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  1. Wait, what? Where am I? Who is this person? What just happened?
  2. Just de-lurking to say that your work is absolutely amazing, Valiant.
  3. Oooh, I remember when it was released and I watched my dad playing it like crazy. Was it really a decade ago? Time flies by really fast! I so totally need to start playing it again. Lately, I've been ditching it in favor of KotOR.
  4. As am I. I only wanted to clarify that I did not bash christians and christianity as a whole, because that would be ridiculous - just like it's ridiculous to judge every muslim in the world based on the actions of a select few terrorists who are a disgrace to honorable and good muslims out there just as much as they are to humanity as a whole. Well, yes. Done. And sorry 'bout the rant.
  5. I just have to respond - J Beau, you say that Obama is as far left as possible? From a Swedish perspective, and as far as I know, a big part of the rest of Europe, Obama is slightly right of center while your Republicans, especially the Christian right, would be bordering on extremists here. Believe me, Obama is anything but far left. China, for example, is extreme far left. Sweden's former government was a socialist one, which is far left (but not to extreme levels.) Our current government is a libertarian one, our ruling, main party is the most right-wing we have (except for neonazis) and in many questions, Obama is slightly right of even them! EDIT: May I just add that I stayed up all night following the american election (and feel like crap today, but oh well) and that I wish you good luck and congratulations on your new president. You made the right choice.
  6. FW3200 (High Hedge) - replaces the linkings to the abandoned house. FW3201 (Abandoned House) - Um, replaces it.
  7. There's actually a guard barracks in the Docks, if I remember correctly. Edit: Oops, completely forgot to mention that I like the banter. I do.
  8. Well, Sheree gets just within the mark, then. She's got a 12 CHA.
  9. Eh, Sheree's charismatic when she wants to. She just.. rarely wants to.
  10. Since my main Bhaalspawn Linjo is about as attracted to non-elves as Diriel in IWD2 NPC Project, I'll go with my non-elven protagonist Sheree. Human dualclassed fighter/cleric (of Eldath), red hair, grey-green eyes, lots of freckles. Chaotic good. Very loyal to her friends, protective to the point of violence. Sultry, quick wit, rather noli-me-tangere - while she doesn't mind being around other people, she tends to dislike physical closeness, it makes her uncomfortable. She dislikes comforting people. She dislikes attention - while she doesn't mind helping people, she'd rather not be a famous heroine. She pretty much hates it when people glorify her and see her as "perfect, radiant, shiny", whatever, and that includes men (or women) who try to romance her. And.. yeah. I don't know what much else to write. She's got a higher intelligence than most fighters does - 14 - but rather low charisma and constitution.
  11. I have an idea, but I'm completely incapable of doing banners and the like. >.<
  12. ...English, please? O.o Oh, and no NPC has complete crossmods without Kelsey crosscontent, what with mr. Redhead being one of the big old guys.
  13. They've retired from modding though, if I remember correctly. I'd like to see modding content with Miss Sakaki's and Feuille's Nathaniel. I wonder what he'd think of an old buddy of Sarevok's.
  14. Why hello there, Angelo. Since you had a rather complicated relationship with an old travelling companion of mine - do you remember Shar-Teel? - what with being her father whom she hated the guts of and so on.. Tell me some embarrassing stories from her childhood please please please?
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