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  1. There's the usual CD_STATE_NOTVALID condition for both NPCs in the IF part, but it appears that that wasn't enough. 10th
  2. There's a problem with b!keldorn.baf. As it extends Keldorn.bcs for a banter with Gavin an InParty(Myself) is not enough. A InParty("B!Gavin2") is also required. A gamer over at the kerzenburg forums reported a complete freeze of BG2, including a CTD. As the gamer didn't have Gavin in his party, Keldorn tried in vain to begin a dialogue with him. 10th
  3. Another possibility would be that Bioware took some liberties with Valygar's spellcasting ability. Instead of basing it on Faerun they could have used the default option from Greyhawk aka revering a principle/idea as replacemnet for revering a deity of any sort. 10th
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