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  1. Not exactly a bug, but in X#IMOEN.D, in the dialog after CHARNAME's first dream, when the reputation is lower than 10, players with mage, cleric/mage, thief/mage or fighter/mage have access to a specific string ("Harm? Not that I am aware of, no. I do, however, have a new...ability...I guess you could say. Not a spell, but something innate. I believe it is something very much like the Archmage Larloch's famous Minor Drain incantation. It allows me to wound a creature at range while healing myself of damage and, perhaps, even granting me extra vitality. Intriguing..."). Shouldn't Sorcerers get it as well ? And maybe Bards ?
  2. In X#Garri.D, in the second dialog with Xan, there is no check to see if Montaron is in the party before he speaks.
  3. Eldoth romance ? And what about dear poor Skie ?
  4. Well, thanks (I *really* should check the whole site before asking anything...)
  5. What about Viconia ? As a priestress of Shar, shouldn't she have her own kit, with a few new spells ?
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