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  1. The mod is intended for legal dual-classes, and not like you said, modified characters. So the mod will not be edited to do that. Cause this is not a BUG! You can edit the item files themselves... but that requires Near Infinity and doing it by hand, which needs Java Runtime.
  2. Jarno Mikkola


    You games weidu.log might help to identify the source of this... so open the file with Notepad and copy-paste it to a new thread for this subject.
  3. Jarno Mikkola

    Rename not working

    Erhm, .cre$ ... cause you could run to ij#1cre.sto .. and you don't want to patch that, but just the .cre -files.
  4. Jarno Mikkola

    Site and Forum Feedback

    It's not somehow... but likely the fact that it has "Report post" title right next to it: As the GUI context is very important to some people.
  5. Is it that you don't understand, or don't just want to. As only one of those is tragic.
  6. Jarno Mikkola

    EET Worldmap / Areas reference

    Yep, at SHSforums, here. The old BP-BGT -preface is just that, a preface. Those are not needed.
  7. There's also a IWD NPC mod that... makes the party a punch of NPCs. Well... that's a story for another time. Being that it was originally designed for IWD & IWD-in-BG2. Grhm. K4thos: Sorry for turning this topic into The Imp's mod recommendation thread.
  8. I kinda actually like the IwD's story... it's just that the PCs are quiet that might haunt you, but being a Fin, I can understand people that don't say a thing. "If you have nothing to say, the silence is gold." Maybe the EET readme should contain all this stuff and I would expect that version to be published only after the IWD-in-EET comes out.
  9. Jarno Mikkola

    Dispel magic ineffective against SI: Divination?

    Wrong.... they just need their own anti-anti-spells to remove/dispel. Secret word, Pierce Magic, Khelben's Warping Whip, Pierce Shield, and Spellstrike to name them. So no need to take a chance, being 100% effective, is better than 95% and constantly rolling the 5%... but that's XCOM, baby. Erhm.
  10. Thing is, the AI can CHEAT. How... I revealed this already, by ReallyForceSpell... actions. Aka, the round timer comes from creature actions, not the reverse. The AI can check variables 15 times a second, half the frame rate the game runs on. Now, I suspect that DavidW doesn't like to make the AI cheat this way, so he doesn't. Except that maybe when the creature is threatended and has a reserve bank to use... aka it has a contingency or other effects applied ... which is why the action is actually there for. Not just for the benefit of the AI.
  11. Jarno Mikkola

    Dealing with anti-spell protections

    DavidW means to say that the Breach doesn't remove the Improved Invisibility, it just disables the other protections the subject under the small area of effect have, aka PfMW for example. Which means that as soon as the idiot shows his face again and say begins to cast long delay spell, you can try to hit it with your weapons, which is impossible with PfMW for most type of creatures that use the CHEESE, but it still has the +4 AC from the Improved Invisibility, and can get cloaked if they stop casting spells, and it's not removed by other effects. So rather than a hand grenade, it's a EMP effect against electronic protection that penetrates that armor, but doesn't actually explode, or make it visible. So now there's a hole in the target that can be exploited... in this case if it's seen. And technically, that's what "bypass" means. Char1: "No, you can't bypass this wall." Char2: "Erhm you mean I can't bypass ... a globe, cause I am pretty sure I can just use a ladder to bypass a wall. Even if it's that one." Char1: "OK, I meant you can't penetrate this wall." -inane mumbling-
  12. Jarno Mikkola

    How to completely uninstall SCS?

    What console ? As in, it's easier to just let people know, that one needs to use the CMD.exe, go to the game folder w ... or you could just do it by programming a new file, open a new .txt file -that you can make with right click- with Notepad or similar, copy-paste this: setup-stratagems --uninstall pause then rename the file as say "uninstall.bat" and then run the file in the game folder just as if it were a .exe, it will use the CMD.exe natively... this will uninstall the mod, and allow you to see the text that the weidu mod prints, after which you just need to push Enter -button to exit it.
  13. Jarno Mikkola

    Dealing with anti-spell protections

    Well, fireball can hit invisible targets. No need to add-in ad-hoc inconsistency there. Now, of course fireball and Breach are different types of spells, and making Breach to be 30 feet ranged area of effect is OP a lot, but set that to be about 10 feet, and it's a bit different subject, as you ought to know quite well where the mage is to affect them. But there's no need to cast a 5th level spell to counter a 2nd level effect. That's where the inconsistency comes to mind a FCUK lot. Yes, there's also the Detect Invisible... but that's defeat-able with Non-Detection or Improved Invisibility... and as the Non-Detection is just the Improved -addon to the "primary spell" invisibility spell... . So a 2nd + 3rd level spell = 4th level spell, defeating everything that's not a 5th level or above. Again, not consistent ! Yes, at 5th level you got Oracle. But that's a level above the defense spells. Or actually 2... especially with creatures who got non-detection by default. PS, this is not directed towards DavidW... I know his tweak about the Breach and I am ok'ish with it.
  14. Jarno Mikkola

    Installing SCS mid game

    This is very well known, non bug, but a consequence of your own ... . Now, yes, if you exit to an area you have not been in, the enemies there should work exactly as they do in the game you started after a fresh install. So your only mistake was to assume the area you are in or have been in already, are included. They are not. Or more like they get the very short end of the stick.
  15. Then you should use the non-EE game, and just play the NEJ's. My assumption is that one just exits due North from BG1 map and you eventually end up in the Easthaven. Looking at the map ... one might have to travel to Ulgoth's Beard, and then "pay for transportation to North", which takes a boat trip there.