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  1. Thank you all I need to get to know this new machine for a while, already done a full install of SoA, and purchased ToB, so I am soon ready to get serious - very serious
  2. Briannandoah

    I'm back!

    Or something But I think I am soon back to business. I don't have any more time than before, but I have means! We've got a brand new iMacG5 with OS X plus something (can't remember the numbers ever), and I am able to get all the wonderful toys to play with. Weidu here I come! Don't expect any progress any time soon, since I've forgotten almost everything I learned last summer and haven't played BG for quite some time now, but I think I am slowly getting to work again with Miella, or at least with something - I'll propably try out few things first which I have been considering for a while now. MiniMods you could call them... But I'm back to the wonderful world of modding
  3. Very Merry X-mas to all (since we have it already in Finland ).
  4. You mean all the Flash animations don't show with Windows Media Player? I have so many players in the computer, that I don't even remember them all...and still they don't work most of the time
  5. http://neppyman.irulethe.net/dndwho/ I don't know if this has been here already, but I found it funny I am: Lawful Neutral Elf Ranger Mage Follower Of Silvanus (No wonder I have always liked Jaheira... )
  6. IE 5.1 with 1152x870 resolution. Have not tried with Mozilla (because it is not fun to change the browser all the time...and some sites can only be seen with IE. And no, I can't use newer IE because such doesn't exist for our Mac). EDIT: Tried with Mozilla and works fine with it. - Only that the Flash animation doesn't work with it
  7. The site didn't work quite well with me, I had to scroll and scroll to find the text and there was a LOT of empty space (which I thought was propably not the way it was supposed to be). Otherwise fine site.
  8. Sounds very interesting. maybe I will have more time to play when this is released (though I doupt it ).
  9. Is this method not working? If not, what error message(s) are you getting? This command line does not seem to be executable - or something like that. Can't remember exactly.
  10. Well, uhm, my husband and I tried to install Kivan through MacOSX, and never figured out, how it is supposed to work I was so hoping I could spend my holidays (when I finally have time), with Kivan Help, anyone?
  11. I am very sorry to inform, that Miella is a sleeping project at the moment due to various circumstances in my real life. And I think it will be so at least till spring arrives.
  12. Okay, if there is anyone out there willing to write few banters between Miella and Jan, I would really appreciate it. Since I am not that familiar with Jan in the group, it would help me alot. PM me, if you wish to help.
  13. I have not forgotten about Miella, it is just that the real life has taken a hard grip on me at the moment, and I don't find any time to write much. But I will try to get some work done on her at times. Need yet to write many many banters *sigh* - I wish there would be more hours in a day than 24.
  14. And here she is as very Baldurized version. I still need to work with her hair alot... what me perfectionist? Hmmm - also the mouth needs work, and she does look kind of tired. But these are the problems I had with the earlier more Baldurized version, which I decided to dump. I don't seem to get her expression right this way
  15. Okay, here is a very rough version of Miella with REAL armor
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