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  1. Using the .cre files from Item Rev's back did the trick, thanks! Dodged a re-install once again... lolz
  2. Ok... see anything in my weidu log that could be causing this? How to work around this problem avoiding a reinstall?
  3. I have a bg2ee install with a good amount of mods. When I try to enter Renal Bloodscalp's room, the game crashes. If I copy all cre's in that area from SCS component 6000 backup folder, the area loads just fine. I have attached the "bad" cre file of Renal for reference (which causes crash). Similar problems have happened with other cre files, where replacing the 6000 or 6100 backup versions has worked as well. Any idea what's going on? Here's my weidu.log: RENAL.CRE
  4. Some digging around on forums got me the answer. The culprit was Solaufein mod. It messes up the triggers.ids file. Applying the fix from the BWS fixpack to that mod solved this and similar problems I was having with other mods.
  5. Getting an error during installation on a bg2ee install: I've been getting similar errors installing other mods as well... most recently Wheels of Prophecy. Here's my weidu.log:
  6. hi, i'm registered now.. yayy!! okay, thanks for the clarifications. if i install it first, will all other mods that follow use the new beta weidu exe of this mod? and.. will that be a problem?
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