "own" the folder, by placing the modified files to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\ -subfolder where the game won't find them from, as it just reads the originals. PS, there's BaldurDash, essentially... but not for BG1EE. See, rather than getting killed, it morphed into a monster.
  8. That could work, until you equip the amulet that makes you immune to the Level Drain effect. It's the BG2 SoA amulet that you get for the 15000 gold you give to get to the Spellhold. The disadvantages could be more natural... say you have multiple body alterations, they work as expected... but they have after effects, like penalties in normal form until that ends. And the class stat requirements would make sure you don't kill the character when they revert back. Many spell choices don't matter that much if you can't cast whole lot of them. So just removing the arcane spellcaster kit effect (+1 spell cast per level) is quite nuff. The char can't dual/multi class. Make them immune to Invisibility. With opcode 101, parameter 2 = 20.
  9. And when you add a large number to a split integer number, you get a negative number. And yes, all the thieving skills are split integer numbers. Same goes for all the resistances. Aka, when you add 999 to any value that's between -499 and 500, you actually reduce the number by 1, if the same constrains are still held. Because it goes over the border... 5+999 = 1004 = 4 . Yes, this is how numbers work. Aka when you add 255 to a number between -128 and 127, you get a original number -1. 254 = -2, 253 = -3 ...
  10. You sure ? It seems to me like you don't know how numbers work, or rather intergers. Opcode = 90 Parameter 1 = 255 ( or 254, 253 .... down to 155) Parameter 2 = 0 Cumulative effect => -1 (-2, -3 etc -99) Technically it's a split in from -128 to +127, but -99 should be close enough. And yes, at least in the old engine there can only be 1 cumulative spell/item effect, if memory serves without ToBEx... and the one that's takes effect is the one that was the latest to apply.
  11. One should also tie in the TotSC quest line in there... as that should be optionally skippable too.
  12. @DavidW, did you add additional empty lines to the end of the Stats.ids file ? Asking cause the BWP's trim_IDS.bat file trims it to dust. Aka to be the last empty line. EDIT: This also happens in v32.6 ... but not in v31 (in the old engine). LATE EDIT: OK, this was verified.
  13. No, it's installed DURING the BWS preinstall, aka it modifies the mods that are to be installed after unpacking them. What the mod does is, is it adds a name to the shadow thief in the cutscene... that's a tweak ... and I am a Jesus, but that's besides the point... just like the Fixpack alters multiple monsters Alignments... but that's not a tweak. The line is as blurry as you like it to be.
  14. Nope... it's within EE game and a i7. The difference being that the EE can use more than 1 core/thread. And none of your additional actors are SCS mages/clerics.
  15. Yeah, when you summon things with a script that checks for a Global but one doesn't increase it as the same time, there's a lot of creatures that pop out eventually.
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