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  1. Erhm, there's a far more efficient way to tell people what mods you have installed, and that is to post your weidu.log's content, and to do that you just open the file with notepad. Among the features is mods version numbers etc. And you probably should also declear what game you install this into. Ouh, and that you did start a new campaign ? As that is a must.
  2. And that's from a mod, so it's incompatibility of that mod and some other.
  3. Well, where did you install the game into ? I ask because if you use the C drive in Windows 10, you need to install the game into your own file folder. And the folder in question is here: C:\Users\<windows user name>\ sub folders like Games etc.. any other folder is "protected" by the Operation System with a no overwrite permission given to anyone, not even the admin account. Meaning that mods installed anywhere else to this old game, and they won't appear in the game at all, as they are shuffled into C:\Users\<windows user name>\AppData\ ... and so forth folder where a game t
  4. 'R-lly `? As of spell_rev-v4-beta18.exe ... open the file with Notepad++ ... .tp2 files content: main_component.tpa file's content: ... and it continues a lot. And all you got to do to edit the spell out is to prevent it from being copied, and to do that you just take the copy command and you wrap it up with /* copy_command_etc */ like it results into this:
  5. Search the .tpa files that the .tp2 file reads via INCLUDE's ...
  6. Ahh yeah, the BG1:TotSC doesn't have a minimum hit point 1 item at all. As the other games use the opcode effect 208, and the opcodes in BG1 reach only to 190. Aka, that's not programable.
  7. Or rather the creature gets generated when the mod component is installed, then it get's loaded and saved when the area is loaded... same difference. OK, so there are summoned creatures that this wouldn't effect, but generally, the same difference.
  8. Yes, in SCS. But you also need to have never been in an area the creature is located for this to take effect, and that would still leave other possible damages to the save if you don't start a new campaign.
  9. Your best bet to find the exact item you lost is to open the game with Near Infinity or EE Keeper and find the exact bag with the color, and then load the save, and use the console to get it it back using this: C:CreateItem("itemcode_from_the_search",1,0,0)
  10. The EE Keeper is a savegame editor, it can't edit the spells themselves, at least to my knowledge. You need to use Near Infinity, which is a java runtime tool or DLTCEP to do the resource edits.
  11. It can do this. There's no exact purpose the mod was made for, except allow any custom resolution. So I encourage you to try and use both screens. Unless that's very jarring because the other monitor is so much smaller that it wouldn't go well within the setup. Then why not unhook the other monitor and have at it. That's what it means to be at locked fullscreen mode. There's no such a thing as dual-monitor_main-monitor_fullscreen_locked_default_screen -mode. Look at the wordmonster. The game also has a non-locked mode, but it's not very useful, and probably why it's useless
  12. What resolution did you put into the inserts during the install ? As in, if you have a 2 monitor combination, you can just set the resolution to what the full combination is and that's that. In fullscreen setting. So if both monitors can do a 1920x1080 resolutions and you set the Windows to do the output side by side and use that setting in Windows background, your resolution is then a 3840x1080, and when you just set that to the widescreen mods install, the dual setup should work fine. And when it asks for multiple resolutions support in the saves, just answer with N(o).
  13. This is to say that before you start to install the mod, you should make a backup of the game, so you can restore it if the result is a not wanted so you don't waste the game you have made, then install the mod and see what happens. subtledoctor clearly ate a few of the words from his reply.
  14. Really ? Have you given any thought to it being probably because this is non intended to be used in WeiDU... as instead of using a previously installed mods .tra files flag for a mods VERSION xx, you could use a different variable and it would be fine. For example, read the weidu.log file and if that contains a said xx, use that as a trigger for the ACTION_IF ... As the variables are meant to be cleansed between mod installs, there's no reason WeiDU should read any of the previous mods install info, when you could just reguire a marker files existance in their own mod folder or similar th
  15. Where's the logic in this ? A non-error causing bad weidu.log entry. What ? And you don't call that an error ? As the cause is a known, it's a non-forward compatible weidu.exe installing a mod component on top of a next versions weidu mod install. So, you either should learn not to give advice that results into producing errors, or know what those errors will be and say; that they do it, and that it doesn't matter that it prodices this cause the result is expected and doesn't cause bad consequences, like in this case.
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