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  1. Hello! I just finished a rather rushed play-through of Shadow Hand. I'll provide a some more meaty feedback at a better time, but for now - one question: where is it supposed to finish, currently? After Chapter 3, Imoen says she'll back in a few days, or something to that effect, and then that's the end of it. Tried resting multiple times and nothing happened, so I assumed that was where you'd reached. Thought I'd just make sure. Overall, it ran smoothly. All key plot characters were there, and I didn't struggle overmuch. With journal entries, it'll be even easier. Looks like this'll be a really good mod.
  2. How will the map system work? I'm guessing only the areas that you've made changes to will be visitable (?) destinations. Oh, and are you actually making any changes to the areas themselves, or are you just using them as they are, and editing dialogue (and such)? In the course of about 30 seconds, you guys have brightened my day, and got me buzzing about a mod I had no idea was in development. Good luck to you both.
  3. The screenshots look really promising. And my goodness, I love all your music work. There's such an epic quality to it. If you have any other tracks you're willing to share with us (be they relavant to the mod or not) I'd love to hear them. I love all the stuff I've heard so far.
  4. Jaemal won my female PC's heart, just because he's so sweet. I don't think she had a choice *but* to fall in love with him. For my male PC, Peony was just ... great. She's a breath of fresh air, and seeing someone so vibrant is refreshing after all the groaning whiners in BG2. That said, the desicion was very hard to make. All the romances were absolutely wonderful; you did an amazing job on this, Domi.
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