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  1. @ subtledoctor A bit late, but nonetheless: That's how every WeiDU mod works, if you modify one mod component every other component/mod after that gets re-installed in order to not hose your game.
  2. Then I'd ask you what is the aim of item, kit and spell revisions? A holy trinity best installed together? What about those people who like IR, but don't like KR? Should they be "forced" to play with nerfed characters just because they didn't install KR? How about an install switch in IR, asking the user if he wants to install KR later, if it isn't already detected? If no, don't install the IR version of those items. Moreover, Death Bringer Assault is a result of Sarevok's training, not something granted by a weapon. If someone wants to use his DBA with IR you're limiting weapon choice.
  3. @ithildurnew That's what change-log is for. 10th
  4. Take a look at Quallo's dlg file: sewerm1.dlg 10th
  5. The lover's ring quest doesn't offer an equivalent reward - none instead of each party member receives x amount xp - to the one you receive by solving the sewer puzzle. Moreover, it afair doesn't erase all journal entries concerning the lover's ring and the sewer puzzle, which it should as the latter is unsolvable after completing the lover's ring. 10th
  6. The abilities of Khittix (spidfgsu.cre) don't match with the description of the black spider figurine (misc3e.itm). Damage should be 1D8+2, but it's 1D6+2. 10th
  7. Consider removing the undroppable flag from gith03.cre for reaver.itm, if you want players to see your modification of it. 10th
  8. p#kivj.d(lg) seems to have a few problems with its Lilarcor dialogues. CHAIN P#KIVJ KivanPutDown @495 == SW2H14 @496 == P#KIVJ @497 == SW2H14 @498 DO ~ActionOverride("p#lilarcor",DestroySelf())~ END CHAIN P#KIVJ KivanExcuse @495 == SW2H14 @499 == P#KIVJ @500 == SW2H14 @501 DO ~ActionOverride("p#lilarcor",DestroySelf())~ END Both end in a NVLOR. Both should probably get an EXIT instead of an END. Dunno if there's more of them, I'm not really into d-coding (aka I took a look and made an educated guess based on other CHAINs around those two). 10th
  9. There's a problem in minor_bg2.tpa. It assigns spmugg.cre dw#dkmg2.bcs, which results in them being automatically removed after a certain amount of encounters. Unfortunately the first thief stronghold encounter uses spmugg.cre for its ambush. Additionally Blucher's improved random encounters in Tactics/Big Picture also uses it. Could you therefore add an AreaCheck("AR0300") to their script in order to improve compatibility? 10th
  10. Moreover, modifying item allocations of other mods already has a bad precedent - the unique item mod/bp-balancer. That mod took it's jackhammer approach to other mods, without regard of the consequences. Which resulted in such "funny" things like replacing Cromwell-like forged items from the Thalantyr mod for the BG1 part of BGT with utterly worthless ones (e.g. you forged a ring of protection+2 for thousands of gold pieces and several valuable gems and received a gold/silver ring instead). 10th
  11. You'd have to do it using opcode 177 use eff file, pointing to general.ids with type animal. The eff resource would then use opcode 82. 10th
  12. Is it? I doubt that those AC 6 bracers refer to CHARNAME being involved in their making, which is downright immershun breaking. 10th
  13. That would be over at Spellhold Studios in its Mega Mod Help subforum. 10th
  14. @kreso You can enter Ulgoth's Beard with stoneskins, you just have to make a stop at the Zombie farm. At least in my install there's only a travel time of 8 hours from the farm to the Beard. 10th
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