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  1. But it can see your component, and you could suggest to apply a patch to SCS to the very same fiend-summon point... that must be difficult, like a line or say 20. You could even ask DavidW at which point he does this... ähh, but why bother.
  2. Just advice to install it before SCS, and you go from there. So SR, your mod, EET and then SCS... eee..
  3. If you are asking which component does the imbedding of the save throws in Spell Rev, it's the primary compnent, so 0. The one that's not compatible with the other tweak. Which is usually always the case with incompatibility stuff.
  4. Well, I'll just tell you that the Spell Rev comes with sorta same thing imbedded in it, so you have to choose either Spell Rev, or an independed component of a tweak mod. Choose ONE. PS, the cdtweak is an updated version of the BG2_Tweaks, so you might not want to use BOTH.
  5. This does not mean incompatibvility between the mods, it just means that you have to choose between the components. You have 20 000 components to choose from, so you probably should use the freedom to make some.
  6. Well, the mod maker was an idiot. That should explain everything. ... I have always protested against the mods summons, as they are enhanced creatures, not vanilla calibur ones. See the vanilla demon(hostile) had 80 hit points, this one(friendly) has 168.
  7. ...and some of those creatures are also wearing a ring in their helmet slots or was it the 3rd launchable (ammo)stack, anyways and the game might not crash, but it sure doesn't like it. The BWP/S had to eventually make a fix for these and it was the crefixer just to install the Big Picture mod.
  8. Well, they work by a dice roll of a 20 sided die. And so there's already a 20 results. Not something this simple, you wanted, is my bet.
  9. Well, first of all, make a single class mage and try to put as many points as you have to a proficiency, in BG2:SoA start ? Cause if the file is as it shows... this is bad. Cause the file has skipped a column and the mages use description string reference numbers as their max... ... so they can put 35442 points to dagger prof.
  10. Which can be replaced by naming the replacement .bam correctly. So no issues there.
  11. There is, you need to uninstall the game and then remove the game folder, as this will remove every trace of the moded content from the game, and then just reinstall the game back, then reinstall the mods and you are done. Well, except you need to start a new game of course. Then who's fault is it ? ps, it's the users. Right, you know, I live near a hill that's quite recent, it was formed during the last iceage, which was about from 115 to 11 -thousand years ago, so please excuse me if I don't believe you quite that easily. Cause you got yourself some aliens if you say that there was a computer then.
  12. Or you could just spell it out what you want to say ? So: Speliality; Opposite schools. Abjurers have; Alterations and Illusions. Conjurer; (Greater )Divination and Invocation. Diviners; Conjurations. ** Enchanter; Invocation and Necromancy. Illusionist; Necromancy plus Abjuration and Invocation.* Invoker; Enchantment and Conjuration(as-is currently). Necromancer; Illusion and Enchantment Transmuter; Abjuration and Necromancy. My notes: *That's a lot. But gnomes. We kick them, after all, they are already down. **So Diviner is just a better Invoker. Nice. Yes, the invoker gets a negative modifier to the enemys saves... but that's only damage, while diviners can use Enhancements, that probably can do the same stuff, say bane. A 1st level spell...
  13. Sorry... I missed the fact that the other OS files are also present... not just the Windows one... leading me to believe the one not having the dot-extension was the .tp2 file...
  14. This is no longer true, as the file is/has: setup-isra.tp2 ...
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