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  1. Using the .cre files from Item Rev's back did the trick, thanks! Dodged a re-install once again... lolz
  2. Ok... see anything in my weidu log that could be causing this? How to work around this problem avoiding a reinstall?
  3. I have a bg2ee install with a good amount of mods. When I try to enter Renal Bloodscalp's room, the game crashes. If I copy all cre's in that area from SCS component 6000 backup folder, the area loads just fine. I have attached the "bad" cre file of Renal for reference (which causes crash). Similar problems have happened with other cre files, where replacing the 6000 or 6100 backup versions has worked as well. Any idea what's going on? Here's my weidu.log: RENAL.CRE
  4. Some digging around on forums got me the answer. The culprit was Solaufein mod. It messes up the triggers.ids file. Applying the fix from the BWS fixpack to that mod solved this and similar problems I was having with other mods.
  5. Getting an error during installation on a bg2ee install: I've been getting similar errors installing other mods as well... most recently Wheels of Prophecy. Here's my weidu.log:
  6. Can I have the latest beta link please? Thanks.
  7. Were you able to find a workaround from the wand18a.spl error? Long back, SCS used to have an error with the wand18.itm file from SR and the workaround was to remove this file from the override folder and install the Breach component of SCS. You could then put back the file from SR if you wanted. Also are the other errors mentioned in this thread game breaking?
  8. Here's a topic I started that might help with the compatibility question: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=24727
  9. Sorry to be off topic but it's just so great to see this kind of humility and politeness from a hard working modder. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the replies.. Since IR's conceptual changes are more important to me, I'll install IR after 1pp and not install helmets and shields from 1pp. Any idea on the next release? I can definitely put BG off for a week or two if you are close.
  11. So what's the current recommendation for install order with 1ppv4? Will installing 1ppv4 after IR break IR's changes to items or we'll just get the newly added items from 1PP and all IR's revisions will remain intact? What about the other way round? If IR goes after 1PP how much of the new graphics will be lost? Thanks. Edit: I did read the other topic on 1PPv4 but wasn't able to clearly understand answers to the above q's. My apologies if it should have been clear from that.
  12. For the above item changes, can the item files be just copied into the override folder directly, without re-installing IR, to get the changes?
  13. Entirely my fault. I'll assemble the update today evening, until then you can open the file "item_rev/components/revised_armor.tpa" with notepad and find two pieces there ... type = (res & 7) PATCH_IF type BEGIN ... // now the interesting part begins slash= EVAL ~b_%type%_1~ pierc= EVAL ~b_%type%_2~ blunt= EVAL ~b_%type%_3~ missl= EVAL ~b_%type%_4~ ... and replace "type" with "armor". I think this fix is not included in the currently uploaded hotfix archive.
  14. I got another error, this time with the revised armor bonuses component. Here's the text from the BWP debug file: ERROR: cannot convert b_8_1 or %b_8_1% to an integer ERROR: [iplat01.itm] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found) Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. This file is only present in the override folder (and item revision backup folders) so perhaps it is an original game file.
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