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  1. I've gotten a little ways into the romance. Just got the party to Spellhold, and I always take Yoshimo for that, and I CTRL-I'd a few banters just because I hadn't given him much time to chat with Angelo, and got the cherry blossoms dialog just as they wandered around the asylum... good timing, and, oh, well done. And Imoen's reaction was devastating... particularly . I often take along Imoen for plot reasons but usually find that her angst comes off as whiney rather than compelling. But that was a great piece of immersion and it follows chillingly well from what she's been through... I'm playing a character who is none too morally dainty herself, but you managed to evoke serious guilt pangs there. (Which is praise, btw. I enjoy a good gut-punch. Why else would I always take Yoshimo?) As a writer myself, I make the following observation: we often tend to become embarrassed, over time, by things we wrote in a more "raw" fashion (emotionally or otherwise) than we might choose to do today. And that is often exactly what makes a piece of writing really stand out. There are many authors whose early works have a greater following than their later works for that reason. So don't dismiss your "juvenilia" out of hand. :-) Edit: and AHAHAHAHAHAHA at the Ship of Theseus paradox. Win.
  2. Odd... the formatting seems to break when I open a .d or .dlg file in Notepad (boxes and such) which suggested that this would not be the best option. Which has been disappointing to me, as typically the way I have coded in the past is with a text editor. I can get the command line interface for WeiDu to open, but although a gui exe is packed with it, it doesn't work and says it can't find a dll. I am simply trying to replace nine "one-off" lines from unjoinable NPCs. No player responses. I can identify the content that I want to replace, but I'd rather not kludge something together the wrong way. And, again, I don't know how to identify a "safe" string number in dialog.tlk in order not to scramble people's games... I am led to believe that WeiDu does this itself, but how do I go about getting it to do that?
  3. So, I'm embarking on creating the simple "in-character Candlekeep monk dialogue" mod that I talked about elsethread, and I'm a bit confused... I have: * A basic BG1 EasyTutu install. * Near Infinity. * The locations and content of the strings I want to replace. I also have the general sense from things I have read that the good way of doing this with WeiDu results in appending new lines to dialog.tlk and creating override versions of MONKTU1.dlg (etc) which refer to the new lines - thus avoiding overwriting and compatibility issues, etc. However, I'm hitting a bit of a barrier. How do I make this happen? The WeiDu simplified tutorials I have found seem to be all about how to script joinable NPCs and romance dialogue and such - not how to initially go about creating a file, etc. Halp?
  4. Hmm. While we are at it... Any other fourth-wall-breaking dialogue that people find annoying/problematic? I'm not talking about Biff the Understudy (who serves a useful purpose, as far as I think of it) but... while I'm at it I might as well write a component to do something with Lord Foreshadow, who spouts a cutely dated ad for NWN 2. I think he's amusing the first couple of times, and, as per his name, is sort of *supposed* to be fourth-wall-breaky, like Biff. But it could be interesting to replace his dialogue with something maybe IC foreshadowing... or a similarly winky/nudgy reference to something which people are actually still waiting for. Any other suggestions? Also, if people would like to write one or two lines of their own for the Candlekeep sages, feel free to post them to this thread... I'm writing my own right now but I love mods with variety.
  5. I have an idea which I think would be more interesting - which is to override the monks' dialogue with a set of lines that belong in the setting... I'd be happy to help write a new set of proper monk quotes that are in-character for the setting if anyone is interested. (Got sent here today from the general mod discussion forum - where I'd posted a thread proposing to do this as a standalone mod.) It doesn't seem like it would be too much trouble for me to dream up a bit of nice flavor text...
  6. I like the idea of adding something cool rather than merely subtracting something goofy. :-) So I think I'll go to the thread and suggest mine...
  7. I had a novel idea for a mod which should be relatively simple to implement, I think, and which would improve the experience of play in BG1. I'm thinking about those damned tutors wandering around in their cloaks and hoods telling you how to click on things - immersion-breaking, and some of their information is downright incorrect for the Tutu engine. It doesn't seem like it should be all that hard to change their repertoire of lines. Has anyone tried their hand at making such a mod? I'm thinking of doing it because I need to get more conversant in IE coding and this strikes me as good practice. Limited scope, etc. Basically changing their dialogue to something more in-character. ("Oh, Charname, I remember when you were knee-high to a grasshopper." "The sages speak of a battle to come, but we are safe inside these walls." Etc.) Alternately, there could be an option which gave them fourth-wall-breaky lines which are player advice suitable to modded installs ("Don't install Improved Ilyich, he'll kick your butt clear to Halruaa!") Any thoughts? Am I suggesting something which already exists somewhere?
  8. Just thought I'd dash off a note of appreciation. I picked up Angelo in my party on a whim, in a game where I was already planning on a different romance, and found his attitude so amusing and refreshing that I started a new game to romance him (I'm one of those people who plays through SoA with five different parties at once, heh.) Because, what can I say? There's just something compelling about a guy who knows what a prize he's not. Early tone-setting encounters = also awesome. I like the way you front-loaded them - giving us such a wonderful introductory cross-section of the deficiencies and also the oddball dignity of his character And "Imogen" was a hoot. I also have much praise for the low-key, canny references and vernacular. The tentacle monster story in particular is a real coffee-spitter. Anyway, kudos all around.
  9. I still haven't played through the full mod yet, just the early SOA parts, and I haven't been this "in love for real" with an NPC since my first play-through with Solaufein. =) The soundtracks are wonderfully thematic to the mood, I love the seamless interjections and banters, and (I'm one of those people who does multiple play-throughs at once typically) I keep taking Kivan in my party with characters where I hadn't meant to, just to see how he gets along with assorted NPCs. I'm particularly touched by how compassionate he is with Aerie. The little details of Kivan's story are wonderful, and the other night I even had a dream about him. So... yeah. This is the kind of story that really gets under my skin. Well done.
  10. I'm just curious if there are any kit mods out there which have standalone cleric kits that aren't Divine Remix - I'm presently enjoying Spell Revisions and according to the BWP install guide, Divine Remix has its own spell-cookery that doesn't get along with SR. Thanks! --tatterdemalion
  11. I just got this very same one too! Except he walked up, and then he DD'd out. I recognize the line as being from Galvarey the Harper. The only things that happened since the last time I had him join successfully were that I installed the Banter Accelerator and the Kelsey/Solaufein conflict. I have mods in place that one is supposed to install everything else prior to installing, so I'm a touch worried about reinstalling Kivan...
  12. It's a tough test. Questions like: If guilty, would you confess to a crime? -- really need to specify the crime; and questions like: Do you respect the lawful authority of the rulers of the land? -- really need to specify whether we're talking about rulers who're treating their people well, or rulers who are causing great harm. As a US citizen I find this... a bit more relevant than I might. I'm supposedly Neutral Good. That's the first alignment quiz which hasn't pinned me for Chaotic, though.
  13. ... and after I post this, I realize there's a kudos thread downstream. *blinks* I could have sworn it wasn't there a moment ago... Blame the sleep-dep. I suppose two kudos threads don't hurt. This mod deserves all the congratulations it can handle. :-)
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