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  1. The answer is everything. But that doesn't tell all of it. And depending on the prespective you have, you might want to form the mountain your way. So the question I have is; why do you ask ? Are you making an NPC ? Does it matter what stats it has... to me, no. Why you ask, cause I can cheat.
  2. Yes, just before the NPC joins, use the Cheat console and set the primary characters XP to about the said number, then have the NPC join and then set the primary chars XP back. ... pie. But then again, you could just do that to the NPC without touching the main char ... so... doesn't really matter, does it.
  3. Time to multiple it with say 255/33 = 7.7 ... it's actually a split value, so the range is from -125 to 124 or what ever, so the proper multiplier is around 5. Yes with an effect, this would be, opcode = 59, parameter1=500 and parameter2=2 .
  4. You could make the scroll originally be unifentified, set the identify difficulty to zero and that maybe could trigger the conversation... if it can.
  5. The images sizes are fine, thing is, when you copy pasted the picture onto say MSpaint, you didn't resize the picture frame from the lower left corner to the pictures actual color corner, so now the 3/4rds of it is white. The actual problem could be the dead peasant bodies in the ground. If they detect invisibility, you might just get screwed by them. Yeah, that's in other games too.
  6. The tile files files are .pvrz's, upto 1024x1024, but you can construct a map from multiple of them, that then are defined in other files, and that requires area moding knowledge that can be gained by asking specific questions or from tutorials, the point; game has a lots of multi .pvrz tile maps. Other answers, don't know, or don't really care. As in, this should be a start point onto it.
  7. See, you can change the menu style in the game start selection... ... just like you can do so in the BGEE+SoD, one of which is a BGEE one and the other is SoD, and yet another one is the Black Pits adventure. So the EET, just gives you multiple campaings to start from. The BG2EE also has the same feature, the BG2EE start, the ToB start and the Black Pits 2 start. So you get all of those starts, and styles... in EET. The BGT-weidu had the same, but only BG1 start and the SoA and ToB starts. As the original game has SoA start and ToB start, and a tutorial. So this is nothing new under the sun.
  8. Thing is, I have sevear doubts you can do that in this engine. Hmm, so if you can, do so with the "Eeg" character.
  9. OK, but; What the hell is the above request then ? And no, it will not be the same thing with your changes... as you only edit the spells you effect to yourself with haste and enemies with slow. That was the point I was corresponding to. For your information: There are multiple other haste and slow spells the enemies can use... etc. that will not be effected at all. Yes, you'll be shooting yourself in the legs, but that was a featured request ! -at least to me: IF not, then fucking tell me so !!! So I have not misconstrued your words. Now, if you want to go deeper, you can do the
  10. Yes... I would actually use the EEKeeper or ShadowKeeper to check your characters, of which exact spell they have in their spell library(but most likely, it's the spwi305.spl and spwi312.spl). Then use the Near Infinity indeed to edit the spells, and you do that by removing the Spell Ability x'es via the Remove button at the Edit tab, and that's all she wrote, so to speak, just save. And yes, the x is a numbers from 0 to how ever many you have, the vanilla slow had 1, and vanilla haste had 16(0-15).
  11. Thing is, this(3) has the side effect that you are not actually activating the creature correctly, as you didn't likely talk to it, but just used the console command to add him into your party... meaning that the SCS script might not do a thing, as it's not programmed to be added via a cheat.
  12. It was a feature within the tool from somewhere around 2000 and 2003. By the original maker, all hail Westley Weimer. So no, it was not to help translators, as the game was a single language only, but was able to help in translation from one language to another by then, as you could replace the original dialog.tlk with a different original one if you had a clean install and that would potentially keep your game in the same patch without complicated online differential calculations, that can be made today, but not so much in the past.
  13. One also needs to remember that with the 18 Hide -action, the resulting invisibility from the Hide in Shadows action actually is one that stops the modal state, and it takes about the 6 real seconds to be applied.. so it will eventually interrupt the modal state, without the EEex at least, as I would remember having read about a tweak that removes that feature.
  14. So you are trying to cheat ? The thing is, the finding traps supposed to be a modal state, aka it reguires your complete consentration and is effective only as long as that consentration is there. Aka, you can walk, but nothing else... no casting spells, attacking others or even talking to anyone; as your brain is not there to consentrate to it anymore...that's how it supposed to be at least. The same applies to the clerics/paladins turn undead, and shamans spiritual dance.
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