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  1. I am very sorry to inform, that Miella is a sleeping project at the moment due to various circumstances in my real life. And I think it will be so at least till spring arrives.
  2. I have not forgotten about Miella, it is just that the real life has taken a hard grip on me at the moment, and I don't find any time to write much. But I will try to get some work done on her at times. Need yet to write many many banters *sigh* - I wish there would be more hours in a day than 24.
  3. Yes, I do not have ToB yet, for two reasons: It has been out for Macs only a year now, and because it is so expensive! Yep, 55 US dollars in MacGames and 33 pounds in MacPlay (with shipping costs), where I have usually ordered my Mac games (and I think ToB isn't that good a game to buy with that much money, even for all the mods that can't be played without it...). Though I have also bought used games from Amazon at times, but there haven't been any used ToBs for Mac for sale yet. But I am planning to buy a PC (yep that is how far I am willing to go), to be able to do this mod, since other
  4. Miella has a portrait! Look at my avatar. It will probably soon be on the mod's page here on G3, too.
  5. Yet more banters written. I think I will go for more than just one for everyone...
  6. More banters written. Few graphics on the way, as is the portrait.
  7. At least I want to try it myself first. Since I like to learn new things, and coding seems fascinating (yeah, I am weird, ya know... I like to write html also, by hand, on text editor ).
  8. Allright, I tried to imagine here, what people might want to know If you can't find any information you want in this, just post a new question in this thread, and I will answer. Will she be WeiDU compatible? Yes, at least I will try to code her with WeiDU. As I have done no coding before, I will have to learn, but I think WeiDU is the one I am going to use for it. Will there be a romance? At first there will be no romance with the PC, but I am planning that she will have a romance with someone else. Later, when I see how this will be going, I might write a romance also for th
  9. Okay, I will try to update here the things I have done. Not that much so far, I have written a couple of banters with the PC, one with a joinable NPC, one with non-joinable NPC, the 'how do you meet her' (a bit more complicated than usual, she wont just walk to you and ask to join, though not as complicated as f.ex. when you have to rescue Haer'dalis). Oh, and I have one of her BAMs ready (there will be original BAMs for some of the items).
  10. Heh, I didn't think when I started this thread that the first one to ask a question would be me, and not even on the subject I don't quite get what you mean, Galactygon? Any suggestions?
  11. Not yet, it is coming though, original btw
  12. Briannandoah

    The FAQ

    Have questions? Please, post them here, and I will try to answer EDIT: Of course you can also start a new thread if you think your question doesn't fit under the F.A.Q.
  13. Miella (pronounced Me-ellah) Human Neutral Good Priestess of Lliira Age: 25 STR 14 (carrying burdens for her father) DEX 15 (lot of coin handling) CON 13 (had a prosperous life as a child, never starved) INT 9 (haven't read much, isn't that interested in the book knowledge) WIS 18 (is kind of an old soul, has been wiser than her years even since childhood) CHA 14 (not bad looking, and has had possibilities to take care of her appearance) Miella will be found in Trademeet. When asked about her past, Miella states that there is nothing peculiar about it (or her). She
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